Chapter One: "Destiny"

???, 2010 to ???, 2011

Beneath the surface of green lawns and white monuments, something unfinished lies in Washington, D.C. Time travelers and shapeshifted masks, illusions and smoke and mirrors to veer the public eye away from a plot that could prove to lead the entire country into even darker times than one east coast city is currently in the throes of. Nathan Petrelli is elected President of the United States, the so-called maverick independent whose administration sold itself to be a middle ground between civil freedom for the Evolved threat, and control. With politicians and advisors of Humanis First persuasion, however, corruption beneath the surface is beginning to show.

But it's not the only secret. The President was quietly usurped by his own future alterego, one who is intent on steering America away from the brighter course of fate he came from. It's time for a come back.

Meanwhile, a woman once told her son that he could be anything.

He could even be President.
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