Messiah Complex
Chapter Two: "Messiah Complex"

???, 2010 to ???, 2010

With _messiah coming out of the shadows, violence shocks New York City as the Evolved and the government begin clashing in the open, but the violence that marks the beginning of the summer is only the shape of things to come. Messiah's plan to change the world may not be as far-fetched as it seems.
03/10 If You're Not With Us …you're against us.
03/31 Fortis Est Veritas Truth Is Strength: Claire Bennet is sought out by Knox, who turns her preconceptions of the group MESSIAH on its ear.
04/01 What We're Fighting For When Allen Rickham surprises Gillian with a conversation, she's given something unexpected to think about…
04/05 No One Calls Him Ashley When the Institute moves to recapture a Moab escapee, members of the elusive group Messiah emerge to lend a helping hand.
04/12 Like Watchmen Magnes Varlane finds himself face to face with a man who is almost exactly as awkward as how the world views him. It is sobering.
The Cold Comfort of Faith Knox gets in touch with Ash after his rescue and makes him an offer…
04/15 He Sent Me A game of hunter and prey carries on in the labyrinthine tunnels beneath Midtown, and Knox comes to deliver a message to Huruma…
05/06 Not a Game Something that Ash doesn't think Thalia understands, but she understands all to well.
05/07 47 hours, 32 Minutes Duty never sleeps.
05/20 The Good We Do When the plan to repair the hastily worsening weather finally comes to a close, one organization that has been waiting to get their hands on Liette makes a valiant effort to secure her secrets about the Institute.
And Now…
05/25 Fade to White Peter Petrelli repays a debt to Cardinal for saving the world, and takes an unspoken additional payment in the form of Gillian Childs.
05/26 Fuzzy Recollection After the healing of Richard Cardinal, Gillian Childs finally awakens in Manhattan, in the home of Rupert Carmichael, with a very fuzzy memory.
06/08 White Knight in Shining Armor Harrison gets visitor while hiding in the Brooklyn Library.
06/10 Return Policy Peter comes to discuss something with Melissa and makes an offer for her to follow him into the most dangerous rabbit hole ever, or return to her ordinary life. Messiah's return policy is somewhat unusual.
The Path to Hell Messiah's membership is called together for the first time.
Invincible Eileen shares part of her vision with Gabriel, who in turn shares with her the secret of MESSIAH's leadership.
06/11 Pissing off the Pain Girl Ash and Melissa discuss Messiah, birthdays and murder.
06/12 This Is My Surprised Face Claire touches base with her boss and gives him a rundown on what she's learned so far, and tells him about the vision she was given.
06/13 I Didn't Know Her, But... On Peter's request, Thalia Ashford comes to talk with him, and he offers her some peace of mind about Isabelle.
The Novice and the Veteran Melissa and Harrison discuss the evolved, Messiah, and training.
06/14 Stop Looking So Surprised Abigail visits Magnes to find out the truth behind the red scarf.
Eaves Dropper Rebel has unfortunate news for Rupert.
06/15 A Measure of Trust Peter meets with Ash and Mel and the trio talk about Messiah and the Institute and the problems they're already facing.
New Legacies Faron Mathers is sought for enlistment into Messiah, his unlikely recruiter one Pericles Jones.
Playing the Game Melissa questions Peter about Messiah, the past, and the present, then leaves him speechless.
Rebel Red A conversation with Abigail yields some disturbing revelations for Ryans. He in turn warns off Abby from bringing anyone else to them, for their own safety.
Pawns Summoned to the Carmichael Manor, Magnes Varlane finds himself plotting with the tactician of Messiah.
06/16 Arrangements Magnes comes to Eileen with what he feels is valuable information and presents to her a request.
He Followed Me Home... Richard Cardinal follows Sarisa Kershner home to question her about a multitude of events, while Sarisa makes good on her information about the Institute and makes Cardinal a dangerous offer…
Up Front On an evening shift, Abigail Beauchamp corners Peter Petrelli about his connection to Messiah in a very clear manner.
The First Rule of Fight Club Ash begins to teach Harrison some basics when it comes to fighting…Melissa joins…for a little while at least
Legitimate Targets The definition is sometimes a little fuzzy. The Remnant meets to discuss what to do about Messiah and Sylar before conversation takes an unexpected turn, as conversations are wont to do.
06/17 Wolves and Sheep Melissa and Huruma circle each other while talking about Messiah.
Cliff Notes Melissa pays a visit to Messiah's tactician, and things don't go quite how she expects.
06/23 Two Things Discretion is the word of the day when Rupert Carmichael makes two very important requests of Laura Morgan.
To The False Prophets One night in Midtown, Richard Cardinal runs into a face from the past, retracing old footsteps.
06/26 A Precipice in Front, Wolves Behind Catherine and Eileen meet with Rupert to discuss a very tentative allegiance between Messiah and the Ferry.
Rebel is not a Pervert After the concert, Magnes is far weaker, and then he has a message for Rebel as he discusses the future with Elaine.
06/30 Duty Never Sleeps Despite having said he's out of the organization, Magnes Varlane finds himself dragged back into Messiah by an unexpected visitor.
Chasing Shadows Requesting a piece of sensitive information from the Company, Richard Cardinal unexpectedly finds himself involved in a conspiracy to hide the secrets of the Formula in a most unusual way…
Efficient Messiah unites to complete an assignment that takes them out to Montana and they discover just how lethal acting as a team can be.
Loss of Innocence In the aftermath of her first Messiah mission, Melissa mourns the loss of something she didn't know she valued.
07/01 Building 26 When Messiah, the leader of Endgame and a Company agent unexpectedly converge on the holding location of Niklaus Zimmerman, chaos ensues.
Purged by Fire Messiah travels to Chicago Illinois to take down a suspected viral production facility.
07/02 Sorry I Called Melissa calls Peter for help, and he decides to clean up her mess.
07/05 Terrorist Support Group Melissa gathers fellow Messiah newcomers to discuss themselves, their powers… and their difficulties.
Your Turn Melissa seeks a meet with Gabriel, then fights not to get off subject.
Night Court Harrison's has a nasty nightmare due to his first mission with Messiah
07/06 Armor Peter comes to Helena, not knowing why and finds someone who is willing to teach him what it means to feel again.
It Should Matter Melissa runs into Ash at the Messiah headquarters, and topics like murder, innocence and kissing come up.
07/07 Welcome to Hell, Population Us After rescuing Ling from the Institute, Melissa, Peter and Knox try to get information from her, and convince her to hide out for a while from common enemies.
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