Chapter Four: "Severance"

May 23, 2010 to ???, 2010

Following a series of difficult trials and conflicts with the government, the Company faces its greatest challenge yet when tighter restrictions and further sanctions against their actions come alongside difficult new orders, that they will be working side-by-side with a member of the _institute.
Part One: Prologue
05/23 Everybody Works With Everyone Assistant-Director Benjamin Ryans calls two new agents — Carlos Dante Lupinetti and Isabella Dawson — into his office to explain to them the ins and outs of the investigative department and help them acclimate to their surroundings.
06/01 Junior is a Derogatory Term With a lull in case work, the Company's agents struggle to recover from their heavy losses in the last several months. During this time, two new agents to the investigative department, Albert Rossling and Elizabeth Messer try to get acclimated to their new co-workers, while DHS liaison Desmond Harper seems to only be making that transition harder on everyone.
06/07 Actually Serious Desmond Harper comes into Benjamin Ryans' office to discuss the matter of Luke Campbell and his current incarcerated status, and he hands the Company a length of rope by which it can hang itself.
06/10 Red Flags A conversation with Desmond Harper raises several for two Company agents when they are asked to perform an unexpected service in exchange for a future employment opportunity…
06/12 No Can Do The Company's lack of clout has never been more frustrating for one agent. Greater security measures on the Company's information are also set in place.
06/13 The Truth of It Ryans clues in Veronica on just how deep they are buried in the Company's problems.
06/15 Rebel Red A conversation with Abigail Beauchamp yields some disturbing revelations for Ryans. He in turn warns off Abby from bringing anyone else to them, for their own safety after the topic of Darren Stevens is raised.
06/17 Fingers in the Dyke When Agent Sawyer is confronted by Richard Cardinal she finds herself poised with the difficult task of taking down a powerful and influential enemy: The Institute.
Part Two: Bound by Blood
05/27 What the Hell Just Happened? The first night club reopening after the extended winter draws all kinds of people looking to unwind, but an unexpected medical emergency leads to a slew of questions.
06/10 Bound By Blood Company agents tumble across a robbery at the Coler-Goldwater Hospital on Staten island of a strange kind that leaves them all unconscious and the robbers getting away.
06/21 Deconstruction, Part I The Company's Investigations team struggles to make ends meet when their lead archivist and assistant director are unexpectedly called out of state to handle an internal matter.
06/22 It Fits While Agent Delgado and Agent Anderson track down relatives of two suspects, it's a lackey who comes with something important.
06/23 Small Town America Three Company Agents, with Private Investigator Rebecca Nakano in tow, head out to Pleasantville New York to follow up on a lead.
06/24 Bound By Blood II When one of the suspects teleports into a hospital, Veronica and Allison are sent to get as much information as they can about the girl in the hopes that it might help catch the brother.
Bound By Blood III At a blood drive outside St. John's, some people try to stop a theft of blood, and save others from getting hurt.
06/30 Can We Say Lawsuit? In an attempt to track down Jacob Stack, Isabella and Flora head into the ruins and end up apologizing; One of them at least.
07/02 Bound By Blood IV It's a showdown at the Stack Farmstead, with surprises lurking in the back yard and in the end, an ever more bigger surprise for one agent.
07/05 Welcome To Midland A fresh start in a familiar town for Mary-Anne Stack.
Part Three: Chimera
06/15 Barghest After an unusual corpse is pawned off on delivered to Fort Hero for examination, the unpleasant findings are related to Assistant Director Ryans.
06/20 Tithonus An unsettlingly warped human body is reported to the NYPD, who are largely content to dump the problem on DHS shoulders — the better not to be the ones envisioning what the deceased endured.
06/21 Deconstruction, Part I The Company's Investigations team struggles to make ends meet when their lead archivist and assistant director are unexpectedly called out of state to handle an internal matter.
06/25 No Polyidus Agent Sawyer comes knocking on the door of the waitress from the O Lounge, but while she's a very obliging young woman, no leads jump out and present themselves.
06/26 A Snake's Tail Dr. Ahlgren provides Agent Sawyer with the results of all analyses from the Ritchie crime scene.
06/28 A Goat's Hide Agent Sawyer comes to interview — and arrest — the suspect who was identified from DNA found at the Ritchie crime scene.
06/29 Sphinx The day after the primary suspect is taken into custody, another victim is found. So much for suspects.
07/03 The Grim-Eyed Lion Members of the Company (and one uninvited guest) share evidence and address the fact that one of their own is involved.
Chimera Cornered Agent Sawyer tracks down Nicolas Ahlgren to confront him about the implicating evidence. It doesn't exactly go as expected.
07/04 A Rain of Ashes After the suicide of Nicolas Ahlgren, various Company employees disagree on what to do with his story and the material he left behind…
Girl Gone Boy Scout …and when the decision is finally made, agent Sawyer makes a life-changing decision.
06/27 The Devil At The Crossroads Unlikely forces converge on a place that does not exist, to find the meaning of the future buried beneath the ground.
