Chapter One: "Butterflies"

March 1st, 2010 to ???, 2010

As the world spirals into increasingly dire times, there are those who would find a way to change the past to fix the present, instead of finding solutions now for a brighter future. Chosen heroes must decide between going back in time to shore up these rifts in history, or whether change might be worth trying — no matter the cost.
03/01 Daidō Shōi, Part I On a routine trip through Brooklyn, Abigail Beauchamp and Peter Petrelli are visited by an unexpected individual.
Daidō Shōi, Part II A woman better known as Odessa Knutson finds herself visited by a ghost out of time.
03/02 Daidō Shōi, Part III When an assassin prepares to claim the life of Marcus Donovan an unexpected time traveler emerges to offer an alternative…
03/20 Daidō Shōi, Part IV Hiro delivers a message in a bottle.
04/05 Daidō Shōi, Part V His name is not John Doe, but no one else is aware of that ugly truth.
04/08 Daidō Shōi, Part VI Delilah and Else, on the road to recovery, discover the presence of a familiar stranger in their midst at the hospital…
04/15 Daidō Shōi, Part VII When Delilah finally explains to Else who the mysterious Kensei at the hospital is, the woman who writes the future learns of a man who's been there. Also, an auspicious coincidence brings Delilah one step closer to a future that never will be.
04/30 The Slip Three women band together to try and save Hiro Nakamura, unknowingly playing into a temporal game of chess long in the making.
1945 Wolves in Sheep's Clothing Daphne Millbrook awakens to find herself in a hostile situation, and must make a tough decision in order to save her life and be reunited with her friends.
It's What I Do Odessa Knutson meets an American spy in Germany with a mysterious agenda.
Implications Lost in time, Daphne becomes endangered when Kazimir's attempts at survival hit a roadblock.
To Protect and Be Protected After Francois spares Daphne's life, she tells him some of the truth of her situation — and once again finds a friend in the Frenchman, who in this time and place is able to heal.
Barely a Thread Odessa Knutson and Marcus Raith finally arrive at Dessau, where they cross paths with Daphne Millbrook and François Allègre. The latter of whom will hopefully be able to save Clara Francis' life.
One Last Thing Tending to Clara's injuries leaves one final task for the time-displaced visitors to 1945 to handle…
Out the Window Marcus and Odessa find Hiro, and the two temporal manipulators find themselves in a troubling situation.
Daidō Shōi, Part VIII Daphne, Clara and Odessa have one desperate chance to get home, and his name is Hiro Nakamura. But will Marcus Raith's designs to keep the time travelers' powers for the United States change history?
And Now…
Year Date Title Synopsis
1900 July 2 The Shadow of Giants A mysterious woman is sent back in time to assassinate an influential figure in history.
1972 June 29 The Better Proposition Almost forty years ago, someone guides another down one of two roads diverged in yellow woods.
2009 July 16 Dogfight One unlikely time-traveler and one hero converge on an important historical event on different ends of history's river.
2010 August 12 Ripples Upon his return from a temporal errand of dire proportions, Hiro Nakamura talks to the one who sent him there.
2010 August 19 Or By This Time Tomorrow... Hiro pays back Kaylee's debt. Or is it the other way around? Time is tricky that way.
1945 May 10 Damage Limitation One would think that a time traveling journey to 1945 Nazi Germany would be uncomplicated. Not so when one of the temporal assassins makes another pass at an important assassination attempt.
2010 August 27 Missing Time Kaylee arrives back home from an experience in damage limitation… a lot later than she anticipated and discovers that she had a mysterious visitor come while she was away.
2010 August 28 The Most Important Meal Hiro is looking for Tamara. Fortunately for him, she wants to be found.
2010 August 28 Who Is Hiro Nakamura? Cat shows up with the intention of learning about two of Gun Hills newest residents and to get her brain scanned. What she gets instead is a vague explanation of where Kaylee was for a week.
