Garden of Forking Paths
Chapter One: "The Garden of Forking Paths"

After Magnes Varlane and Elisabeth Harrison vanished over the skies of Mount Natazhat in 2011, they did not die, but went somewhere else. The journey back home to their loved ones takes them to many places glimpsed and rumored. They were not the first to cross the boundary, however… and those that they left behind also find traces of this garden of possibilities.
05/17/11 Plan (B)ella A simple experiment turns into a hostage situation as the Institute tests a man whose ability was more than they bargained for. prime.gif
10/01/11 Interesting People Two birds in a gilded cage pass the time by sharing books. prime.gif
10/11/11 The Razor A chance encounter between security and resident ends with the drawing of blood, for reasons known only to the latter. prime.gif
11/04/11 Be the Overflow Reading between the lines, Odessa begins to unravel the mystery of Ruiz. prime.gif
11/08/11 Maybe in Another Life As the Ark is evacuated, Ruiz meets someone he already knows, and prepares to make a last stand. prime.gif
Dess Ruiz has one last reunion before the end. prime.gif
Effect and Cause A shockwave felt through time pulls a wayward soul from one world to another. bright.gif
11/09/11 The Ordinary World After regaining the use of her ability, Odessa begins experiencing strange visions of other realities. prime.gif
11/20/11 Breathe in the Air Odessa experiences another harrowing vision of another time and place. prime.gif
12/04/16 You and Me Lynette raises a theory about the interaction of Mateo Ruiz's ability with time, or timelines. prime.gif
01/30/17 Other Otters Eve suggests there may be a third Ruiz to be found. prime.gif
10/27/17 The Man Who Kills Me Upon finding Richard's string web, Des becomes entangled in memories of lives not her own. prime.gif
And Now…
11/08/11 Welcome to Another World Elisabeth and Magnes discover that the wrong side of a black hole isn't anything like they expected. virus.gif
Where the Fuck Are We? Liz and Magnes go over what they know, what they don't know, and what they need to know. virus.gif
Another Brief History of Time Liz and Edward compare historical events in an attempt to determine a point of divergence. virus.gif
Singularities Magnes consults with Ruiz on the nature of his ability. virus.gif
The Nature of Nothing In an attempt to find a way out, Magnes teaches Mateo a new use for his ability. virus.gif
Butterflies and Hurricanes Using strings, Edward and Elisabeth continue to try to map out the point of divergence between their native timelines. virus.gif
A Canary in a Coal Mine Elisabeth introduces herself to a Vanguard prisoner and tries to reach something like common ground with her. virus.gif
11/09/11 We Are All We Have The two wayward travelers discuss their situation, themselves, and their next steps. virus.gif
A Trip to K-Mart Ruiz introduces Elizabeth to the local supply depot, and the man who runs it. Kain is introduced to the possibility of a way out. virus.gif
The Last of His Kind Magnes is introduced to the Hub kids' clandestine pet. virus.gif
11/10/11 The First Lady Elizabeth makes the acquaintance of the Hub's First Lady, a woman she used to know. virus.gif
Six Degrees 'Til Midnight Steve confronts her husband and Edward about Elizabeth and the secrets they're keeping. virus.gif
Checking on Something Edward gives Dave Cardinal the task of monitoring Elizabeth. virus.gif
Overture Elizabeth moves into new quarters, and has a personal conversation with Ruiz. virus.gif
Gone Are the Ribbons and Bows Elisabeth and Magnes talk about where Magnes's head is and debate whether he should be the one to speak to the caged bird. virus.gif
Rats in the Walls Lynette and Elaine have very different reactions to the new arrivals, and Elisabeth is actually glad to see it. virus.gif
Some Perspective Magnes tries to get Munin to be the person he remembers. She's not. But… she also doesn't do the expected. virus.gif
Improbability Edward finds Magnes locked in Munin's cell and tries to decide whether to just go ahead and incinerate him. virus.gif
