Blood and Sand
Chapter Three: "Blood and Sand"

In the world of competitive fighting, the rise of SLC-Expressive humans has changed the playing field. Audiences no longer crave for the mundane of flesh and bone, but seek loftier heights of entertainment and spectacle. For the rich and the elite, however, refined tastes have been honed to a knife's edge, and what is entertainment for some… is bloodsport for others.
Date Scene Description
05/01/2019 Munera Jonathan and Lucille find themselves pitted against one another…
08/30/2019 Scutum The goon squad of a certain illegal fighting operation get more than they bargained for.
09/01/2019 Samnite It's matter versus force in this match-up. Nacho and Marlowe have no grudges against one another but find themselves in a battle that's not meant to be to the death… but comes close.
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