Chapter Three: "Besieged"

October 5, 2011 to December 19, 2011

Between the raid on the Ark at Cambridge and the attack on the Institute facility in Alaska, the Ferrymen's forces are stretched thin, leaving their stronghold — Pollepel Island — vulnerable to attack. When an old ally turns against them and another arrives on the island's shores with a terrible vision of the future, the organization and all its members must chose what's most important.
Date Scene Description
10/05 Why Is It So Dark? Bannerman's Castle receives a surprise visitor, and a warning.
A Castle Protects A field trip into Eve's vision doesn't go exactly as planned. Some people are thrown off balance by it.
10/06 Eight Hours Time ticks away under the Ferrymen's feet and a trusted few decide what to do with the children under their care.
This Is Fine Nothing at all weird tints a very professional conversation between Council and Special Activities.
10/09 Amtullah Eileen discloses one of the Ferrymen's best kept secrets to Brian.
10/17 A Tiger Without Teeth Griffin strikes a bargain with Colonel Heller.
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