A Bigger Cage Munin just wanted the luxury of a shower. She gets a better room out of the deal. virus.gif
The Audacity of Hope Elisabeth manages to not kill Magnes for letting himself be played like a fiddle. virus.gif
Me and You Ruiz finally confesses what really happened to Lynette and explains what the newcomers are trying to do. virus.gif
02/19/18 Mondays A mysterious VHS tape lands on Richard Ray's desk and requires archaic tech to actually view!! No one has VCRs and U-Matics anymore! prime.gif
02/21/18 Shot In The Dark Following a lead to an "antiques" store, Richard Ray finds the ancient tech he needs and an unexpected familiar face. prime.gif
Old Family Movies Now that he can view the video cassette, Richard Ray re-enters the world of intrigue and mystery that surrounds his own lineage. prime.gif
And Now…
11/11/11 Crow Is Not Her Favorite Food Elisabeth has to apologize to Magnes — Munin didn't run out of the place and get them all dead, so she promised she'd tell him she was sorry. It's maybe not what he wishes she was sorry for, though. virus.gif
Armistice Day Ygraine is a familiar face with an unknown person behind the eyes. But Elisabeth is grateful for a friend where she can find one — one person she can trust. virus.gif
Testing the Water Dirk is supposed to be giving Elisabeth a census of the Hub, but he wants to know why. And she won't tell him. virus.gif
11/12/11 Coincidence or Fate? Walking into the Hub's only "bar," it shouldn't come as any surprise to find none other than Isabelle in charge. Elisabeth doesn't really believe in coincidence anymore. virus.gif
11/13/11 Death Above A Vanguard sniper takes advantage of a high perch to rid the world of another refugee. virus.gif
Anxiety Below The Hub goes a little wild as Aislinn, the lone survivor of her team, returns with the news of the sniper. virus.gif
Talk Less, Smile More Peyton gives Magnes a bit of advice about how to get along, especially with her, in this strange new world. virus.gif
11/14/11 That First Step's a Doozy Elisabeth needs to make nice with Dirk and tries to find a compromise that will let him give her what she needs without putting the people he's trying to protect at risk from her. virus.gif
Whiskey Talk Kaylee seeks out someone who might give her answers she wants and brings a gift. virus.gif
Tic-Tacs (Another Side) Ygraine teaches Aislinn about free-running. virus.gif
Black Thread Ellinka is working on her own kind of string map — one that may triangulate the position of the Hub, if scavengers are not careful. virus.gif
Best Friends at the End of the World Magnes tells Isabelle where he's really from and the story of the arrival. virus.gif
11/15/11 They Drew the Queen of Diamonds Elisabeth tries to suss out whether this Ygraine is still the same woman she knows. Push is coming to shove. virus.gif
The Last Lemon Shaw brings Isabelle a token of his affection. virus.gif
11/16/11 Doing Your Civic Duty Dirk has this idea that what the world needs is more kids. He's lucky Kaylee doesn't kill him where he stands. virus.gif
11/17/11 The Dickson Pamphlet Other residents in the Hub take exception to Dirk's campaign as well. virus.gif
11/22/11 Two Weeks in the Post-Apocalypse A brief meeting with Edward turns up someone Elisabeth never expected. And plans are made for her to pull together a team to go after Gillian. virus.gif
03/01/18 Four Hands Des and her world's Mateo finally meet, and it's rather explosive. prime.gif
03/02/18 Fate or Chance Des and Lynette meet and try to start sorting out what the connection is between Des and Mateo. prime.gif
The Awful Sound Des and Mateo discuss the strange sounds that come from his portal at times and the clear connection that Des's power has to it. prime.gif
And Now…
11/23/11 The Efficiency of Trash Magnes tries to lie to Lynette about what he and Ruiz are up to, but she already knows so it's a wasted effort. She, however, gives him some interesting reading material. virus.gif
