The Dragon
Chapter One: "The Dragon"

In the aftermath of a cosmic event, an entity from between time and space has returned to its native timeline. At the same time, one of its former enemies Adam Monroe has been quietly gathering power in the shadows, preparing for a war between those with powers and those without. It is only a matter of time before these two forces collide.
Date Scene Description
November 1981 The Eightfold Path, Part I Adam Monroe's belief that people with powers are superior to those without comes to the forefront in an argument with Charles Deveaux.
December 1981 The Eightfold Path, Part II The Company discovers a woman who was sealed in a cave in Japan, one whose identity is a mystery to them and whose survival is a mystery to Adam.
June 1982 The Eightfold Path, Part III On June 18th, 1982 the Company responds to a strange phenomenon when a powerful technological device punches a hole in the fabric of space and time.
June 1982 The Eightfold Path, Part IV …and after seeing the after-effects of this device, Adam Monroe fears that an ancient enemy long thought defeated may yet be alive.
December 1984 What Year Is It? After the defeat of a powerful adversary in 1984, Arthur has his mind wiped by Caspar, but does not realize that Caspar may not be in control of his own actions and that their victory may not be as final as they imagined.
December 1986 The Eightfold Path, Part V Fearing Arthur's shift in personality, Charles and Kaito discuss possible contingency plans.
June 1987 The Eightfold Path, Part VI Arthur Petrelli turns to a powerful old friend for help, who refuses to give in to Arthur's demands.
September 1988 The Eightfold Path, Part VII The Company agrees to redact all of their memories of a monumental historic event and entrusts these secrets to a man who never forgets.
December 1991 The Eightfold Path, Part VIII Walter Renautas visits Adam Monroe in Company custody to ask a favor of him.
February 2007 Sun and Moon Sparrow Redhouse is told an ancient story by her grandfather of gods of life and death.
October 2016 Unearthed Adam reminisces about the day the Company imprisoned a powerful individual while in the present he prepares to free him from his bonds.
August 2017 Eclipse In the remote reaches of Oregon, Adam Monroe and Antonio Garza attempt to rally allies against an attack by Humanis First, and Adam comes face to face with his one-time liberator, Peter Petrelli.
November 2018 Hate Career politician and bigot Frederick Medina is kidnapped by ex-Vanguard members and forced into an unusual arrangement.
…And Now
Date Scene Description
01/10/2019 With A Scream There Is Another.
01/14/2019 HERV-K Snatched from the jaws of death, Devon Clendaniel is subjected to heinous experiments at the hands of Doctor Bao-Wei Cong.
01/17/2019 What You Are "But the self is not something one finds; it is something one creates." - Thomas Szasz
01/31/2019 Old Dog, Old Trick Settling in as Director of SESA-NY, Madeline Choi makes her first task welcoming Benjamin Ryans into the agency.
02/08/2019 Lamellocyte As Devon endures more horrific experiments at the hands of Doctor Cong, he finds hope in an unlikely ally: Joy.
02/15/2019 Long Distance Thinking he's calling Kimiko Nakamura, Magnes Varlane is lured into a trap by Adam Monroe.
02/18/2019 Resent Devon endures more of Doctor Cong's experiments.
02/21/2019 Grafting People, Not Plants Delia Ryans confides in her father about a harrowing dream she experienced while trying to find Adam Monroe.
02/25/2019 Mask The Entity claims her protector.
03/01/2019 Sideswipe After being led into a trap, Magnes Varlane is approached by Peter Petrelli (in the guise of Khalid Sadaka) who warns Magnes of Praxis' intentions for him.
03/07/2019 Red House Zachery meets Adam Monroe's soothsayer, Skye.
03/19/2019 Coincidence of Circumstance On an ordinary day at Fort Jay, Emily Epstein crosses paths with Agent Ryans and the two briefly reconnect, not yet realizing the significance of the moment.
03/24/2019 Mitochondria With the help of the enigmatic Joy, Devon barely escapes Adam's clutches.
03/24/2019 Brighton Your Day A bright and sunny day at the beach is shadowed by the discovery of the believed-to-be-dead Devon Clendaniel washed up on the shore.
03/28/2019 Between the Cracks Zachery is discreetly lured into Shedda Dinu by Skye.
03/30/2019 Before Me Comes a Ghost Searching for Avi in the Bunker, Berlin is beset upon by the phantasmal presence of Walter Renautas who delivers her a cryptic message.
04/07/2019 Let the Darkness In The Entity confronts her protector about the status of his search.