2010 August 31 Big City, Little World and Destiny Lydia summons a familiar face for Samuel.
2010 September 2 Walk The Talk Samuel recruits another.
2010 September 3 Run Edgar's past catches up with himself…
2010 September 3 Please Say You're Kidding Kaylee tells Cardinal of a strange encounter.
2010 September 6 Sure as Chance A precog happens upon a postcog in the midst of Chinatown, in a meeting both mutually agreed upon and never planned. Despite the complementary nature of their abilities, agreeing to work together also means acknowledging the truth that some things, they can't direct. Sometimes it's even to be preferred that way.
2010 September 7 Tiny Crane All around New York City, the same people are receiving the same message.
2010 September 8 Wise Decisions Eileen talks to Francois about the mysterious message she received.
2010 September 9 A Better Present Jaiden gets an unexpected visitor who tells of things that may happen in the past and the future.
2010 September 9 The Wise Napoleon Jaiden and Kaylee find out that they have been summoned by little paper cranes.
2010 September 10 Being and Time Samuel sells a difficult prospect to an unlikely recruit. Or maybe the likeliest one yet.
2010 September 10 Remember Me When This You See Jaiden visits the clinic to deliver a bit of bad news, he's leaving and she may not remember him when he gets back.
2010 September 10 Origami The first of the Crane bearers are brought together to discuss what they are destined to have already done.
The Unremembered Past, New York, 1999
1999 January 2 Prepare For Rain On a bridge that still stands, Jaiden appears in the past, and goes over the details of the days to come. What few there are.
1999 January 3 Icy Patches Jaiden meets up with a young Elisabeth.
1999 January 3 The Australian Giant A remarkable meeting between a young girl, her family, and Jaiden.
1999 January 4 Isolated Another steps out of the time-space continuum. Someone who is looking for Elisabeth Harrison too.
1999 January 5 Orla's Camera Jaiden has the opportunity to visit with the littlest Ryans again when returning her mother's wallet.
1999 January 5 Some Things About A Person Remain Constant Jaiden takes Liz on a date… she's not so different.
1999 January 6 Pending Pending
1999 January 7 Make Me Believe You A date at a hockey game goes wrong… just as expected.
2010 September 10 I'm Going With You When faced with the news that Kaylee is going back in time again, Joseph makes a rather important decision.
2010 September 11 Asking, Telling After a night of deliberation, Eileen returns to the Dispensary to inform Gabriel and Raith of her meeting with Hiro Nakamura.
2010 September 11 Impossible Stuff Colette comes home exhausted and worried about having to do impossible stuff but finds her support system is supportive, as always.
2010 September 12 Come Back A reassurance, from the vantage point of a future that hasn't happened yet for Colette; a demand, or perhaps a plea, when Tamara leaves sooner than either would prefer.
The Song of Carrion Birds, Georgia, 2004
2004 June 12 Held Up Without A Gun Elaine and Colette go back in time to save Sable. Things do not go according to plan… but then, there never was one.
2004 June 12 Delta T Elaine and Colette work to keep the now-fugitive Sable out of harm's way until they figure out how to fix things. Somehow.
2004 June 12 Angels in Atlanta Finally finding some solace in the past, Elaine and Colette try to bring peace of mind to Sable's young self, and instead wind up having to tell her some of the truth about who they are and where they're from…
2004 June 13 Your Own Worst Enemy The angels from the future try to help the girl skip town, but destiny intervenes when the devil has other ideas.
2006 October 31 Blood Left years in the past by Hiro, Colette has a request from Hiro rewarded by being able to see her dying mother before she passes away.
2010 September 14 Puppysitting Kaylee makes plans with Abby in preparation for time adventures, and reveals a little insight about what's going on.
2010 September 14 I'll Always Remember A letter from the past reaches the present.
2010 September 14 Anything A watcher reveals herself to two disenchanted ladies of Shalott.
2010 September 14 Forgetting to Look Back In preparing himself for the war to come, Richard Cardinal is blindsided when he is drafted into a war that already was.
2010 September 15 The Truth Is Much Worse Working in Grand Central Terminal, Kaylee finds something from the past. With the help from the LightHouse Girls, the telepath gets a glimpse into the day of the Midtown Explosion.
Fire on the Water, Los Angeles, 1989
1989 December 5 Fast as You Can Kaylee and Joseph travel back to the winter of 1989, shortly before Lynette's twelfth birthday, to prevent one of Samuel's followers from cutting her young life abruptly short.
