A Thing of Straw
Chapter Three: "A Thing of Straw"

June 10th, 2010 to ???, 2010

"A king may be a tool, a thing of straw; but if he serves to frighten our enemies, and secure our property, it is well enough; a scarecrow is a thing of straw, but it protects the corn." — Alexander Pope
06/10 Can You See The Fires Before They're Lit? Kain Zarek is visited by a harrowing vision of the future in the middle of an important meeting.
07/04 For All The Marbles Kain Zarek finally gets what he's been looking for in Chicago…
07/04 ...And Then Some Kain Zarek enters a dragon's den in order to seal a very important deal…
07/29 Meet and Greet Cardinal begins a gambit with a succinct sort of meet and greet.
07/30 To The Dogs Logan goes skulking and meets the better half of Gideon d'Sarthe.
08/25 Tradition and Decorum D'sarthe and a Linderman employee find themselves under the same room. Ina pulls a Kain however, but unlike him, is save by location, and by his daughter.
And Now…
09/02 Pied-à-terre The soft opening of d'Sarthe's is a hotbed for some heavy political maneuvering for those involved in New York City's underbelly.
09/02 Subject of Risk Lola's retreat from d'Sarthe's soft opening is complicated by Caliban and Nicole.
09/03 Trouble Brewing Colette brings Nicole home to meet Tasha. Things don't go according to plan, as Cat is waiting for the younger Nichols with a dire warning for the both of them.
09/03 The Old Game Logan checks in on a Staten Island contact at the behest of an associate, but wants to know why.
09/09 Peeling at Fingers Daniel Linderman gives a lesson to Nicole Nichols on leaving well enough alone.
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