Lasciate Ogni Speranza Even steeling herself to run into Cardinal wasn't really preparation enough for the reality. virus.gif
11/25/11 4.Bb5 - Spanish Variation Elisabeth learned well. The chessboard is being reset and she's choosing her pieces. virus.gif
11/28/11 A Good Sort Elaine and Elspeth talk about the newcomers to the Hub and seem to come to agreement on the idea that at least they won't hurt the kids. virus.gif
Just A Sip Kaylee tries to get some gossip out of Isabelle about the newcomers, but it's going to cost her. virus.gif
Hypothetical Questions Magnes visits Elaine, perhaps trying to recapture a relationship that he blew to smithereens back home. virus.gif
Homegirls in the Making Elisabeth and Isabelle begin to forge a friendship. virus.gif
11/29/11 Forbidden Things It's so hard to let hope get a foothold… because losing it is devastating. But Lynette wants to believe. virus.gif
Shipwrecked Elisabeth and Magnes work on building communications pathways. It's an ongoing process. virus.gif
Gravity Chalk Magnes takes the advice on who to see about his powers. Ygraine knows a lot more about gravity and how the power works than he expected. virus.gif
Stardate Unknown Elaine and Magnes indulge in a little creativity. virus.gif
12/01/11 And Also Fuck You Shaw is in possession of the most valuable commodity in the world — coffee!! Lynette just has to tell him a good story. virus.gif
My Brain Hurts Ygraine is WAY better at chalk than one might imagine — she has an idea about radio waves and dimensional stuff that makes Elisabeth cross-eyed. Fuck dimensional travel right in the ear! virus.gif
12/04/11 #sorrynotsorry Awkward conversations in the dining hall between Shaw, Lynette, and Peyton. virus.gif
12/05/11 Radio Waves and Tinfoil Hats Elisabeth takes the chalky radio idea to Edward — it's not paranoia if they're really out to screw with you! And they also talk a little game theory (party composition) and possibilities. virus.gif
12/06/11 Coffee and Contemplation Choosing whether to believe the stories going around or not. Cardinal, Kain, and Peyton share some black gold and thoughts. virus.gif
12/08/11 Who Wants To Live Forever? Cardinal uses apologizing as an excuse to try to find out more about the new arrivals. Elisabeth gives him more information than he bargained for. virus.gif
She Likes To Watch Cardinal confirms that Peyton's power is what he was told and he starts hatching his own plan. virus.gif
12/09/11 Times That Try Woman's Soul Nightmares and memories drive Elisabeth out for a serious set of drinks. virus.gif
03/04/18 A Dirty Window Pane The mysterious tape with its experiment and the implications are now at the forefront of many people's minds. Des, Kaylee, and Richard converse about the chessboard that needs a reset — someone is coming out of retirement. prime.gif
03/07/18 In the Dark Recesses of the Mind Kaylee's foray into Des's mind begins with some clearly fractured memories… prime.gif
puᴉW ǝɥʇ ɟo sǝssǝɔǝɹ ʞɹɐp ǝɥʇ uI …and the whole experiment goes pear-shaped FAST. prime.gif
03/09/18 Ocean and Gale The jigsaw puzzle has many pieces. Des, Kaylee, Mateo, and Mateo are trying to fit them all together. prime.gif
I Can See, Eye to Eye Eve's dreams are flashing the half-helix again — not a good sign. prime.gif
03/10/18 Are You Her? Eve takes her drawings from the dream to Lynette and comes face to face with Des. prime.gif
03/12/18 The Broken Path In desperate bid to learn more, Des and Eve use Refrain together and link abilities. It takes them to feudal Japan… or something? prime.gif
And Now…
12/09/11 Lemon Death Moonshine and Kansas Isabelle finally gets the full truth from Elisabeth, but so does Cardinal, who was eavesdropping. virus.gif
Pretty and Elaine Magnes and Elaine find some comfort in getting to know more about each other. virus.gif
12/10/11 Side Quest In hopes of seeking out some science books, Magnes takes a trip to K-Mart, and gains an additional a side quest for medical supplies. virus.gif
Only Emptiness Heading out to scavenge for supplies and books, Magnes and Richard Cardinal encounter an unexpected face in the ruins of New York, Hana. virus.gif
