As Icarus Descends
Chapter Three: "As Icarus Descends"

March 29, 2010 to ???, 2010

Since the 1940s various governments and secret organizations around the world have sought to find the origins of the Evolved. When one group of scientists opens the pages of Project Icarus yet again, they unwittingly open Pandora's Box. Can they close it in time, or will they even try?
03/29 Paracelsus Abides Dr. Mohinder Suresh pays a visit to Bao-Wei Cong and offers him a marvelous opportunity.
04/05 Research Partnership Weeks later, Doctor Isabella Sheridan finds opportunity in failure when Mohinder Suresh extends a branch of invitation from the Commonwealth Institute.
04/10 Special Interest Noriko Amagi is captured by the Institute, apparently as a subject of particular interest.
04/11 Suppression is Total A very sick Noriko endures a series of painful tests at the hands of Doctors Cong and Sheridan.
04/19 Secure, Untraceable Former colleagues of Doctor Sheridan, Jet and Dema, make plans to seek out Bella.
04/21 The Third Recruit Doctor Suresh recruits the last member of his clinical research team to the Institute.
04/26 The Devil in Still Waters Jet and Dema meet Bella at the appointed place and time, and work out an understanding.
05/01 Home Sweet Hospital Jet and Dema arrive at their new place of residence and employment: the Staten Island Hospital. Dr. Sheridan is there to welcome them.
05/10 A Different Kind of Belle A psychopathic divergent personality of Mortimer that calls himself Jack gets bored underground and worries about potentially going insane again, so he seeks out an old therapist referral! Bella seems to take out her own boredom on analyzing him.
05/20 Ovid A late-night encounter between Doctors Sheridan and Cong creates friction and tension between the two researchers.
05/25 Chimera Under guise of discussing work, Bella presses Bao-Wei's patience once again and finds out something interesting and at the same time disconcerting- and revealing in purpose in of itself.
05/28 Confirmation Another test subject is taken by the Institute under director Sheridan's orders.
06/01 Dripping Dry Bella receives a mysterious call from Tamara which comes, of course, just in time.
06/01 Congratulations, You Live When Bella's men are ready to run in and capture Mortimer, Bella has a far different approach.
06/01 No Credit Dr. Sheridan attempts to make nice with Dr. Cong, only to find that her line of credit with him has been canceled.
06/04 Cooperation Lynette is finally taken before the hidden eyes of Dr. Sheridan, and gives as good as she gets.
06/07 Fraternization Mortimer gets settled in his new facility quarters, while an assistant takes samples and Bella asks him relevant questions.
06/08 Fight or Flight Bella and Amber meet for the first time, and quickly enter into a debate over the primacy of their own disciplinary backgrounds.
06/09 In Flagrante Bella visits Mortimer to inform him of his preliminary results, but her timing could be better.
Doctor and Prisoner Bella slips into Joseph's cell on the sly, requesting guidance of the sort only he can provide.
06/13 A Night Without Worries Such nights are hard to come by for employees of the Institute.
06/14 It Was Me Noriko Amagi is presented with a persistent ghost of her past in the nightmare of her present.
Like Smoke on the Wind Two individuals on opposite sides of the fence meet halfway for an exchange.
Blockage Progress has been made, and Bella must give Mortimer (Jack in this case) one last warning before moving into the final stages.
Pro-Evolved to the End It's a badge Melissa brandishes proudly and one Eileen probably doesn't deserve
06/15 Do or Die Bella arrives with a pharmakon for Mortimer. If it does not kill him, it will make him stronger. Or so the theory goes.
Hamartia The fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a character in Greek tragedy. Peyton gives news of Bella's latest ventures with Mortimer to Cardinal. The plans begin to brew.
06/16 He Followed Me Home Richard Cardinal follows Sarisa Kershner home to question her about a multitude of events, while Sarisa makes good on her information about the Institute and makes Cardinal a dangerous offer…
Very Sick The progression of the viral procedure Mortimer is undergoing reveals a long buried personality, one that has a request of Bella.
06/17 Fingers In the Dyke Cardinal seeks Veronica's aid bringing down in their mutual enemy.
Playing Intelligence Melissa goes to Cat, trying to find out all she knows about Luis and the Institute.
Need and Want Mortimer Jack's third personality rises to dominance as Dr. Sheridan's viral cure enters its final stages.
06/19 Questions for Sheridan Endgame has some, and so does the Ferry. Eileen and Cardinal agree to work together for the sake of finding answers.
Proper Utilization Dr. Sheridan's successful treatment of Mortimer Jack is demonstrated to Dr. Cong via practical (and somewhat dangerous) demonstration.
We Have Ourselves a Conspiracy Richard Cardinal is contacted by a mysterious informant with troubling information about the Institute, and a request for information of his own…
06/23 On Paraffin Wings The researchers handling the reborn Project Icarus find themselves ascending steadily towards the sun.
06/25 Formless Creature Lynette undergoes a new kind of test, but it's an old practice for Dr. Sheridan.
06/26 Longitudinal Alex makes final arrangements before departing the hospital, and the doctor that restored his ability.
A Snake's Tail Greek myth.: The Chimera was said to be an amalgamation of three animals: lion, goat, and serpent. Dr. Nicolas Ahlgren provides the results of all analyses from the Ritchie crime scene.
06/27 The Devil At the Crossroads Unlikely forces converge on a place that does not exist, to find the meaning of the future buried beneath the ground.
06/29 Pass/Fail Testing of something that many on the outside fear moves it neither forward nor backward; fortunate for the many, frustrating for the few.
07/01 Coming Home to Roost Ling begins her plans to take her future back into her own hands, with unforseen complications.
07/02 Boys and Toys Bella asks Mortimer for his assistance in a risky scheme.
07/04 Adapt or Die Coming to collect Bella Sheridan's retro-virus for the Institute, Desmond Harper also drops off some bad news for Doctor Cong.
07/05 Specifics Bella unveils more of her plan to Alex, who is wise to ask: what's in it for him?
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