Time For Rest
Chapter Six: "Time For Rest"

It starts with a precognitive. No, it starts with a ghost from the future, or one from the past. No, it started long ago, and a series of discreet abductions, overlooked murders, and unlikely encounters draws toward an inexorable conclusion.
Date Scene Description
10/11/2018 Boys Don't A spectral psychopath goes spelunking through the minds of a hobbyist gardener, a Raytech man, and then an unknown criminal, discovering both the agents trailing him.
11/06/2018 Fake Dating Trope Ghost takes Felix out on a gayish date-ish thing to investigate, only to have mild regrets.
12/17/2018 Speak No Evil In seemingly unrelated circumstances, an undercover agent drops off a child suffering from traumatic mutism with Lynette at the Benchmark Recovery and Counseling Center, while very much lying about it.
01/03/2019 Finders Sleepers Delia is revisited by the same asshole, but this time, he dreamwalks her through several instructions. Following them, she finds her nephew in a drug-addled shitheap.
01/06/2019 Favors For Favors Samson sends Berlin to heal Astor at the home that Delia and Nick share. Astor is compulsively rude in his efforts to get everybody to do what he wants. They might do it anyway?
2/14/2019 Bug Nick takes Delia out to dinner, during that era in the history of the United States of America when capitalism released its vulgar grip on Valentine's Day and oracle-primed espionage took over. Bi'ch introduces herself.
04/24/2019 One-Hundred Percent Fatality Months ago, Astor asked for a favor, and this time it's Berlin who names the price for her services as a burglar. What seems initially like a straightforward transaction of services then becomes mired in prophetic symbolism and some alarming biochemical science.
04/27/2019 Lawless Time-Hooligans Benji looks in on her cousin and invites him to Providence, and Astor, for once, has an apology to offer and a request to make in the service of others.
05/03/2019 Mizaru, Kikazaru, Iwazaru On request of her cousin, Benji investigates the dreams of a traumatized child staying at the Benchmark Recovery and Counseling Center and uncovers a secret of impersonation and kidnapping.
07/01/2019 Courage On an ordinary day at work, Emily finds herself accosted by a strange man with an unbelievable secret to share. And a favor to ask, besides.
08/05/2019 Not The Absence of Fear Astor comes through on his end on a promise, enlisting the help of his dream-walking cousin to help Emily find her missing friend.
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