12/11/11 A Mile in Someone Else's Shoes Elisabeth and David Cardinal talk about Richard Cardinal, convoluted pasts, and David gives Liz his wedding ring to carry on. virus.gif
Hope is a Bastard Liz and Lynette come to an understanding. Lynette is onboard for the crazy grasp for a better life. virus.gif
My Dad Sucks WAY More Than That Magnes and Liz talk a little more about the nature Magnes' father, and Liz gives Magnes a shortwave radio to experiment with trying to listen to their own world's transmissions. virus.gif
Butterfly Kisses Isabelle arranges a meeting of Shaw and Elisabeth, and the outcome is an unexpected, intimate act of PDA. virus.gif
Fucking Stab Me in the Heart Forever Munin reveals Gillian Childs is being held captive by Kazimir, and suggests a dangerous rescue plan for her and Magnes. Magnes keeps trying to save Munin from herself. It doesn't really work out that way. virus.gif
12/12/11 Gathering Troops Liz finds Kaylee to recruit her for a Christmas mission for the kids. But also, to sway the daughter of Edward Ray to her side. virus.gif
Varlane is Terrible with Secrets Liz and Richard Cardinal touch base, talk about the man's Other self from another timeline, and the mystery surrounding his birthdate. virus.gif
12/13/11 A Broken Duet An interlude as Kaylee and Ruiz remember a lost sister and friend, and talk about what the future has in store. virus.gif
Nothing Interesting Peyton and Isabelle talk about the two newcomers to the Hub and the world that used to be before the virus. virus.gif
12/14/11 Men Need Fixing On the way to fix a broken boiler, Ruiz and Shaw discover that's not the only thing needing fixing. virus.gif
One Left Alone Elisabeth reveals to Steve the true nature of their coming, and the plan for a future beyond a dying world. virus.gif
12/21/11 Great Expectations Elaine is pregnant, Magnes proposes, and Isabelle gets the duty of explaining the extraordinary circumstances that brought Magnes into their world. virus.gif
12/22/11 Little Rabbit During a scavenging trip, Aislinn loses two fellow Hubsters and meets one of the Vanguard's Evolved soldiers. virus.gif
Magnes Makes a Good Decision In which the newly engaged and expecting a child Magnes tries to explain alternate timelines via theoretical physics, but also decides not sleeping with Peyton is a good thing. virus.gif
12/23/11 Let. Me. Out. Magnes, Liz, Mateo, and Lynette try an experiment to try to communicate across timelines. The communication they get is not who they expected. virus.gif
03/13/18 The Wolf and the Lightning Mateo explains his dark history to Lynette in preparation for them diving into his mind to try to discover his hidden memories. prime.gif
03/14/18 Call Me When You're Sober Richard arrives in the aftermath of Eve and Des' Refrain experiment. Tales of beheadings by samurai prove less thrilling for him than for the two women. prime.gif
03/16/18 Duet II Des dreams of Odessa's frustration, loss, and determination, and a ghost from her past. prime.gif
03/17/18 Not a Threat Lynette and Richard meet to discuss Des and Mateo's missing memories and what Lynette suspects about Des' history. prime.gif
Running Out of Time After a dream of a life not her own, Des shares the details with Richard. prime.gif
03/21/18 Starlight Midnight Goodnight Des learns the truth about Sera Lang, but finds herself with more questions about her own past. prime.gif
And Now…
12/23/11 It's Just Us Lynette and Ruiz discuss what they heard through the portal and Lynette pulls the plug on further experiments. virus.gif
Some Costs are Too High Elisabeth and Magnes talk about what it will take next to achieve their goals and at what cost. virus.gif
Take It Easy Aislinn comes to check on the physical cost of the experiment on Ruiz's heart. It's too high. virus.gif
12/25/11 We All Fall Down Shaw, Isabelle, and Thompson go scavenging and trip over a camp of Vanguard. They lose one of their own and a rivalry is born between Izzy and Vör. virus.gif
