In Dreams
Chapter Three: "In Dreams"

November 14, 2010 to January 2, 2010

Fifty miles from New York City in a relatively unknown safe haven, a young woman is found in a coma. Within the city itself people begin seeing the same young woman in their dreams. Recognized as a wanted fugitive, it's a race against time between the Ferrymen and the Institute to return the young woman to her body…
Date Scene Description
11/14/10 What Would You Do? Sami falls asleep in Brian's room and he's proven a little bit right. Meanwhile on the pier, the ghost meets Delia who reminds her what life looks like.
Girl, Interrupted Jaiden wakes up to a beautiful, yet cold, sunny morning and a comatose girlfriend.
11/15/10 Bridge Over Troubled Waters Smedley and Nick go to the infirmary to find a certain redhead with a supply list. When her boyfriend comes up short with a reason why she can't be woken up a ghost steps in and does the work for him.
11/16/10 Epitaph The wind calls out to Tess luring her into a place of fear and shadows, only to discover a concept of a man that she doesn't want to face.
11/17/10 The Harbinger Odessa is forced to face two of her biggest fears in a battle for her life while the dreamer looks for something she's lost.
Mountain Made of Hookers and Diamonds Delia visits the King of All to make an exchange. What he grants her is something more precious and fleeting than she had hoped.
11/18/10 Basement Conversations Abby goes to visit the secret safehouse and makes a grizzly discovery. She proves a friend by suggesting alternatives for the comatose patient's care.
The Red King The dreamer's travels take her to the Shadowlands where she meets Red King. He invites her to a game of chess that's interrupted by a serpent
Find the Best Vein After bringing Delia back into his own dreams, Dema tries to explain to the young dreamwalker his own lessons of the craft.
Beds Are Burning Brennan dreams of a past that's twisted and turned around. When he finally realizes what's going on, he finds out some disturbing things about a lost soul
11/19/10 Puzzle of Lies A broken angel's trials in deciphering truth from lies leads to a quest for the young dreamwalker. Uncertain but determined, she accepts a tool to guide her way.
11/20/10 The Cell In a cell of stone and straw, Dante converses with Delia before helping her to flee his own mind. Ever the trickster, the dreamwalker escapes again by using those three little words. Wake up now.
11/21/10 The Oracle's Hut Inside a house all covered in vines, live a woman and a panther who share a mind. They receive a visit from a dreamwalker kind.
Your Attention Is Needed Here Abby delivers the bad news to Benjamin about his youngest. He's baffled how people have managed to keep it a secret while she reassures him that he's doing the right thing by staying behind.
(Wo)Man-Hunt Brennan and Dante confer over what do do about the stray dreamwalker. While the doctor is quick to be merciful, the agent is suspicious but his firm stance seems to be wavering slightly.
The Island Russo gets a visit from an unexpected guest who shares some advice about how to mend a broken heart.
Should I Call You Angel Now? Cat and Elisabeth share coffee while dishing a few details about their visits.
11/22/10 How To Save A Lost Onieromancer Dr. Brennan approaches Dema to pick his brain about how to get Delia back to her body, if they can even find her body.
We Haves, We Havenots Thrust into the middle of a war, Jaiden finally finds Delia only to lose her one more time.
I Saw Her In A Dream Odessa comes to Dante with some information regarding a woman he's looking for.
The Interloper Someone interrupts the fledgling dreamwalker's journey to offer a helping hand, only to have Hokuto foil her dastardly plans.
11/23/10 The Prince and the Ogre Delia stumbles into the basement of what seems to be Santa's house and meets a boy who just wants to be set free.
The Highest Suit Lynette is called before a fickle court of cards, dealt by Dema.
Broken Heart Corner Dames - if they aren't in trouble, the are trouble.
Missing Persons An investigation is underway, and a detective talks to a key witness.
11/24/10 Drawing Lines Delia, Reuben, Matt, Molly, and Claire
11/25/10 An Army of Allies Delia and Reuben
11/26/10 Is It Secret, Is It Safe? Lynette and Ryans
The Monster and the Other Princess Delia and Reuben
A Fairy Queen's Tears Delia, Reuben, and Matt
The Dark Knight Delia and Toru
11/27/10 The Watery Tart Delia and Nicole
The Runaway Bride Delia and Keira
The Promise of a Thief Dante and Delia
The Emperor's Offer Delia and Dong-Tian
A Little Late Jaiden and Ryans
Shake Dat Ting Dante, Delia, Dong-Tian, Harmony, Nicole, Quinn, Russo, Tahir, and Xue
11/30/10 The Legend of Marshal Benjamin Ryans Dema and Ryans
12/01/10 Marshal Ryans and the Wayward Waif Ben finally catches up to Delia, or maybe she catches up to him. Either way, the father and daughter reunion is a little bittersweet.
The Sparrow's Poison The sparrow: A tiny brown bird that is often fearless in the face of danger, quite unlike a lion cub. Delia meets a young woman named Eibhlin who gives her not just a hand… but an arm.
12/02/10 The Wickerman Trapped in a place she doesn't want to be and tied to a man that cuts her like a knife, Huruma's only savior is the nothing beyond. But is she really ready for it?