The Devil In The Details After skeletons of the past are dug up, Robert Bishop comes to try and make a plea for the future.
07/02 Falling Down Benjamin Ryans must help a father protect his daughter from the inevitable.
07/06 Disciplinary Measures Days following the incident at the Stack farm, Martin Crowley meets with Isabella Dawson about her status…
07/09 Blame the Periwinkle Van Following his escape from the Institute in Washington, Benjamin Ryans wearily returns to New York City.
07/12 Personal Research Corbin Ayers reaps the consequences for his on-the-side project involving the Company archives.
07/14 Side Projects Turns out Corbin isn't the only one with 'personal research' going on; after getting caught, he gets just thrown deeper in.
Part Four: Interception
07/03 Transmission When a psychotic man storms into the Crown Heights Police Station, a panicked warning falls on deaf ears in a city already rocked by a series of dramatic precognitive visions of the future…
07/14 The Incident An unexplained incident at Hamilton Heights Apartments causes the disappearance of a young woman and sends neighboring residents fleeing from a plot involving the dangerous Commonwealth Institute.
Without a Trace Company agents and one cautious observer descend on Hamilton Heights in order to ascertain what kind of power could have made half of an apartment building disappear…
07/19 Deconstruction II Two highly-visible cases are brought onto the Company's radar during an important meeting in Fort Hero.
07/20 Sympathetic Allison Richards and Gracie Lee venture out to the Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital in the hopes of reaching out to Darryl Lincoln and finding out what he knows about the Incident at Hamilton Heights Apartments.
Tricky Ricky and the Heart of Gold Company agents find that the curious tie to the curious tie to the Hamilton Heights incident is a personal matter to their criminal informant.
07/23 High Value Target, Part I On investigating Darryl Lincoln's apartment, Benjamin Ryans and Lashirah Lee discover a dangerous secret.
High Value Target, Part II Allison collects Darryl from the mental hospital, but the Institute intervenes, and Ryans and Lashirah come to the rescue.
Conscientious Objector When a meeting between Agent Sawyer and a witness of the incident at Hamilton Heights is arranged by a third party it does not go over well.
07/25 Not A Company Trap Ryans sits down with Abby to discuss a few matters, mainly Darren Stevens and 'the' list retrieved from Darryl Lincoln's apartment.
07/26 Gains The Company's Assistant Director meets with the mysterious 'King of Swords' to talk about the woman that is next on the Institute's list.
07/27 To The Source, Part I Jensen Raith attempts to get in contact with a target of the Institute, only to realize that the situation has become far more complicated than he realizes.
To The Source, Part II Somehow, somewhere, Darryl Lincoln searches for the source of the three-beat pulse he's been hearing for over a year in his head… and it leads agent Ryans and Lee into the heart of the Ruins of Midtown and a confusing discovery.
07/31 Much Deserved Answers Following the death of Darryl Lincoln, Benjamin Ryans discusses the threat that the Commonwealth Institute represents with two of his most trusted confidants.
Part Five: Cult of Personality
07/12 Devotion A bus crossing Manhattan is held up by an unlikely robber, putting ordinary citizens in harm's way to defuse the situation.
07/15 Zeal The Company gets called in to investigate an armed robbery committed for unclear reasons by the child of a Congresswoman.
07/19 Deconstruction II Two highly-visible cases are brought onto the Company's radar during an important meeting in Fort Hero.
07/21 In His Name Allison Richards uses her power to learn more about Wiley Schnook and his involvement in Josie DeVries' bus robbery.
07/23 Who Doesn't Need Warm Fuzzies? Corbin investigates the offices and members of the (r)Evo-lutionaries Fellowship.
07/26 When A Leader Speaks Company agents and inquiring minds go to hear the wise words of Wiley Schnook — and some find themselves convinced, despite their better reason.
07/27 Restoration Lydia meets with Wiley Schnook, and the two restore hope in one another.
Fortuneteller's Instincts Outside of Wiley Schnook's "compound", Corbin interviews a fortuneteller and has a strange reason for trusting her instincts.
07/29 Epiphany Sometimes the "too good to be true" really are good, the Company finds out when confronting the Fellowship on its crimes.
07/31 A Hurt, Lost, and Blinded Fool Betrayed by his best friend and his belief in himself shaken, Wiley Schnook closes up shop.
07/13 Components, Interlude Simon Broome and Desmond Harper discuss plans for the future, including the fate of one former Company agent.
07/25 Familiar Masks Returning from her assignment in Chicago, Elle Bishop finds herself confronted with something unexpected from her father.
07/27 Crazy Nuts When Elle Bishop runs into Mortimer Jack in the ruins of Midtown, he finds the blonde Company agent no where near as friendly as he might have expected. In her desire to curry favor with her father, Elle unexpectedly earns favor with the Institute…
07/29 Hard Lives, Hard People Desmond Harper has two things to offer Elle Bishop — truth and respect. It's a measured gift.
08/01 You Can Never Go Home Again On a trip up to the Bishop summer home, Elle and Bob's destructive family relationship disintegrates.
