Secret Wars
Chapter Two: "Secret Wars"

August 15, 2009 to ???, 2010

Alliances shift with mercurial ease when the balance of power in the United States is drastically altered in one violent night and a series of shadow battles between the US Government and rebel factions begins. Former bitter enemies become allies against a common foe, forces gather in the dark to commit to a plot generations in development, and a shadow rises within the Institute that threatens to pull back the curtain on their Grand Work.
08/15 Of Sigrun and Skogul Two small satellites take up their places amongst the vast numbers of things circling the Earth. One person is forced to notice.
06/23 Sparks Hana Gitelman and the conglomerate entity known as Rebel confront one another and Rebel makes a difficult request of Hana.
07/02 The Unexpected Houseguest Richard Cardinal invites an impromptu guest over to Elisabeth Harrison's apartment…
07/07 All Expenses Paid Richard Cardinal finds himself confronted with an unsettling truth when Niklaus confesses his work for the Institute, while a message from a long-lost mentor arrives unexpectedly.
07/27 His Father's Son Mortimer Jack's life has been a lie and the Institute has come to deliver unto him the truth and turn him to their cause.
08/04 Paint Me Hope Eve Mas' fate at the hands of the Institute is revealed…
08/26 Interdepartmental Cooperation, Part IV Preparation for the August 31st deadline of mandatory non-evolved registration happens, with various departments mingling in Matthew Parkman's office and a plan put in place on many fronts.
And Now…
09/01 Other Side of the Line In the early morning, Benjamin Ryans reflects on what happened the night before, when the Company fell and the lives of his friends ended one by one around him.
Those Who Fight Further With the other Company refugees, Lashirah Lee considers her situation and her future and determines that there is still a job to be done.
Aiming for Ravens Catherine Chesterfield and Alia Chavez discuss a remaining piece of a dangerous puzzle in place following the fall of the Company, and the destruction of the Company's tracking system becomes Alia's primary project.
Just Stop Following Matthew Parkman's psychic onslaught in Magnes Varlane's mind, Kaylee Anne Thatcher brings members of the Ferrymen Council to the damaged gravitokinetic in hopes of repairing the damage done, or at least understanding it.
The Ware Opening Following his terrible realization about the possible true agenda of Rupert Carmichael, Richard Cardinal goes to seek help from Matthew Parkman, unaware that the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security has a harrowing revelation of his own.
Blood and Water Coming to Melissa with concerns about his own family following the fall of the Company, Peter Petrelli instead finds himself confronted with Melissa Pierce's own problems.
09/02 A Thankless Job Lynette Rowan finds herself greeted by the medic who helped tend to her injuries on Staten Island, and he comes bearing an offer to join the cause of Messiah and strike back at the people who harmed her.
The Distance of Friend and Foe Noah Bennet brings the issue of the Company refugees to the attention of the Ferrymen Council, and a decision is finally made regarding whether the network will aid them or not.
09/03 Daddy's Home Long separated following the fall of the Company, Benjamin Ryans is reunited with his daughter Delia in the care of the Ferrymen Network.
Someday You Will Learn What 'Delegate' Means Struggling to put the pieces of the future together so that he can see the full puzzle for what it really is, Richard Cardinal finds solace in the comfort of Elisabeth Harrison as they discuss the dark times prophesied to come.
09/05 Not A Plan Searching for a way to access the Company's tracking system now that it is in the hands of the Institute, D.Crypt finds herself confronted by the technopath K.Apila who warns her not to over-stretch her bounds.
09/09 An Organisation with Secrets Members of the Commonwealth Institute's New York branch meet under the direction of Desmond Harper to receive their marching orders. Some are more pleased with their appointments than others.
Prophets And Progeny In his offices at the Department of Homeland Security, Secretary Parkman finds himself confronted by the presence of Simon Broome, who delivers a harrowing vision of the future and a warning to Matthew about his son.
The Weight of Choices Made Months after his deal with the Devil, Doctor Harve Brennan is finally approached by an agent of the Commonwealth Institute, and is given an offer he cannot refuse.
What World We Live In A proxy of Eileen Ruskin comes to Matthew Parkman and the topic of the damage done to Magnes Varlane is brandished about like a weapon.
09/10 Extreme Ways On the run from the government, a former Company Agent returns to New York City.
Strangled By The Strings Attached Bella Sheridan finds the Institute winding its fingers around the strings attached to her old employment on Staten Island…
Terrorism And Flowers Rarely Go Together An offer of kindness from Melissa Pierce to Edgar Smythe gives the wayward former inmate of Moab a place to call his own.
09/12 Unwanted Revelations Benjamin Washington — Knox — arranged for a clandestine meeting with Catherine Chesterfield to discuss something that has the man who grows stronger by other people's fear afraid himself.
Voluntary Permission Agent Audrey Hanson brings Tracy Strauss into the office to discuss the piece of Argentinean robotics in her possession.
09/13 Lazarus Denied The Institute makes an attempt to revive someone decades since passed.
Going Down With The Ship Faced with the impending possibility of a raid on Gun Hill, safehouse operator Lynette Rowan approaches the Ferrymen for advice on how to handle the situation and those people in her care.