Jackpot Shaw and Isabelle return to the Hub to take stock, talk of what happened, and what's to come. virus.gif
Greener Pastures The more criminal element of the Hub come together to discuss how they'll get out. virus.gif
12/31/11 All the Marbles. Again. Elisabeth reflects on where she's been and where she is now on New Year's Eve. virus.gif
01/12/12 Earn Your Name Kazimir summons Logan for a special mission to be completed, or else. virus.gif
Another Endgame - Suffer the Children Elizabeth and a group from the Hub come to take Gillian out from under Volken's nose. virus.gif
Another Endgame - Conflagration Magnes has a confrontation with a version of himself who made different choices. virus.gif
Another Endgame - Tripwire Hana and a group from the Hub are trapped in a collapsing building, pinned down by a sniper. virus.gif
03/14/18 The Maze of Moral Relativism At the request of SESA Director Zimmerman, Alice Shaw, Benjamin Ryans and Cassandra Baumann delve into the mysteries of the Company's past. They review the Level 5 inmate Ricardo Silva, the chaos of Edward Ray’s escape, and Caspar Abraham’s interaction with Adam Monroe and Charles Deveaux regarding Project Looking Glass. prime.gif
03/21/18 A Shadow of a Shadow Kaylee and Luther head to upstate New York in search of the mystery of David Cardinal. prime.gif
Cheeseburgers and Rabbit Holes After talking to David Cardinal, Kaylee and Luther retreat to a diner and discuss their findings. prime.gif
03/22/18 Bright Morning Stars Luther rouses early and reflects on his and Kaylee's findings along with other recent events. prime.gif
A Tangled Web Richard Ray meets his biological father, and finds himself both unwelcome and given more questions for his trouble. prime.gif
03/28/18 Intentions and Assurances Hana comes to ask Eve what she knows and wants of the Looking Glass, and provides background on the Institute project. prime.gif
03/30/18 Windows and Doors Hana continues following leads, learns about Mateo's ability, and receives another breadcrumb to pursue. prime.gif
04/01/18 A Storm of Change Eve has a dream about Adam Monroe in a sea of blood. prime.gif
And Now…
01/12/12 In This Life and Any Other With Steve's help, Lynette makes it back to the hub in time to say a final goodbye to Ruiz. virus.gif
Worst Fears Rickham and Steve reunite after tragic outcomes and determine a course of action. virus.gif
Eyes Forward Magnes confronts Munin about encounter of his double and in a moment of existential crisis, makes a promise. virus.gif
01/13/12 Bonnie and Clyde After the battle at Red Hook, two survivors make their own plans to make it in the world at large. virus.gif
Toy Soldiers Dave cautions Elisabeth about potential dangers remaining within the Hub. virus.gif
When We Get There Kaylee and Edward discuss what will come in the future. virus.gif
Last Moments A terrible diagnosis is made, and two sisters share their goodbyes. virus.gif
No Exit Hub survivors gather in chaotic disarray, and a prodigal son returns. virus.gif
I Need New Bootstraps Elisabeth experiences a breakdown, and Ygraine builds her back up. virus.gif
01/14/12 If Ever Richard skips out of Quarantine to visit Peyton after the disastrous expedition and the two make very tentative plans for a life in another universe. virus.gif
01/15/12 No Complaints Logan and Ygraine discuss a bit about lives before and living now. virus.gif
01/16/12 Incinerator Ruiz makes a choice and removes Edward from the equation… virus.gif
Fuck The Odds … but he keeps his promise, making sure Kaylee gets out. virus.gif
Another Endgame - And All That Could Have Been, Part I virus.gif
Another Endgame - And All That Could Have Been, Part II virus.gif
Another Endgame - And All That Could Have Been, Part III virus.gif
09/20/09 What You Could Be Edward makes one last phone call before he's dark-holed. bright.gif
11/15/11 MBTA Bus CT1 After the anniversary of the Midtown explosion, a whole new series of very strange things start to happen. bright.gif
The Aleph, Part I Hiro and Kaito bide their time. bright.gif