2010 September 16 Bring Your Heart What should have been a simple delivery of a paper crane turns into something more poignant when Rhys tries to turn what should be an important mission into an attempt for Peyton to reconcile differences with her dead father…
2010 September 16 Waiting for the Sky to Fall Peyton asks Wes' opinion about taking the time to get to know someone in the past, and for him, the consequences of what might happen if she fails in the task are unbearable.
2010 September 18 Nothing is Inevitable Cardinal comes bearing a touching gift and Peyton reveals what she saw in her future while the two discuss changing the past.
The Secrets We Keep, Belgium, 1915 & New York City 2010
1915 May 23 Muddy Waters When Hiro Nakamura sends Peyton Whitney back in time, Rhys Bluthner's game of names and identities creates an atmosphere of confusion and mistrust in a place where there can be none.
1915 May 23 Ashen Skies Prisoner of Thomas Zarek, Peyton finds herself marched right to the place where she does not want trouble to go, into the arms of her father Albert Winslow. But in 1915 Belgium, nothing is quite as it appears…
1915 May 23 Bloody Earth Mounting a last minute rescue effort to save Thomas Zarek's life, Albert Winslow and Peyton Whitney put their own lives on the line. In the aftermath, Hiro Nakamura and Rhys Bluthner butt heads, and an unexpected result of their meddling in the past endangers the future…
2010 February 16 48 Hours Left in the care of Wendy Hunter, Peyton Whitney is afforded time once more with a friend she thought she'd lost forever.
2010 February 17 A Brand New Morning It is the second time Peyton Whitney has awoken to February 17, 2010, but in the company of Wendy Hunter, it is a day she would relive again and again if possible.
2010 February 18 Gone Fishing Wendy sniffs out Future Peyton's future boyfriend - Smedley - so she can give her approval to her friend before she parts ways.
2010 February 19 The Sum Of Our Choices A tragic tale receives a tragic ending, hearts break and shatter entirely. The world is a cruel place, and time itself is no exception.
2009 April 13 Thou Seest My Needs In the wake of Samuel's improbable rescue, Arnold is left in the hands of the exact person he needs.
2010 September 19 A Central Park Castle Vignette Ygraine, Tasha and Judah meet at an appointed place at an appointed time.
Bark and Bite, New York City, 2005
2005 November 3 Sharp Teeth Tamara doesn't have any yet, which could be a distinct disadvantage when someone who does comes along — and with the intent to use them.
2005 November 3 False Teeth Three people travel back in time to save friend and family — and in the process demonstrate that it isn't always the sharpest teeth which matter the most.
2010 September 19 A Family Affair Jaiden returns from his long journey and into the company of the Ryans family.
2010 September 20 Thanks For Saving My Life After a practical decade apart, Jaiden Mortlock reunites with Elisabeth Harrison, mission accomplished and a job well done.
2010 September 20 Whatever Happened... Two time travelers are reunited in the present, but one has unexpected baggage with her that she's not ready to deal with.
2010 September 21 Goldfish Because clothes make the man and the infiltration of France, 1901.
2010 September 22 Where You Left Me Colette asks Kaylee to remove the Amp created block in Sable's head. It works, but at a cost to the telepath.
2010 September 22 I Know the Rules To course-correct the flow of time, Hiro recruits Magnes. To make sure Magnes doesn't make it worse, Hiro recruits Quinn.
Zwischenzug, New York City, February 1992
1992 February 14 The Plan Hiro Nakamura takes Richard Cardinal and Niklaus Zimmerman back to a monumental epoch in the Zimmerman Family's timeline, but the interference of an unexpected third party changes the scope of their journey.
1992 February 14 Weighing the Values of Life The repercussions of Cardinal's actions begin to take affect as Jonas Zimmerman is released under the effects of Charles Deveaux mind control to lure his would-be assassin out into the open. Meanwhile, Arthur Petrelli's kill squad moves in as history had written.
1992 February 14 The Slippery Slope Richard Cardinal, working in cooperation with the Company, is partnered up with an unexpected agent to protect the Zimmerman family from an assassin sent through time to kill them. What Cardinal uncovers in the past, however, may well be laying groundwork for major events in the future.
