Manifest Destiny
Chapter One: "Manifest Destiny"

Crito Corporate is one of the largest biotech firms in the world dealing with the bleeding-edge field of biocybernetics. As they rise within their field, competitors like Praxis Heavy Industries and Yamagato Industries are forced to take notice. But Crito Corporate is so much more than a European conglomerate and its end goals are greater than the sum of its many parts…
Date Scene Description
07/04/18 The Patient As America's forces close in on Fort Irwin, one lone researcher is given a new directive: extraction.
07/04/18 Asset 78 ???
07/23/18 Humanis Falls - Post Credits A stakeholder and his loyal manservant come to collect.
12/05/18 Much Improved Tibby Ole Naidu is given a second chance, but at what cost?
…And Now
Date Scene Description
4/4/19 Do Your Research Only recently being reintroduced to the Safe Zone Tibby, unknowingly runs into a face from her past.
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