Liberty or Death
Chapter Two: "Liberty or Death"

???, 2011 to ???, 2011

Martial law remains a heavy burden on New York City. Robotic sentinels and hunters crawl through the ruinous remains to track down those who might hide there, on behalf of the government. Razor wire lines territories such as the wrecked southern half of Roosevelt Island, Hunter's Point, and the reclaimed territory of Staten Island. Soldiers move unchecked. It's a quickly tightening noose, but it's not an execution until everything is swinging.

March and onwards sees stories of Evolved oppression and the means and methods that the government take to see this through under the shadow of martial law and the attempt to reclaim order.

Or superiority.
Date Scene Description
03/06/11 Circumstances Heller demands an answer from Logan regarding his proposition related to Georgia Mayes' Resettlement Project.
03/09/11 Afternoon Delight Delia sells her soul, for a chance to relieve her father of a debt and the scent of a Logan.
03/10/11 Unloading When she finally gets around to her mission, Delia finds more than just supplies. There's an ear too.
03/12/11 Conductive How many questions the government has for Brian Fulk is in opposition with how many answers he's willing to give.
03/16/11 Riding In Cars With Strangers Koshka tries to be a law abiding citizen, but the law apparently has other plans.
03/19/11 The Future of Coyote Sands On a question for answers, the cast and crew of 'The Advocate' get in over their heads.
Dead to Rights Running from the accident at Coyote Sands, the 'Advocate' crew are forced to split up in an effort to evade government forces.
03/20/11 Who is Red Knight? Locked up in an unknown facility, shadowy government types pose questions to the crew of the Advocate, and receive some telling answers.
Tea and Biscuits Weathervanes, bullets and questions. These things and more are bargained for between two men in different positions.
03/21/11 The Scoobies Reconvene Called together by Sable, many of the Ferry's scouts gather together at the Bay House to discuss their opinions on two properties.
A Fucking Awful Way Logan and Caliban Muldoon inform one another of immediately impending life changes.
The Deep End Always go swimming with a partner.
03/22/11 Not Her Favourite Person Audrey is up and about and taking charge of her investigation and that means moving Remi to some place more secure, much to Remi's dislike.
Living In Sin
Communication Francois summons the available Ferry council to make a request.
So Far, It's Co-Inciding Investigations into the Sylar sighting at the Gala start off with Graeme.
03/23/11 Nothing Is Ever Off The Record Especially when it deals with terrorists. Elisabeth is questioned after she's asked for by Remi and because of her association with the telepath.
03/24/11 Unscathed, So Far Jaiden comes bearing his personal files for a meeting with Audrey, even though she already has them and subjects him to many questions.
In All Truthfulness Once Remi is safe on Staten Island, Cooper and Audrey pay her a little visit to talk. No one could have predicted what would come of it.
03/25/11 To Catch A Tiger By The Toe In the wake of Remi's confession, something is hatched and ygraine walks right into it, despite her best intentions.
King And Queen Of The Mountain Ygraine's gone and Audrey and Cooper look over a video of what Ygraine did during her interview and set another trap in motion. One that both of them, hope won't actually be sprung.
03/26/11 Intelligence and Warm Bodies Vital information that might save two of the Disappeared, offers of aid… and a good deal of embarassment for Graeme.
03/27/11 You Know It's A Trap Liz brings information on the movement of key people.
Precautions and Traps Ryans pulls the council together to talk about his daughter and a potential trap.
03/28/11 Invisible Tape Delilah and Sable discover that between Liberty or Death, there is a grey area.
03/29/11 The Care of Freedom "History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid." Dwight David Eisenhower
03/30/11 Dismantling A Life The escape route has to be planned in advance.
Plans on Top of Plans The discussion of contingency plans continues.
03/31/11 The Deep End of the Pool Right on in, feet first.
Oh, Shit Not the warmest of greetings, but a fair response to the situation.
Life Gutted, Check She finally tells the one person who'll be most pissed.
04/01/11 The Fear of Tomorrow It's too damn late to do anything about it.
Follow Your Conscience … And if you do, cover your ass.
04/02/11 Gingerbread Men I The Ferry descend upon a convoy carrying Judah Demsky, but things are not always what they seem and there's surprises for everyone involved.
Gingerbread Men II The Ferry attempt to rescue Scott Harkness from the governments hands on Staten Island. But there's surprises all around for both the Ferry, FRONTLINE and the soldiers just doing their jobs.
The Moment of Truth Exodus from a life.
Triangulate Daphne returns from her long, long journey
04/04/11 Concentrate On The Moment The aftershocks are still hitting.
Facilitating Miracles Francois and Eileen reaffirm their commitments.
Rough Times Ahead Emerson and Curtis assess where they stand.
Red Queen's Croquet Field Jane wanted to see where the rabbit hole went….
04/05/11 Herding Cats Might Be Easier Lene visits the Endgame safehouse with information regarding one Frenchwoman in custody.
04/06/11 Time Marches On A recently awoken council member is visited by another.
04/07/11 Pushernoia A star strangled Ferrymen network is one prone to pushing back. Two councilmembers reflect on an upcoming meeting and their own positions with regards to it. One is going, one is not.
Acting In The Dark Elisabeth and Ygraine talk of things.
Life Itself Is A Gamble … sometimes you win and sometimes you don't. All gamblers know the House usually wins.
04/08/11 Exodus 21.23-24 Eileen Ruskin of the network's organizational council calls a meeting to address the Ferrymen's Special Activities division regarding possible retaliatory measures against the U.S. government.
Dumbass Luck … brings two acquaintances together, and may, as Delilah suggests, be the downfall of the government in the end.
04/09/11 The Right Things To Say A first draft is begun for grassroots.
A Second Pair of Eyes Elisabeth brings the script draft to be looked over.
Breadcrumbs, Part I While exploring the world just outside of Eltingville Blocks, Brian, Koshka and Sable discover evidence of a world at a much, much greater distance.
Breadcrumbs, Part II An exploration turned raid is cut short when thieves are forced to run for their lives.
Disconnected A long overdue conversation offers some closure and many apologies but no lessening of guilt.
When They Come For Me …I'll be gone.
04/12/11 The New Face of War Going back to the Revolutionary War and grassroots tactics… can it really work? Inciting them to march?
04/15/11 Take Backs Koshka returns what does not belong to her.
04/17/11 Saying It Out Loud Words have power.
04/18/11 Keep Staying Alive A FRONTLINE officer surprises her former boss.
04/19/11 Bacon To Go A speedster is invited to an actual home cooked breakfast but balks at the offer before getting a little more than a taste.
There's Always A Market You can't bring Eltingville Blocks to the girl, but you can bring the girl to Eltingville Blocks. For a fee.
04/20/11 Be Safe, Be Smart Finding another relaxing, Emerson continues to gauge the feelings of her teammates.
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