Four And Twenty Black-Birds Of Bad Romance Brennan comes seeking some information and to pick the brains of Julie and Luis for possibly solution to the wayward dreamer. He finds out that things are a little more dire than he once imagined.
12/03/10 Grow Mushrooms While standing on a precipice in his life, Nick gets a bit of unsolicited advice from Delia on what he should be doing. It's a little too simple an answer really.
We're Not In Karakura Anymore, Magnes It's a meeting of the minds inside one with a little wiggle room. Hokuto calls court inside of Magnes, much to the displeasure of Dema who tries to give her a lesson in proper conduct. The audience bears witness to the power of the Nightmare Man when a musician is stolen away.
12/04/10 Kiss Like an Elephant Brian hears Samara's voice for the first time in a dream. They share a kiss before he's pulled back.
Scoot Over, Bitch Brian comes to do business with Delia's body. Yes. Peyton proves to be the voice of reason when she convinces him to stay.
12/05/10 The Dead Man's Tree The road to death is a lonely one… at least when you're not traveling. Gael is caught in a cage, sentenced for the crime of aiding the witches and moments before his lynching, he's freed by a traveler.
Ryans, The Sperm Donor These Ryans family reunions never seem to go right.. and daddy Ryans needs to stay away from women. Lucille finds Russo to ask him why he's making a public statement on his show about her sister.
12/06/10 Gray, Gloomy Day Brennan approaches a Clairvoyant - Peyton - who is either unwilling or truly just unable to help.
Rob In Hood, Woman In Tights Witch hangings and a female Robin Hood? What the hell?!! Abby, Cat, and Lydia are caught in a turning point when Delia's fears start mounting in the form of nightmares.
12/07/10 The Catalyst For every change there needs to be a cause, a catalyst. Sometimes, they're not as pretty or as nice as one would hope. Taking a page from the Big Book of Hokuto, Delia teaches Anna a valuable lesson while Clint tries to keep it from sticking.
12/08/10 We're Running Out Of Time Fast Cat shares what she knows about Delia's situation, what she's experienced firsthand, and what she fears might happen but Ben won't say a thing.
Do What You Do A bit of unintended advice goes a long long way as Danko finds himself the victim of a former groupie. A victim in tights.
12/09/10 Tell Her I'm Trying Dema catches up with Brennan to tell him where they stand and leaves the Doctor with trying to scrap together plan B.
12/10/10 Night Blooming The nom de plume of the woman who wears masks is a strange parallel to the ability that's captured Delia. Fear of Hokuto is what keeps her from ending everything once and for all but it doesn't stop her from teaching a bit of cartography.
12/12/10 The Tortoise and The Bear Bella becomes the victim of a half crazed and homeless dreamwalker. Her savior is someone that's as unlikely as the Easter bunny giving out Christmas gifts.
12/14/10 Delia's Gone Smedley's worst nightmare comes true. A past that he's managed to run away from haunts him in a nightmare and now someone else knows.
12/16/10 The Shadow Knows Cardinal from the future has all the answers that a young dreamwalker wants and or needs to hear. Temptation proves to be too much as deals are laid on the table.
12/17/10 Hidden Doors After Hokuto banishes Delia to safety, Delia finds herself not quite so safe after all. Tucked away in Jasmine's dreams are dangers a little more real than the doppelganger is wanting to face.
12/18/10 Am I Going To Regret It? Cardinal comes around to casa de Brennan to ask a favour while Brennan makes an inquiry himself.
12/19/10 Where I Have To Go Delia finds herself in a dreamscape not of her own creation. When Nick finds her, he tries to force her out but not before she gets to…
12/20/10 The Importance of Family Sometimes people who look alike are cut from different cloth. One word means vastly different things to two very dfferent men. Ohana means family, who leaves it behind?
12/21/10 Adrift Nick finds himself unwilling host to one of those guests that doesn't know when to leave, in fact, she's invited herself for an extended stay.
12/25/10 The White Room There's no snow, but Nick provides Delia with a white Christmas and he's got a plan to give her the best gift of all. Life.
A Slumber Party Nick won't be alone for Christmas after all, he finds, when he heads to Redbird to find Delia's body — and a reluctant Brian keeping guard.
12/27/10 Liars By Nature A friend will help you move. A best friend will help you move bodies. And if you marry that friend, they can't testify against you later.Nicole and Russo
12/29/10 Insomniac Vigil Nick and Russo have a little nightcap and a talk about Delia's situation, where she's been hiding, and if she's still there.
12/30/10 Consensus in Purgatorio Hokuto Ichihara debates with herself how best to handle her student.
12/31/10 Time To Say Goodbye Dema finds Delia in the recesses of Nick's dreaming mind. A vivid portrayal of something not real leads to the young man losing her— to the Institute.
01/01/11 Guest, Not Prisoner Dema attempts to teach Delia the rules of the house, his house. She's a little slower to grasp simple concepts mainly due to her own stubbornness.
01/02/11 With You I Will Leave, Part I Finding and retrieving a mind might be a little easier than it looks… as long as you have the help of a lawyer, a cowboy, and the human torch. Hokuto gathers the dreamers and sends them out with Jasmine while she keeps Dema occupied.
With You I Will Leave, Part II Away from the dream, two members of the Institute beseech the dreamer's brother for her body.
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