09/14 Picking Up A Loyal Agent Benjamin Ryans reconnoiters with Henry Webb and the old team is slowly brought back together again.
09/14 The Wrong Side of the Glass Thanks to Sarisa Kershner's help, Francois Allegre has managed to get his foot in the door at the Commonwealth Institute in the hopes of being able to track down and rescue Teodoro Laudani from their clutches.
Forgetting to Look Back Spending the week in the mountains, Richard Cardinal trains with the Horizon armor while mentally reviewing what the future requires of him… but he forgets to look back.
09/14 Underpromotion With a seed of doubt planted in his mind about Rupert Carmichael, Peter Petrelli tries to make arrangements with Edgar Smythe to keep him out of Rupert Carmichael's clutches.
09/15 The Philosopher's Stone Lapis philosophorum, the white stone, the elixir of life, it went by many names in the ancient world. A mythical substance sought after by alchemists the world over for its mystical properties, it is the definition of something sought for at any cost that can never truly be found…
09/16 Steel's Legacy Desmond Harper comes to the Shalegate Machine Factory to make a delivery to Warren Ray; weapons to be designed for a war to come.
09/17 Psycho Murderers Are Okay, But I Draw The Line At Rapists Warren Ray approaches Richard Cardinal and Elisabeth Harrison about working out a deal together, much to everyone's chagrin.
Counterconspiracy Huruma and Ling Chao are approached by Richard Cardinal, warning them that Rupert Carmichael may not be the man he seems…
Clandestine, For Now …which leads Ling to reveal to Melissa Pierce the secret she learned.
09/18 In For A Penny, In For A Pound Tired of sitting idle, Benjamin Ryans offers to help the collective of the Gun Hill safehouse any way he can, and much to Lynette Rowan's surprise, the former Company agent has more skills than just shooting and apprehending.
09/19 Security Compromised Edgar Smythe delivers the message given to him by Peter to Richard Cardinal at his place of work.
09/20 One Foot On The Gallows Trying to leverage information that could benefit Francois Allegre (and her own agenda), Sarisa Kershner leans down threateningly on Abigail Beauchamp.
09/21 Guiding Lights Casting Shadows At the request of Edgar, Richard Cardinal meets up with Peter on the rooftop of the Deveaux Building, and the two unite over a common enemy and a common goal — making martyrs.
Meant to Be Peter Petrelli comes to Abigail Beauchamp's new business to inform her that she may not see him again, and leaves a warning that dangerous times are on the horizon. What he wanted to say goes unsaid.
Always Comes Down Former Company agent Corbin Ayers and Company agent come Institute agent Odessa cross paths…
09/24 We'll Have Our Cake and Eat It Too... What started as a birthday celebration turns into a night of decisions for Elle Bishop and Warren Ray…
No You Won't …Until Desmond Harper makes the decision for them.
09/25 Going Swimming Melissa Pierce and Ling Chao approach Kaylee Thatcher to try and determine if they have been mentally compromised.
09/27 Lifeguards When paths cross in the Suresh Center — some coincidenal, some premeditated — Veronica is offered a secret assignment; the more things change, the more they stay the same.
No Need to Pretend Elle Bishop reflects on what was done to Warren Ray and makes a personal decision regarding her life.
Where Rebels Dare People from Messiah, Endgame and the Ferrymen come together to meet Rebel and hear his plan for their survival.
A Lack of Trust Melissa tries to see where Rebel stands regarding Rupert, but both leave not quite knowing if trust is deserved.
09/28 Eyes and Ears Parkman recruits Veronica for a special assignment. Veronica is humored by Parkman's inability to construct an appropriate or coherent analogy to explain said assignment.
One Big Walking Human Error Elle Bishop and Warren Ray reunite, despite Harper's orders.
We Need a Giant Slingshot In the wake of Rebel's meeting in the park, Richard Cardinal proposes a dangerous construction to Warren Ray.
09/29 Bad Bishop In chess, a bad bishop is a bishop piece which is hemmed in by the player's own pawns. — Richard Cardinal and Desmond Harper are trying to determine which side of the board their bad bishop belongs on.
Familiar Ground Where the future is concerned, one cannot have enough contingency plans.
Make the Right Choice When Melissa Pierce confronts her uncle, the Operations Director of the Department of Homeland Security, she is confronted in turn by a choice.
Nothing's Guaranteed Acting as her legal counsel, Catherine Chesterfield visits Melissa in lockup at DHS headquarters, but makes no guarantees.
The Old Haunt Peter and Rupert check in on one of Messiah's new transfers in Griffin, while Peter revisits a place teeming with old memories.
09/30 Then You'll Be Free Cardinal informs Elle of the deal made for her freedom.
Self-Inflicted As part of an agreement arranged with the Institute, Desmond Harper has Elle Bishop's memories erased and leaves her in the care of Richard Cardinal.
Where Credit is Due At the request of Jason Piece, Matt Parkman talks to the newest prisoner of DHS, and she manages to offend him.
Nobody Said We Couldn't Remind You After their recent encounter with the Haitian, Cardinal and Elle return to Redbird to discuss recent developments with Liz.
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