12/17/11 Over There Arthur forms a task force to investigate what happened at Natazhat. bright.gif
01/12/12 In Other Words On orders from Arthur, Odessa tracks down Mateo Rowan Ruiz to eliminate him. bright.gif
01/14/12 Pythagorean Roger Goodman visits Pinehearst R&D, where scientists are attempting to bring a machine online. bright.gif
And Now…
01/16/12 Where the Trains Run on Time Landing in a world so very different from the one they came from, their first minutes are not exactly peaceful. bright.gif
From a Whisper... Goodman brings in a specialist — a postcog — to try to determine exactly who has arrived in this world. bright.gif
Some Gave All Kaylee and Elisabeth talk about not devaluing the choices of those who didn't make it. bright.gif
01/17/12 The Crew Stays Together All they have left is each other, and Kain is not about to lose them. bright.gif
Time Has Inertia Ruiz lost his wife, but here he's the one who was lost. And Elisabeth finds out that The 36 still exist… only it's the people they saved instead of the ones who died this time. bright.gif
01/18/12 Eating an Elephant You build a new life the same way. Ygraine and Elisabeth talk about a lot of things. bright.gif
Not My Beautiful House/Not My Beautiful Wife Kain goes looking for the only thing he really wanted in this world, only to find that she was never his here. bright.gif
01/19/12 Strangers in a Strange Land Isa and Shaw are definitely a bit out of their element in this new world. bright.gif
01/20/12 Subtle Differences Bite You in the Butt So many things the same, but so many details different. Bast sees a familiar face with a not-so-familiar soul. bright.gif
01/21/12 Wayward Queen Elisabeth can't let go of the old lessons of her world; she's already seeking the information she wants. bright.gif
01/22/12 Finding Our Way Magnes and Elisabeth are still learning how to be a team. bright.gif
01/23/12 The Gift of Eileen Magnes tries to follow Eileen, but is discovered and stabbed with gardening shears. bright.gif
The Worst Liar After getting stabbed, Magnes has to lie to Abby, and he really does suck at it. bright.gif
...To a Scream Arthur brings in Molly to attempt to identify the 'invaders' from another world. bright.gif
Goodwill Ambassador Peter is set to a task. bright.gif
Deja Vu Arthur summons Agent Verse as the next step in his plan to locate the invaders. bright.gif
The Aleph, Part II Verse has plans of his own; he has not been mindwiping a certain Edward Ray. bright.gif
Hide/Seek Arthur assigns Odessa to find out about the miraculous resurrection of Mateo Ruiz. bright.gif
The Nightmare Man Arthur sends his personal goon squad after Verse. bright.gif
01/23/12 Desperate Times Edward Ray plots and executes a prison break from Moab's Red-level detention facility. bright.gif
The Aleph, Part III Elisabeth gets some surprise visitors… and information that she was really not expecting. bright.gif
Slippage Eileen is rattled badly by her run-in with the alternate version of her Magnes. bright.gif
With The Things You Could Do Odessa Woods has a dream about Desdemona Desjardins. bright.gif
04/04/18 The Things We Do For Love David Cardinal and a young lady head down towards Savannah, Georgia. prime.gif
04/05/18 Our Other Selves Des and Mateo discuss the people they could have been. prime.gif
04/06/18 34 Candles Even out of her own time, Des makes sure Kara Price isn't alone on their birthday. prime.gif
607 Lynette reads poetry written by another Ruiz about another Lynette. prime.gif
04/11/18 Ongoing Concerns Hana finally shares her information on the Looking Glass with Ray, who counters with news concerning Adam Monroe. prime.gif
04/12/18 Not For The Tea prime.gif
And Now…
01/24/12 An Inch From Falling Over bright.gif
Useful Things bright.gif
01/25/12 You Have My Watch Odessa tracks down Ruiz in a bar and discovers they have more in common than she could ever have imagined. bright.gif
01/28/12 Desperate Measures Arthur reviews Project Looking Glass, but is interrupted with an update about the Moab prison break. bright.gif
02/01/12 Savior's Guilt bright.gif
