Two By Two
Chapter Two: "Two By Two"

November 1, 2011 to ???, 2011

Beneath the streets of Cambridge Massachusetts, the Institute has constructed a self-contained arcology housing thousands of Evolved and Non-Evolved alike. Dubbed the Ark, the arcology is intended to weather the changes of catastrophe and, if rumors are to be believed, changes to history itself. Within the subterranean compound, willing and unwilling guests remain a captive audience alike to the leadership of the Institute. But for all the Institute's careful planning, their machinations are unraveling at the seams. Infiltrators and traitors alike threaten to dismantle the Ark from within, and the Ferrymen with their allies intend to bring all of their resources to bear to crush the Institute once and for all.
Date Scene Description
11/1 A Way Out After Liette the leader of the Institute and threatens everyone's security, Doctor Luis finds himself presented with the difficult decision of what to do with her sister Julie.
The Voice of God Cardinal contacts Simon Broome to warn him about a potential threat to the Ark.
Cry Havoc When Lene discovers what happened to Elle, she and Liette hatch a plan.
Black Queen After an unsettling revelation, Kathleen journeys into the one place more dangerous than the Ark.
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