08/04 The Bloody Good Guys Martin Crowley drops by the clinic at Gun Hill to deliver a grim warning to the attending physician.
08/05 Double Agent Elle Bishop finally makes up her mind about the Institute and her future.
08/12 Undercover Offer Elle approaches Ryans as she was asked to do and offers herself to be an undercover agent.
Too Insane to Care In her search for Odessa, Elle tracks down Molly Walker, and finds that she likes the girl more than she thought she would.
08/14 Not Ever For Good Elle Bishop goes searching for a missing friend and finds instead a body. She thinks.
08/16 Game, Set, Match Elle Bishop comes to Desmond Harper for answers, and finds more than she asked for…
08/18 Motivations Across New York, the agents of the Company deal in different ways with the changing face of their organization and the difficulties of their lives.
The Ninth Circle After an encounter with Elle, Dante Lupinetti comes to renegotiate the terms of his arrangement with Desmond Harper, not having realized just who he made that deal with…
Part Six: Fear
08/04 What You Bring With You The Company comes ot investigate a high-profile murder in the Rookery while FRONTLINE provides security. When Law-Enforcement presence is met with violence, all hell breaks out.
08/09 Deconstruction III Two of the most high-profile investigations the Company has ever handled are leveled on their shoulders, while Desmond Harper picks apart the Company's procedures.
08/17 Nothing Can Be Secret Forever Allison and Bianca question the Widow Portman, and the case of the senator's death gets more and more interesting
A Working Girl's Job … ain't ever easy. But for Agents Sawyer and Buckley, their undercover interview with another undercover agent yields some answers and more questions.
08/20 What You Give It Three Company agents descend on dog-fights to question a suspect in the death of Senator Portman and discover far more than they expected.
08/24 Illicit Contacts Agents Buckley, Richards and Sawyer contact a woman connected to the death of Senator Portman traced through a phone number found in the Senator's possessions. What she knows winds up turning the case upside down.
Part Seven: Squeeze
06/03 Twitchy Three individuals in Prospect Park converge for different purposes at a soup line and get a slight taste of what the local populace is like.
07/30 Squeeze In the wee hours of Friday morning, a murder happens, leaving Law Enforcement and the Company wondering who did it… and how?
08/04 What's Wrong? Elle is called in to discuss her actions at a crime scene. His reaction isn't anything like she'd expected.
08/09 Deconstruction III Two of the most high-profile investigations the Company has ever handled are leveled on their shoulders, while Desmond Harper picks apart the Company's procedures.
Internal Matters Bryan catches Allison after the meeting, and gives her a dressing down that she doesn't appreciate.
08/15 Acton Reed, Red Herring Dante with Flora, descend on Homesec to interview/interrogate Acton Reed, and find their list of suspects, go down to Zero once again.
08/17 That Went Well Dante and Elle visit a family member of Justin Renner and stumble across a lead.
07/18 A Posterchild For Insanity Dante makes it back to Fort Hero where Flora is waiting with the information he requested.
Cause I'm A Creep It's a stand-off, outside tartarus on a summer evening, till something breaks it up.
08/23 Squeeze II A fortuitous phonecall saves the life of Donald Renner and his family, but company agents don't get there in time to stop Finney from escaping.
08/03 Convergence Benjamin Ryans, Assistant-Director to the Company, finds himself presented with an unlikely offer when he is approached by none other than Noah Bennet to lay claim to a piece of the future…
08/16 Invitation by Hot Dog After his meeting with Noah, Benjamin Ryans approaches one of his most trusted agents with an invitation for extra-curricular activities.
08/19 Oil and Cloth Noah Bennet and his team take a journey overseas to secure very valuable possessions…
08/20 The Good Old Days Noah Bennet's plan to find the paintings runs into a snag at the home of Ivan Spektor.
Loudly Sung and in a Foreign Tongue The makings of a good opera go down at the theatre when two simple operations complicate one another.
The Color Red, Part I All hell breaks loose when two operatives seeking a prophetic painting cross paths with a Linderman Group associate trying to smuggle a young woman out of the country.
The Color Red, Part II When half of Bennet's team goes to move Ivan to safety and escape their attackers, the identity of those who have come after them is revealed as none other than the Institute. But a question remains to be answered, how did the Institute know where to look?
Old Dogs and New Tricks After escaping St.Petersburg Russia, Benjamin Ryans and Noah Bennet catch up…
Part Eight: A Good Man
07/03 A Matter of Time When a Conscript of the Company is visited by an unexpected visitor he finds himself pushed beyond his limits in order to facilitate what he does best — miracles.
08/14 Veiled Inhospitality Desmond Harper and Sabra Dalton have a pleasant little chat about recent complications in the relationship of DHS and the Company.
08/19 The Only Offer Simon Broome himself comes to Odessa Knutson Price with an offer of employment, and a request for information.
08/23 En Passant Elle Bishop finds herself confronted by Simon Broome who has a very specific series of requests for her.
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