Fires of Creation
Chapter Four: "Fires of Creation"

Yamagato Industries is a powerful multinational corporation, and were it not for their deep pockets, the United States would not be so far on its way to recovery. But wealth, power, and influence all come at a steep price. Any threats to those pillars of industry are dealt with swiftly.
04/04/15 Pure Imagination Marlowe Terrell meets the Director of Technology, Hachiro Otomo, and they discuss the topic of building a future.
01/28/16 Main Mission Newly equipped with her prosthetic arm, Monica Dawson is sent to Madagascar to appropriate a prototype device.
And Now…
02/28/18 Kensei and the Dragon Jolene Chevalier is contacted by Eizen Erizawa, secondhand.
03/23/18 No One of Consequence Violet Sharp goes searching for the sister she's never met.
03/31/18 To Best Serve Kaydence Damaris is instructed to extend a warm welcome to visitors from Praxis Heavy Industries.
04/02/18 Power vs. Celebrity Alister Black makes plans to collaborate with Yamagato in restoring water to Staten Island — and in business.
04/03/18 Human Drama Francesca "Chess" Lang finds herself attacked by one unexpected sister and saved by another.
04/04/18 27 After the drama of the attack, Chess goes to find Luther for help with saving Alix's life.
04/07/18 Leviathan Hana Gitelman meets Jiba, one of Yamagato Industries' greatest secrets, and it meets one of hers.
04/11/18 Sisters of Sorts Two sisters, recently met, take necessary sanctuary at the Benchmark.
04/12/18 Human Curiosity Marlowe finds Leroy hard at work on his beauty sleep in the company offices, but upon waking they discuss how to deal with some issues arising from a drone network.
04/13/18 The Techie Is In Leroy is sent to check up on the YX Cestus Prosthetic Limb.
04/14/18 Much Ado About Wireless Leroy goes out to test his drone-based VoIP network security, but encounters the very thing he's been trying to prevent.
04/15/18 In Theory and In Praxis Kay and Monica 'greet' the Praxis representatives sent to negotiate a telecom infrastructure deal with New York.
Mechanics R Us Marlowe fixes Monica's arm after her mission, and the pair discuss possible protections for the future.
04/23/18 Living In Interesting Times Yamagato's security chief consults a seer and receives information far more harrowing than he ever expected.
Regarding A Curious Cat Hana tracks down Hachiro Otomo, creator and caretaker of the Jiba A.I.
04/28/18 Genesis Hana learns the origins of Jiba and the true intentions of its creator.
04/29/18 Synecdoche Eizen informs Alvin of concerns regarding Praxis Heavy Industries and its activities in the Safe Zone.
<--! Careless Whisper --> Hachiro, Leroy, and Marlowe make a hard push to advance their vision of a network of drones providing cellular service to the Safe Zone.
以眼還眼 Three adrift sisters, operatives of Praxis, suddenly receive a new mission.
04/30/18 Sending A Message Yamagato holds a company-wide meeting, but they are interrupted by an attack that levels Yamagato's leadership across the globe.
Return 0 In the aftermath of the Yamagato bombing, Marlowe sits by Hachiro's bedside while he recalls the events of his daughter's death and the birth of Jiba.
05/04/18 The Spin Alvin joins up with Public Relations, but isn't entirely clued in to the fact that PR is more than what is on their business cards.
05/07/18 Mission Accomplished Marlowe and Monica discuss how to help Hachiro with his injuries and what to do if he succumbs to them.
06/27/18 To Clarify and Classify Eve and Monica, while searching for leads regarding Adam, apprehend one of his former lieutenants only to discover he serves a new master now — the Ghost Shadow triad.
07/10/18 Rave Monica's clandestine meeting with Jiba unexpectedly reveals a secret refrain trafficking effort in Yamagato Park.
Impossible, Unwise Monica and T.Amas make contact to discuss the possibility of freeing Jiba from their programming constraints.
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