1992 February 15 Exodus Richard Cardinal's journey through time concludes with an unexpected reunion…
Bait and Switch, September 2010, July 2007, and August 2010
2010 September 23 The Substitute Melissa Pierce is made an offer by an agent of Samuel Sullivan in exchange for the life of Kendall Cunningham, but when it comes at a high cost, Melissa is forced to put herself in a difficult position, with many lives hanging on the line.
The Art of Hunting Lions, Egypt, March 2007
2007 March 10 Ineffective Camouflage Magnes and Quinn are sent back to 2007 to ensure that Jensen Raith joins the Vanguard. One of them follows directions. The other does not.
2007 March 10 Off the Trail Raith, having rescued Magnes and Quinn from arrest, ironically gives them another shot at saving the world.
2010 September 23 Proactive Guilt While trying to decompress from a stressful week, Rhys Bluthner finds his time at the Cambria Day Spa and Salon interrupted by an unexpected person…
2010 September 25 Cryptic Answers Perry sees Lydia after his recruitment by Samuel, and she possibly finds out more about the nature of the work than he does.
2010 September 26 Okay, Maybe I Won't Feed You To Wild Evos Cardinal returns from his historical errand.
2010 September 27 The Wheel A revival of a carnival takes place as the Coney Island theme park is hijacked.
2010 September 27 Monumental Samuel makes Gillian an offer she can't— and won't— refuse.
2010 September 28 The Hierphant or the Emperor Edgar and Lydia reunite, and the latter shares what she can about the plot to change the present.
2010 September 29 Moments in Time Peyton returns from the past into the comforting arms of the present.
2010 October 2 Kindred Spirit With her decision made, Gillian meets with the Painted Lady, to prepare for her trip into the past.
2010 October 2 How Many Eggs … make the difference between heroism and villainy? Peyton opens up a little about her experiences in the past and gives Wes advice for any future time travel.
2010 October 2 Like Playdough Linda is tasked with the difficult job of recruiting the cynical.
Turnabout Family, April 1989
1989 April Blood Is Blood Gillian comes face to face with her blood relatives. And herself in the process.
1989 April Love Is Love Gillian starts to step on her butterfly in the past, though not as much as she'd expected she would.
1989 April Past Is Past Gillian gets ready to leave, just as Hiro shows up to repair what damage she did do.
2010 October 4 Not Indelible The past can be changed by heroes as well as villains, Peyton learns with mixed feelings when reunited with Cardinal after two weeks away from work.
2010 October 5 More Tiny Cranes Unwilling subscribers are given their newsletter.
2010 October 5 Origami And Other Artwork After receiving her crane, Cat meets the woman she's destined to save. Or have already saved.
2010 October 5 Hypothetical Risks Kaylee and Lydia talk about the men in their lives and the risks of saving people from the past.
2010 October 5 To Sir, with Love Delia discovers her crane and its strange message…
In Memoriam, France, 1900
1900 October 28 Unus Duro Spiritus The Remnant travels back a century and some change to the end of the Olympic games to put themselves between Kazimir's father and an unknown assailant.
1900 October 28 Cineres Cineribus, Pulverem Pulveri Following Colonel Volken into a Parisian ghetto, Eileen, Gabriel and Raith unknowingly draw themselves into a trap that ultimately claims one of their lives…
1900 October 31 Oculus Tempest Eileen, Gabriel and Raith continue their vigil over the Volken family.
1900 November 1 In Memoriam The seeds of the Vanguard are sown. The space-time continuum is saved — but nothing can be promised for the future.
2010 October 7 Angel of the Morning …and goes to ask some advice before both of them take a trip.
2010 October 7 Natives Get Restless Lydia comes to Samuel with questions. Difficult ones.
2010 October 8 As For The Moon Landing... Cat goes to explore Hiro's base of operations.
2010 October 12 Ash and Snow During an errand through a recent history, Kaylee doesn't ask Hiro for a favour. Not directly, anyway.
