Dark Below
Chapter Three: "Dark Below"

Life is difficult across the New York City Safe Zone, but when food stores already stretched thin begin disappearing, its residents must discover the cause of this theft — and in the process, uncover an unsettling secret of the past.
Date Scene Description
02/28/18 Local News, Feb 2018 News Report of food theft in Bay Ridge at the Red Cross Depot
03/02/18 Phantom Thief Two members of the Safe Zone Cooperative's Citizen Watch makes a startling discovery.
Local News, Mar 2018 News Report of food theft in Red Hook Market storage
03/06/18 Threads to Follow Agent Lin comes to a couple members of the Cooperative to ask about the recent thefts.
Somebody Knows Something Niki and Tuck compare notes and share what they know with Liza.
03/07/18 Coffee And Questions SESA contacts Savannah Burton with inquiries into the food thefts. And Corbin Ayers gets to meet one of his favorite authors.
03/08/18 Pins Investigations into the food theft are ongoing.
03/12/18 Tricky Ricky and the Spanish Inquisition Agents Lin and Sawyer go to question a CI about the food thefts.
Brave New World Agent Diaz interviews Tasha Renard-Lazarro about the Red Hook Market food theft.
03/13/18 Teacher's Fret Agent Diaz interviews Jonathan Smith about the Red Hook Market food theft.
Strange Sightings Agent Lin checks out a couple of young would-be private investigators who have taken on the case as well.
03/14/18 Do Not Enter Agents Lin and Bluthner check out the sewers beneath the Red Hook Market storage room, run into the young PIs Joe and Lance, and make a disturbing discovery.
03/16/18 A Walk in the Dark Agents Diaz and Baumann investigate the sewers beneath Red Cross Depot in search of further clues, but come away with more questions than answers.
03/17/18 Ravenous Agent Baumann further investigates the cause of death for William DeLuca.
03/20/18 A Right Choice Agent Baumann meets with a pre-cog, and gets a vision.
03/23/18 All the Glamour and Prestige Three agents discuss the details of the food theft case.
03/24/18 Gerken/Winters Interview Agent Baumann interviews Gerken and Winters after further details are revealed in SESA's on-going investigation.
03/28/18 Explore the Underground? Talk to Squeaks Agent Baumann looks for a local guide into the Safe Zone sewers.
03/30/18 Breakroom Interlude Agents Diaz and Baumann rundown the case so far and discuss what to do to further their search for a cause and a suspect.
04/03/18 Trouble Makers Agent Diaz meets with Gillian Childs to follow up and discuss about some involvement of younger parties.
04/13/18 A Community United During the Safe Zone Council meeting, Agent Diaz updates the council on the investigation's progress, and gets an unexpected development when Squeaks reveals her knowledge of the sewers.
04/18/18 Not Going to Work Agents Baumann and Diaz go to meet Squeaks as a potential informant and guide, but Diaz doesn't approve.
05/27/18 Goonies Never Say Die Lance, Joe, and Squeaks move away from Red Hook to continue their exploration of the tunnels beneath the town… only to discover horrors of past and present both.
05/28/18 If Woody Had Gone Straight to the Police The Lighthouse Kids contact SESA and tell Agent Lin of their discoveries.
06/19/18 Who You Gonna Call
07/11/18 The Heart Of Darkness On a second foray into the sewers, the Lighthouse Kids stumble upon Agents Lin and Bluthner, and discover a lead on the source of the rats in old electrical maintenance tunnels.
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