02/07/12 When You Know You Did Teh Stupid Magnes has to confess that he got his butt stabbed because he was being Stalker-Boy. bright.gif
Running Interference Gabriel comes looking to investigate the Magnes that Eileen stabbed, but he finds someone else and an apology instead. bright.gif
02/19/12 All Different Kinds of Family Dimensionally displaced people build family where they can. And Kaylee and Elisabeth are already family after a fashion anyway. bright.gif
02/23/12 First Pizza bright.gif
02/25/12 Levitsky Attack They're supposed to keep their distance, but Elisabeth knows that at some point they are going to need allies. And Felix is a given. bright.gif
03/13/12 Footsteps of Yesterday Magnes follows a lead and finds himself in possession of invaluable information. bright.gif
03/18/12 What Was Lost Arthur Petrelli is unhappy about Looking Glass' lack of progress and confronts Richard Schwenkman. bright.gif
03/20/12 Wooden Horses Peter approaches Kaylee about a possible alliance. bright.gif
03/24/12 Goddamn Petrellis bright.gif
03/30/12 Your Man Cave Needs a String Map Magnes has laid out visual aids, and they are starting to put together the new map of the landscape. Sort of. bright.gif
04/09/12 Orienteering bright.gif
04/17/12 Plan for the Future bright.gif
06/30/12 A Fundamental Need to Belong Postpartum blues and homesickness are not a good combination. bright.gif
07/06/12 Cassandra and Liz's Grand Day Out Taking the baby to the park, and Cassandra is a friend indeed. bright.gif
08/12/12 Bone Deep bright.gif
09/15/12 The New Chessboard Elisabeth introduces Felix and Cassandra to one another, getting her team ready on the board one step at a time. bright.gif
09/22/12 The Aleph, Part IV Magnes and Isabelle take a trip to Kansas University and come away with… way more than they could have imagined. bright.gif
04/17/18 Attempt #2 prime.gif
Antiques Roadshow Squeaks brings the CAMCORDER FROM ANOTHER UNIVERSE to the other Lighthouse Kids. Caspian hooks up some old equipment and they watch the tape… only to find someone else is watching them. prime.gif
Cthulhu Ate The Video Star After their harrowing viewing of the videotape, the LHK bring the tape to the adults - Kaylee and Gillian. prime.gif
05/11/18 Sounds from Another World Kaylee brings Mateo and Lynette a copy of a video that shows a different version of them in another world. prime.gif
05/21/18 Coming Home Again Kaylee tells her brother Richard what was on the tape… and a puzzle piece falls into place. Someone's coming home. prime.gif
06/03/18 Stranger Things Mateo and Lynette explain the nature of the Garden and alternate timelines to Silvia. The family comes up with a plan just in case the other thems make it into this world. prime.gif
That Wasn't a B-Movie Gillian and Squeaks bring the CAMCORDER FROM ANOTHER UNIVERSE to Barbara, who gets a glimpse of a heretofore-hidden piece of Company history… prime.gif
And Now…
2012-2013 The Price We Pay For Love Lynette attempts to adjust to a life after Mateo, but unknowingly has been found by another. bright.gif
Cheat The Devil bright.gif
Duets Ruiz and Odessa share music and stories. bright.gif
07/07/12 Stranger Dreams Eve sends Ruiz on the hunt for a painting. But doesn't tell him what he is destined to find there. bright.gif
07/12/13 Love and Great Buildings Ruiz reunites with Lynette, in a way. bright.gif
07/15/13 For the Both of Us Ruiz and Lynette try to work out their new, strange circumstances. bright.gif
08/12/13 No Place Like... Woods delivers good news to Odessa, who has some reservations. bright.gif
You're Nothing That You Seem A quirk of fate or collision of abilities causes Odessa Price to switch consciousnesses with Odessa Woods. It's a strange new world for them both. bright.gif
09/08/13 A Lot Like You bright.gif
The Long and Winding Road prime.gif
10/02/13 Plumbing the Depths Elisabeth decides to ask Kaylee to finally break down a barrier… and at the last minute decides otherwise. bright.gif
10/05/13 The Third Harmony bright.gif