The History That Never Was, New York City, 2006
2006 November 8 Butterflies and Clover Kaylee Thatcher relives the destruction of Midtown whilst saving the life of the younger sister she never would have met.
2010 October 14 Welcome To The Year 2010 Usually you welcome in a year in January. When time travel's involved, sometimes it happens in the middle of October. Kaylee returns "home" with Valerie following her trip back in time.
Sands, Utah, April 2009
2009 April 14 With One Eye Open After the events of Moab Penitentiary, a marginally younger Melissa finds herself in an alternative history that threatens to redirect the course of her life.
2010/2009 October 15/April 14 Those Crazy Funsters Hiro recruits two champions. Yep. That is what happens here.
2009 April 14 Dude, Where's My Car? A little pit stop along the way to finding their intended rescuee gives Brad a chance to wake up and Edgar a change of clothes.
2009 April 14 Like A True Nature's Child Russo and Edgar chase down Melissa's history, leading to a violent confrontation on a Utah highway, and no one winds up where they expect.
2010 October 18 Seeing Is Believing Rhys informs Lexington of her destiny, and gets a rockin' outfit in the process.
1968 November 15 Star Spangled Eyes An eclectic group of individuals are shot back to Vietnam to rescue one man, but is this a mission or an ambush?
2007 March 10 Sinkhole When Hiro's power once more proves to be unreliable, Samuel takes an opportunity to strike.
2010 October 19 Adventures Deckard sets out on one, after telling his girlfriend, and winds up in London a decade and change ago.
The White Picket Fence, New York City, 1998
1998 April 2 Cakewalk Sable and Eileen are recruited to rescue a 10-year-old Magnes before a mysterious villain can erase him from the present day forever. But first, they have to get through a formidable foe: Mrs. Varlane.
1998 April 2 Submissive Sable and Eileen steal Magnes away to safety, or what they presume it to be.
1998 April 3 Rank Three on the Official People Ranking System Sable and Magnes kill time in the basement of their hideaway. Piggyback rides may or may not be given.
1998 April 4 We'd Like To Take You Home Expectedly, someone comes looking for Magnes. Unexpectedly.
London Beckoned Songs, England, 1998/1999
1998 December 29 The Weather Today Is Slightly Sarcastic Deckard finds out who he's supposed to be protecting.
1999 January 2 Observation Surveillance is broken up by company.
1999 January 3 Can't Say No Rhys appears to fill Flint in on the real reason he's been asked to keep his enemy close.
1999 January 3 Change of Plans Logan shouldn't be alone at night, and Deckard shows him why when he corrects the course of the former's history.
2010 October 28 The Missing In 2010, people seem to go missing more often than could possibly be coincidence. Joseph and Valerie mutually worry about those who happen to be among the many.
2010 October 29 Family Reunion Edgar gains back his freedom and a chance at home, while Samuel gains a formidable ally.
2010 October 29 Retroactive Redemption Samuel offers Nick an opportunity to make up for past wrongs — the best way he knows how.
Penance, England, 1995
1995 December 10 Little Mice Nick finds it an easy task, to do what he never could as a child — change his stars.
1995 December 10 Numb There are a lot of unlikely heroes, in these stories, and one of them is set against Nick.
To Be Continued…
2010 October 31 Resistance Arnold brings tidings to Lydia — but it might be too late, to show signs of resistance.
2010 November 1 The Advantage of Knowing In the battle over history, Luther finds that it's his turn to step up.
Out On The Patio We Sit, Australia, 1994
1994 November 28 Post Preemptive Strike Elisabeth and Monica are sent back to protect Jaiden, but find tracks in the dirt ahead of them.
To Be Continued…
A Small Rift, Canada, 2010
2010 June 26 Repairing the Rift Cat and Lashirah go back in time to make sure that Barbara lives through exactly what she was supposed to when the Thompson Commune fell.
To Be Continued…
1995 December 11 Predisposition Logan waits to go home, but discovers he has a final mission to complete before he can.
Net and Pin
1890 December 26 Net and Pin, Part I A casualty of the time war is rescued, but not without a vicious fight.
2006 October 1 Net and Pin, Part II A battle is waged, but whether it was the final conflict is up for debate…
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