04/08/2019 Changes Bruce Maddox, Donna Dunlap, Kyla Renautas, Mohinder Suresh, Odessa Price, and Rich Schwenkman are transferred from Liberty Island Detention Center to the newly-founded Plum Island SLC-Expressive Center to serve out the remainder of their sentences. Odessa meets with the director of the facility, Sebastian Waite, and asks him a favor.
04/08/2019 Something Different, Something New On the hunt for Eileen, the Entity and her protector stumble upon the arrival of Charles Sharrow to Staten Island.
04/08/2019 A Time for Action When Yi-Min and Kara return to Providence, they find Eileen entertaining an unexpected guest: Charles Sharrow.
04/09/2019 Lead Me to Your Fire The secret society of Shedda Dinu converges for an important meeting in preparation for an important series of missions.
04/11/2019 Augur Lisa Bradbury, a seemingly harmless stranger, offers a piece of advice to Zachery: Check out Raytech.
04/12/2019 A Warrior's Hand Skye returns from a long time away to visit Adam, and Adam confides in her.
04/16/2019 He Will Come For You Escorted by Cesar Diaz, Eve Mas meets with Doctor Adrienne Allen in custody and Doctor Allen reveals the secrets of Project Eclipse.
04/17/2019 Of Bridges and Crossings Richard reunites Delilah Trafford and her long-lost cousin Kyle Renautas under the shadow of the possibility that their mutual relative, Walter Renautas, may yet still be alive.
04/17/2019 The Hustle, Part I After years of dedicated service, Nicole is moved from her position as the Presidential liaision in SESA to a new task force dedicated to hunt down Adam Monroe.
04/18/2019 The Hustle, Part II After being shuffled around in SESA, Nicole finds ex-SESA director Kenner drowning his sorrows in a bar.
04/19/2019 The Hustle, Part III Donald Kenner is approached by an agent of Shedda Dinu.
04/20/2019 What Are Best Friends For? Lucille posits an unusual question to Yi-Min: what would it take to strip a conduit from someone?
04/23/2019 Pandora's Crumble After escaping Adam's clutches, Devon goes to see Kaylee for help with his missing memories.
04/24/2019 Exogenous, Part I Trying to determine what was done to her as a child, Squeaks is aided by Dana Carrington in her research.
04/24/2019 One-Hundred Percent Fatality Astor and Berlin come to terms over past requests.
04/26/2019 The Eight-Headed Serpent, Part I In the aftermath of Kam's death, Kimiko Nakamura takes the unexpected step of firing Monica Dawson from Yamagato Industries.
04/26/2019 The Eight-Headed Serpent, Part II With Kam dead and the infiltrator in Yamagato's ranks found, Kimiko Nakamura promptly dismisses Asi Tetsuyama back to Japan.
04/26/2019 The Fire Inside, Part I Shedda Dinu's leader, Garza, orchestrates a brazen plan to forward Adam Monroe's goals.
04/27/2019 Fractured Fairytales With the aid of Kaylee, Devon recovers his memories of his traumatic time in Adam Monroe's clutches.
04/28/2019 The Eight-Headed Serpent, Part III With Hachiro Otomo recovering from his coma, Kimiko Nakamura promotes Marlowe Terrell to head of Yamagato-America's R&D Department.
04/28/2019 Un-becoming Monica is stripped of her cybernetic prosthetic and her connection with Jiba.
04/29/2019 Into the Woods True to his word, Director Waite allows Odessa Price to meet the long-thought-dead James Woods. But Woods' time in captivity has changed him from the man she remembers.
04/29/2019 The Eight-Headed Serpent, Part IV With Kam dead, Kimiko places Kay Damaris in charge of the "public relations" department and tasks her with finding a new assassin.
04/29/2019 The Eight-Headed Serpent, Part V Visiting her grandmother after being released from Yamagato Industries, Monica Dawson is visited by the mysterious Walter Renautas.
04/29/2019 The Long Hello After years of estrangement, Raquelle Cambria is reunited with his father Miguel, who comes bearing grim news about Raquelle's mother.
04/30/2019 Old Friends, Part I SESA convenes a special task force to hunt down and eliminate Adam Monroe at any cost.
04/30/2019 The Depository of Horrible Forbidden Knowledge Monica visits with Richard to tell him of her impending trip to Japan and the circumstances of Kam's death.
04/30/2019 The Two of Us Forced into one-another's orbit, Nicole and Ryans work out the delicate minefield of their relationship.
05/01/2019 A Question Eve Mas turns to the Deveaux Society in the hope that they answer a question, but finds herself questioned by Alice Shaw instead.
05/01/2019 Not an Attractive Hire Zachery Miller visits Raytech on the advice of Lisa Bradbury and joins the company. Unbeknownst to Raytech, they've taken in a member of Shedda Dinu.