Are You Near? Des notes the physical differences in her otherworld counterpart. bright.gif
10/06/13 Family Where You Find It prime.gif
10/08/13 Everything You Aren't bright.gif
10/11/13 Up In Harlem An interlude where Ruiz, Lynette and Des finally return to New York and reunite with Shaw and Isabelle. There's catching up to do. bright.gif
10/15/13 Cruel Angel's Hypothesis bright.gif
2013-2014 The Connection bright.gif
01/14-11/14 Comforts of Home prime.gif
02/01/14 Open Skies bright.gif
09/16/14 The Endless Circle of Love and Tragedy Cassandra takes a postcognitive look at David's wedding ring. bright.gif
11/08/14 One Little, Two Little Sacrifices must be made for the greater good. bright.gif
11/09/14 Borrowed Time Runs Out bright.gif
Bad Day bright.gif
Sometimes We Need The Lie Eileen is visiting Gabriel in jail and is reminded that sometimes one has to be strong even when they want to break down. bright.gif
Drowning in Our Own Tears Felix brings news of Liz Harrison's death to the woman who shares her face. bright.gif
11/11/14 Reflections of Darkness bright.gif
Pandora's Box bright.gif
11/15/14 Closer to the Edge bright.gif
11/16/14 How Far is Too Far? prime.gif
The Seventh Seal prime.gif
11/17/14 One Father to Another bright.gif
Infinie Magnes participates in getting the Looking Glass project online. The research team discusses theories of how solar activity affects and is involved with communication across timelines. They send out a song, an original composition by Magnes, but don't receive a response. Finally, they manage to get a peek into a world flooded with water. And then, the Looking Glass lab comes under a surprise attack. bright.gif
Phone Tag Kaylee and Luther go about their lives until the attack on Pinehearst Tower leads to a shake up in their own world. bright.gif
A Penny Saved... Hiro brings Liz out to Coyote Sands to meet with his father, who warns her of the imminent danger she and others are in. A pair of allies are recruited. Liz receives an important item, minted in 1982. bright.gif
11/19/14 Before the Dawn bright.gif
An Unknown Becomes Known Again bright.gif
For the Things I've Done prime.gif
11/20/14 Draw the Blinds prime.gif
How Far Ambition Goes bright.gif
11/21/14 An Echo of Thunder, Part II prime.gif
An Echo of Thunder, Part III prime.gif
Promises Kept prime.gif
11/25/14 Go Ask Alice prime.gif
Parallaxis bright.gif
Retrograde Motion prime.gif
11/26/14 Haunted Melodies prime.gif
06/05/18 The Call prime.gif
06/06/18 Keeping Secrets prime.gif
06/07/18 Mercy, Sometimes prime.gif
06/08/18 Let It Go Richard meets with the Zimmerman sisters to discuss a number of things - like a videotape from another world. prime.gif
06/12/18 Is It Real? prime.gif
Window of Opportunity Richard Ray holds a meeting with a number of particularly talented individuals… to take advantage of a singular window of opportunity to reach through worlds. prime.gif
06/13/18 Nothing There But Me Des is Odessa and Sera is Kara is Mara and Richard just wanted a shower. prime.gif
Is It Far? Odessa examines the physical differences of her otherworld counterpart. prime.gif
06/18/18 Happy Birthday, Here's Bad News Richard and Lynette meet to exchange information on the women from other times wandering their world. prime.gif
06/23/18 Old Man Trouble Lynette gives Robyn a copy of the video that shows Magnes lived through the Alaska incident. She also warns her about this new and dangerous Eileen. prime.gif
06/26/18 Eggshells Odessa from another time sends a message through Richard that she wants to see this world's Mateo. Problem being that she murdered her world's version. prime.gif
06/28/18 For the Things I'll Do prime.gif
Three Part Harmony Richard Ray brings a team out to the WRAY radio bunker. Some worldview-shattering discoveries are made. prime.gif
A Tree in the Woods prime.gif
Some of Us Had No Choice prime.gif
Designs for the Future prime.gif
06/29/18 Twice prime.gif
Nobility of Guilt prime.gif
And Now…
04/08/17 Changeling prime.gif
07/21/18 Smoldering Hearts prime.gif
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