Five Years Gone
Chapter Three: "Five Years Gone"

November 1, 2011 to ???, 2011

Hiro Nakamura has been obsessed with changing time since the bomb first destroyed Midtown. Ever since then, his life has been a misguided quest through history, and one that he cannot give up. When confronted with the futility of his own mission, Hiro turns to a young visionary capable of offering him insight into his own personal quest for justice. But all of Hiro's best laid plans come spiraling out of control when a younger version of himself arrives from the year 2006, and every single thread that has been criss-crossing the lives of those affected by the bomb come together at last.

All good things must come to an end.
Date Scene Description
10/04 What He Couldn't Finish Gabriel and Eileen move to stop Sylar from acquiring the ability to shapeshift: the one power that stands between him and the presidency. As with most things, it does not go as planned.
11/01 Kill the Messenger Hiro and Rhys argue over the future.
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