Shadows Of The Future
Chapter Two: "Shadows of the Future"

November 8, 2010 to ???, 2010

Within the Institute a shadow has arisen, the true leader of the organization. But when his plan for the future to come is unveiled, it could threaten to tear the entire organization apart at the seams just when they are needed most…
Date Scene Description
11/19/10 Forward the Institute Remembering where it all began, two old friends discover where it will end.
11/22/10 Blueprints for Beyond the Horizon Simon Broome makes good on his promise to let Elisabeth Harrison see Eve Mas, and where the journey takes her is beyond belief.
A Sum of Memories Some stories are told, other stories are written.
11/28/10 The Siren and The Hydra Broome ambushes Elisabeth in her office, and the game ensues.
Genetic Imperative Even monsters have hearts, even the callous have reasons, even blood starts somewhere…
11/29/10 Amazing Theft Magnes returns home on a cold winter's day, only to discover he's been robbed.
11/30/10 Mystery Theft Christine investigates the scene of a theft
12/01/10 The Message and the Bottle Richard Cardinal and Monica Dawson take a trip up to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to track down a message left by Edward Ray, and instead discover a man with aspirations of sending a message in a bottle throughout time.
12/03/10 One Cold Morning One single phone call is all it takes to discern the sum of all fears.
12/06/10 The Angel On The Queen's Shoulder Eve comes bringing tidings.
Trading In The Pawns, Part I Richard Cardinal of an indeterminate future returns to his roots with the intention of preserving the future despite divergences in the timeline from what he remembers. His ability to set things back on track, however, derails the lives of three people he at one time may have considered friends.
Gray, Gloomy Day Brennan approaches a Clairvoyant - Peyton - who is either unwilling or truly just unable to help.
You Were Missed An extremely distressed Elle Bishop makes her way to the Library to find Richard Cardinal…
Trading In The Pawns, Part II In a game of chess, a pawn that reaches the opposite side of the playing board can find itself promoted to a higher status. For a time-spanned Richard Cardinal, there is a reason for everything, even seeming acts of random cruelty.
12/07/10 No'Only a Black Swan Agents Lupinetti and Price examine the scene of Kain Zarek's murder. Their liaison with the NYPD gives them some valuable insight on the murder weapon.
12/09/10 String Quartet Simon Broome(s) and Richard Cardinal go about adjusting their map of the future.
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