Four Quarters
Chapter Four: "Four Quarters"

???, 2010 to ???, 2010

In the wake of the destructive riots, the Ferrymen network has been dealt a critical blow to their resources and ability to maintain their operations. Sensing a sinking ship, old allies abandon the organization in their hour of greatest need and the Ferrymen are forced to make the most difficult call: To rebuild, or to surrender.
Date Scene Description
11/08/10 No Deceit in Death One of the Ferrymen's council members turns against the others.
Old Soldiers and Company Men Both are made of sterner stuff. Too tough to let a little thing like attempted assassination slow them down.
"Away" When Colette comes to the Brick House looking for people from the Ferrymen, she delivers harrowing news and receives some of her own.
Read The Fine Print Sometimes it is too late to learn an important life lesson.
The Only Way Out Is Through, Part I The residents of Gun Hill have known of the impending November 8th Raid since the Flashforwards. They know the way out, but things don't always happen exactly as predicted. But that doesn't mean they changed all that much either.
The Only Way Out is Through, Part II The fate of the rest of Gun Hill is revealed.
What's Your Game? A Ferry technopath, an Institute employee, and a suit of FRONTLINE Horizon armor meet in a dark alley…
Exodus, Part I One group of escapees make their way out of New York, and pick up a few stragglers and narrowly avoid a group of rioters.
Exodus, Part II When a pick up point for Ferry evacuation is already compromised, a small group of Evolved use their talents to fight their way through to freedom.
Exodus, Part III Ferrymen evacuating by boat and by helicopter encounter unexpected difficulties when an engine won't start and their retreat is impeded by the arrival of a tank.
11/09/10 Morning After Dark Is still dark, and Caliban tells his wife to run.
11/12/10 In Exile On the 12th of November, three days into the aftermath of the events of the 8th, the remains of the Ferrymen council hold a meeting at the heart of Pollepel Island to address the disaster's survivors and discuss, as a whole, the tragic losses suffered by the network and what steps it intends to take next.
Moving Forward Eileen gathers the two newest members of the Ferryman Council, and they discuss how to go about doing just that…
11/13/10 The Line Lancaster and Lazzaro figure out where they stand on either side of it.
Shh... A chance encounter with Shannon in Bannerman Castle's kitchen leaves Raith with even more ideas.
Results, Not Details Smedley tracks down Raith to work out an arrangement. The outcome are given priority over the method.
11/15/10 The Same Boat De-feathering dead birds is a far cry from normalcy for the Ferrymen, but many things changed on the eighth of November, including the network's way of life.
Crystal Clear Raith and Ryans sit down to discuss the security of the island and the people on it.
Meals For Millions A group of island-bound individuals attempt to make dinner for the whole place, on rations.
11/16/10 All Along The Watchtower Lynette interrupts Ryans' turn on sentry duty to discuss official and non-official business.
11/17/10 Monsters in the Fog Although never quite complacent, the Ferrymen on Pollepel Island are caught off-guard by an unpleasant reminder of what awaits them back home in New York City.
11/18/10 Silent Sorrow In the dead of night, Kaylee finds a tiny toddler needing someone to hear her and know her pain.
Strong People Don't Cry Over a week after the tragic November 8th riots, Catherine Chesterfield comes to seek answers from the Ferrymen residing at Grand Central Terminal…
11/19/10 When Pigs Fly Howard doesn't want to work, even after Nick gets hit in the head with pork. Everyone lays into him for it, but even without the strange refugee's help, it would seem the islanders are one step closer to a normal November.
11/20/10 Thanks For All The Fish Some of the islands residents come together to fix breakfast for the masses.
From the Sky While on a supply run, the Ferry engages a helicopter and its occupants.
11/21/10 Repeated Reassurance The more you say them, the less you believe them. Feelings are hurt and soothed but nothing is fixed when Quinn seeks Tasha and Colette at GCT; Tasha leaves with Quinn for Pollepel.
The Battle of Breakneck Road Having caught wind of a prison convoy making its way north along Breakneck Road, the Ferrymen of Pollepel Island make a desperate bid to rescue some of those taken on the eighth as the convoy passes its Hudson River stronghold.
Assurances Peyton and Wes share facts and presumptions about the safety of the Ferrymen and those they have most recently helped.
Lights on the Water Two weeks after the events that almost destroyed the Ferrymen and claimed either the lives or the liberty of more than one fourth of those under its protection, the network's survivors pay tribute to the lost with a candlelight service.
Suck It Up Soldier Megan and Abigail both do some exploratory surgery and repair when Lash returns from the convoy mission.
11/23/10 The Right Hands Information is shared between client and provider, and the machination of a trap are set into motion.
Five and a Half Minutes …in a hallway. Pollepel refugees meet and reunite in a castle corridor.
11/25/10 So I Say Thank You Thanksgiving on Pollepel Island is a bit hectic, meager portions, some people don't like it, but in the end, it's a change from the porridge and stew and many are thankful still, for the refuge that they have.
11/26/10 Radio Deckard makes contact with the Ferrymen network once more, in the wake of terrorists fleeing scattered due to the events of the 8th. Confessions are made on both ends of the conversation, some more relevant than others.
Breaking Rules of Common Sense A self-stylized entrepreneur makes a quick buck by taking advantage of pent-up frustrations on Pollepel Island.
11/27/10 Boy Is the Wrong Word Eileen tracks down a missing person with mixed success.
Schooling, Thievery, and Ballet The Ferry receives an unexpected visitor looking for Eileen.
11/28/10 Lie of Omission Benji receives an unexpected welcoming party upon his return to Pollepel Island.
Slagging Off Abby and Howard butt heads, with the latter bearing the brunt of her anger, when he lays down a threat and a mis-interpreted mutter.
11/29/10 Twelve Monkies? Bearing gifts of clockwork wonders, warnings of danger, and information on an effort to provide hope, Ygraine finally corners some of the Ferry Council. Approval is sought for fighting the government in a new way, in hope that the fate of the Twelve Monkies has been avoided.
Of Plastic The worth of identity is called into question when Raith and Ryans ask Benji what he's doing on Pollepel.
Having A Choice After his encounter with Abigail, Howard Phillips is confronted by Eileen.
Understanding Benji and Eileen attempt to arrive at one.
12/01/10 Not A Prison A stowaway on Pollepel Island decides to take matters into his own hands and makes Eileen's reassurance to Benji more literal than she'd probably like.
Solidarity Lynette arranges a meeting between a representative of what's left of Messiah and a representative of what's left of the Ferrymen to discuss what the future holds.
12/02/10 She's Gone Two young women cross paths in a derelict subway station and reveal uncharacteristic vulnerability.
12/03/10 A Reason To fight, to live, to rebuild, to hate. In that order.
12/04/10 The Wandering Tree, Part I A long journey to upstate New York reunites mother and daughter, mentor and student, cattle and rustler.
The Wandering Tree, Part II After years apart, Huruma and her daughter Juwariya are finally reunited.
The Wandering Tree, Part III Joseph Sullivan and Amato Salucci are approached by Noah Bennet seeking assistance on behalf of the Ferrymen.
Choking on Our Own Blood A news broadcast sparks debate among Pollepel Island refugees and Howard reveals some of the reason for his perpetual angst.
The Symmetry of Isolation Two self-imposed loners discover that their reasons for isolation are in no way overlapped, and yet somehow they still manage to find a common ground.
12/07/10 Silver Bells and Cockle Shells With the necessary hoops jumped, a mildly very inebriated Eileen informs Benji of some new found freedoms.
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