05/02/2019 Asshole Supreme Preparing for a fact-finding trip to Japan, Chess, Eve, Monica, and Luther review what they know about Adam's movements so far.
05/05/2019 Keep Your Eyes Peeled Elisabeth, Eve, Kaylee, and Richard meet to try and make sense of Devon's disappearance and the multiple black projects surrounding Adam Monroe.
05/05/2019 The Eight-Headed Serpent, Part VI After receiving word of a breach at the Nakamura family vault in India, Eizen Erazawa leads a reconnaissance mission to discover what was taken and finds that all the thieves were interested in… and discovers a hidden tapestry of seemingly unrelated events.
05/06/2019 Old Dogs, New Hunts After what happened to Devon, and fearful of a spy in their ranks, Avi confronts Huruma about her connections to Adam.
05/06/2019 The Fire Inside, Part II Shedda Dinu dispatches Ignacio to kidnap a pardoned war criminal and bioweapon researcher.
05/07/2019 The Fire Inside, Part III Shedda Dinu dispatches Zachery Miller to steal a portion of Chesterfield Act registry data from Elmhurst Hospital.
05/09/2019 The Eight-Headed Serpent, Part VII In a surprising turn of events, Kimiko Nakamura lays the responsibility of the entire collection of artifacts in the Yamagato Foundation's museum to Elaine Darrow.
05/09/2019 The Fire Inside, Part V Shedda Dinu dispatches Godfrey into Yamagato Industries' medical wing to retrieve a sample from Kam Nisatta's corpse.
05/09/2019 Mister Miss Charming En-route to her assignment for Shedda Dinu, Isis takes time to bond with Zachery.
05/10/2019 The Fire Inside, Part VI When Wolfhound operative Curtis Autumn is reactivated by Shedda Dinu into his dormant Ash persona, he is used as a weapon to kidnap the brilliant scientist Adrienne Allen.
05/10/2019 The Suffocating Darkness of Compromise SESA Deputy-Director Voss places Odessa Price and Mohinder Suresh on a grim research task: find out how to kill Adam Monroe.
05/11/2019 The Fire Inside, Part VII Shedda Dinu dispatches Isis to the CDC headquarters in Kansas City to steal a terrifying biological weapon: Gorgon.
05/11/2019 To New Beginnings and Old Acquaintances Following up on a strange message hidden in her memory, Elisabeth leads a team into the Manhattan Exclusion Zone to meet with Walter Renautas, who reveals that he does not experience time in a linear fashion, but promises to help them discover the secrets of the fabled Entity.
05/15/2019 The Connection II Following up on a lead she learned in another timeline, Elisabeth takes Kaylee to Baltimore in search of Simon Broome's grave, only to find that the divergent roads of history put his father's grave in that same spot. What they find inside are the dusty old bones of history.
05/28/2019 What's Her Name? Still searching for Eileen, the Entity and her protector share stories.
06/01/2019 You Shouldn't Be Here, Again A decade after their first meeting, Adam Monroe and Kaylee Sumter reunite. But when Adam learns she's been exposed to the Entity's presence, the reunion is cut short.
06/02/2019 Exogenous, Part II Taking a trip out to the catskills, Richard and Squeaks meet with the late Simon Broome's enigmatic partner, Ruby to discuss the mysterious Project Umbra and the scientific experiments that may have birthed Squeaks herself.
06/03/2019 His Regards En-route from Madagascar, Ambassador Naika-Dunsimi, her brother Dajan, and her wife Mihaja are attacked by an assassin working for Praxis Heavy Industries, a surviving clone from the experiments that birthed Chess.
06/03/2019 Lies Huruma comes to visit her family at Yamagato Park after the attack and discovers that her daughter-in-law brokered a bad deal with Praxis Heavy Industries.
06/05/2019 The Walled Garden, Part I Chess, Luther, and Monica travel to Japan in search of answers regarding Adam and the Entity.
06/05/2019 The Walled Garden, Part II …while Eve, Kimberly, Alix, and Miles arrive far afield in rural Japan.
06/05/2019 Flowers of War Lanhua, the Praxis Assassin, is targeted for reprisal by members of the Guardians and her presence is revealed to the Safe Zone.
March 25, 2019 — March 30, 2019 The Trial of Odessa Price Odessa goes on stand at the Albany Trials for crimes against humanity. Unbeknownst to Odessa, her defense attorney is on Charles Sharrow's payroll.
April 5, 2019 — April 30, 2019 Phantom Pain Avi Epstein begins to learn about the circumstances surrounding Hana's disappearance and the condition of her mind.
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