Every Prophet In His House
Chapter One: "Every Prophet In His House"

???, 2010 to ???, 2010

When an unexpected vision of the future falls upon the citizens of New York City the already fragile balance of order is upset by the harrowing vision of a future yet to be. But when those who witnessed this future attempt to course-correct and change what they've come to witness they risk the possibilities for greater disaster and tragedy.
06/08 For the Future, Part I The Institute abducts a necessary component for Project Delphi from Staten Island and Gillian becomes another of the missing people.
For the Future, Part II The Institute abducts a necessary component for Project Delphi from Staten Island and Joseph becomes another of the missing people.
For the Future, Part III Mohinder's hand-chosen scientists at the Institute's Staten Island research facility are given a surprise introduction to Doctor Luis and his research team for a new project as well as two subjects.
06/10 Be Different Sometimes, all you can do is pray. Sometimes, praying isn't good enough as Tamara waits for noon to strike in more ways than one.
Intersection of Dreams and Reality Diners at a streetside diner find themselves victims and witnesses to a strange phenomenon that causes a dangerous aftermath.
Lost Time When a wave of precognitive visions sweeps across Staten Island, the Dispensary and its occupants find themselves in its path. One of them chooses a very unfortunate place to be.
Can You See The Fires Before They're Lit?
Fainting Spells Quinn and Sable journey to a more unusual location in order to continue their songwriting work, but some unforeseen events steer things in another direction.
The Edge of the Precipice Chaos strikes the Williamsburg Bridge, and leaves behind it half a bus stranded in midair between bridge and water. With passengers still on board. Not to mention trouble up and down the rest of the bridge. Life perforce becomes interesting when everyone wakes back up.
On a Downtown Train The New York City subway gets weirder than usual when most of the passengers get a glimpse of their future — frightening and uncertain ones for most.
A Second Chance Getaway A bustling streetside becomes a site of chaos as the flashes wash over Brooklyn, and a prisoner transport goes awry.
Come Full Circle At the scene of a bus accident all too reminiscent of her past, Hana and Teo talk themselves entirely around the subjects that really matter.
Decode Running from the fear of her flash, Colette Nichols goes to the only place she where can both be alone and feel secure to try and come to grips with what it is she experienced. Hiding in the ruins of the Guiding Light Church, she recalls the painful vision of the future and struggles to come to grips with what it could mean.
Pretty Women As the aftermath of what the media is calling a "mass hallucination" continues to unfold on television screens across New York City, Logan receives a visitor who chooses to let himself in rather than knocking.
Today's Answers Are tomorrow's questions. Whatever it is that Benjamin Ryans sought her out for, Huruma's meeting with him is cut to an abrupt stop.
No One Knows Anything Even Vincent Lazzaro, it would seem is out of the loop on this one. He takes a moment in the aftermath to check on Tasha.
Nothing but Worry The aftermath of the visions causes mother and daughter to worry about one another and others when they touch base by phone.
Invincible Eileen shares part of her vision with Gabriel, who in turn shares with her the secret of MESSIAH's leadership.
06/11 What's Made Of It Elaine and Sable catch each other at odds moments, and discuss their visions, along with some thoughts and at least one plan.
No Leads Elisabeth takes Rebecca out to the scene of Gillian's abduction.
A Hell of a Lot of String Elisabeth takes Rebecca home to meet the rest of her cohorts.
06/12 Time Was Running Wild Two FRONTLINE officers discuss the blackouts, the changeability of the future and then stop talking. Time may change me, But I can't trace time.
This Is My Surprised Face Claire touches base with her boss and gives him a rundown on what she's learned so far, and tells him about the vision she was given.
Stepping Up Security The Ferry congregates at its heart to discuss missing operatives Lynette Rowan, Gillian Childs, Joseph Sumter and the entity believed to be responsible for their disappearances.
Don't Stop There can never be too much when it comes to words of love and reassurance.
Into the Wild Lacking memory as to what just happened, Joseph calls on Deckard for company (little joke) while figuring out what to do. That neither man can completely trust the memories in their own heads leads, unsurprisingly, to a lack of answers.
In the Days to Come Cardinal and Hana meet to touch base on recent events and, most importantly, discuss how to deal with impending futures.
In the Beginning Cardinal fills Rebecca in on everything she's missed so far, which is pretty much everything.
06/13 The Truth of It Ryans clues in Veronica on just how deep they are buried in the Company's problems.
Dying for a Vision Melissa makes a change, and thinks about the vision she had.
06/14 Choice Tamara confronts Colette and offers her a crossroads she can't bring herself to tread. Not choosing is also a choice — with unforeseen consequences.
Like Smoke on the Wind Two individuals on opposite sides of the fence meet halfway for an exchange.
The Bridge to Unenlightenment While visiting the sites of major incidents from last Thursday's blackouts, Rebecca is happened across by Tamara. Rebecca unfortunately comes away with few useful answers — from either place or other person.
Box According to mythology, some things are better left unopened. Or unbought. Teo and Francois trip over their respective futures after a few days of avoiding the topic completely.
06/15 In the Presence of Sleeping Prophets Colette summons her father to Tamara's bedside and somewhat inadvertently introduces him to Tasha for the first time.
A Credible Threat The ingenue reporter seeks out the bitter agent in regards to an assassination attempt that may or may not happen.
Rebel Red A conversation with Abigail yields some disturbing revelations for Ryans. He in turn warns off Abby from bringing anyone else to them, for their own safety.
06/16 He Followed me Home Richard Cardinal follows Sarisa Kershner home to question her about a multitude of events, while Sarisa makes good on her information about the Institute and makes Cardinal a dangerous offer…
Zen and the Art of Espionage The Kings are reunited.
Code Words Teo reports on Joseph's condition.
06/17 Out of Her Hands For some, the visions borne of the blackouts a week ago made it feel like the future had been ripped out of their hands - and now, Ling Chao aims to take hers back
06/18 Not Acceptable Vincent doesn't approve of the Ferry's tactics when Tasha is the unannounced third party to a meeting between Cat and the DoEA Agent.
06/19 Remember Kaylee helps Joseph remember what happened to him during his time with the Institute, and the Ferrymen uncover the truth that confirm some theories about the visions of the 10th.
06/22 Futures Sought Colette and Sable both apologize for their prior behavior, and in that apology Colette tasks Sable with an important job.
06/26 More Than Time of Day Cat comes to talk to April about what the latter's former fiance saw in the mass premonition of June 10th.
06/28 Djinn In the Qua'ran, a Djinn is a powerful creature of smokeless flame that lives alongside humans, but is not one of them, capable of both good and evil. Perhaps Samson Gray meets that description better than he realizes.
07/01 Coming Home to Roost Ling begins her plans to take her future back into her own hands, with unforseen complications.
07/05 Tests of Faith Waiting for a man of faith to come by, Colette masks her personal questions behind God.
07/06 White or Blue Joanna's mind is on shopping and quality time but Tasha's is on the events of June 10th.
07/10 Can't Shake This Feeling April finds acquaintances she didn't know she had virtually everywhere she goes. Meanwhile, the other person in Quinn's premonition really is real.
Talent Scouting While checking out the spectators and fighters at Center Stage, Logan meets the woman from his vision — not, perhaps, how he expected to.
07/13 Ever After April and Silver have a second chance to aim for 'ever after', however it comes out — happily or not.
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