Uncharted Territory
Chapter Five: "Uncharted Territory"

In the wake of spatial-temporal disturbances, SESA must struggle to keep a cover on the existential horror unleashed by the discovery of parallel realities while juggling an increasingly bizarre series of investigations.
Date Scene Description
02/23/2019 There Has Never Been a Today SESA moves forward after beginning its cover-up of the New Mexico incident, and the consequences of that act are only just now beginning…
03/29/2019 The Next Generation A group of fresh-faced interns begin their careers with SESA and find themselves part of a deeper mystery.
File 0134-AD: Entombed
01/13/2019 Jane Doe Agent Quinn and Agent-Trainee Saito are called to the scene of an explosion and discover a fellow SESA agent has been murdered.
04/27/2019 Interdimensional Cooperation Reaching another dead end, SESA changes their strategy in the investigation of Agent Baumann's death and Jac Childs is assigned to Agents Quinn and Saito.
05/08/2019 Winding A dangerous evolved haunts the night streets of the NYC Safe Zone.
05/28/2019 Through the Rabbit Hole Agents Quinn and Saito along with Intern Childs seek out the assistance of Cassandra Baumann in solving her own murder.
File 0136-EK: Dendrolatry
04/23/2019 Tree Spirits Spirits have a message for a seer…
09/04/2019 Kindred Spirits Two girls, each with their own spark, make acquaintance on campus.
11/04/2019 An American Elm A body is found in an unusual location and SESA shows up to begin an investigation into how it got there.
Lost Spirits In the aftermath of finding Courtney Baldwin's body, a SESA agent and an intern go to meet with the Private Investigator that had been hired briefly to find her and they find out a few details of the young woman's life before she met with her unfortunate end.
11/06/2019 Forgotten Spirits While trying to find persons of interest in the Baldwin case, Lance finds out some of his long forgotten past thanks to long forgotten Company Files.
11/14/2019 A Nyssa Sylvatica In whittling down the list of known agrokinetics who could be tied to the Baldwin case, a SESA Agent and Intern investigate the ruins of the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.
12/03/2019 Family Trees While chasing down possible leads for the Baldwin/Thornton cases, Corbin and Emily question an agrokinetic on the matter of trees. The conversation then branches unexpectedly.
12/06/2019 Christmas Spirits At a Christmas Tree grounds, an unexpected discovery is made thanks to the unique ability owned by one Zachery Miller.
12/09/2019 Dendrolatry “Dendrolatry” (dɛnˈdrɒlətrɪ), NOUN: the worship of trees
12/13/2019 Splintered Spirits Dumortier gets to see the curse behind the case.
12/15/2019 Eastern Hemlock Another tree is located and this time SESA brings in SCOUT Detective Kaylee Thatcher to speak to the victim.
02/01/2020 Green Ash What starts out as a normal study session for Emily Epstein leads to the discovery of another victim in the Dendrolatry case.
02/12/2020 The Study Of Trees Liza hits the books, but ends up finding more than she expected.
02/13/2020 Black Cherry "Loveliest of trees, the cherry now is hung with bloom along the bough."
02/14/2020 To Miss The Forest For The Trees SESA seeks to arrest Dr. Marten (Menard) for his crimes against Expressives, as well as find evidence toward the case of the girls being turned into trees.
02/27/2020 The Tale Of A Tulip Tree Part I The Worship of Trees has not yet ended.
The Tale Of A Tulip Tree Part II The Tale still needs to be told.
The Case Of The Missing Emily The latest tree victim's missing state is noticed by those who came to stop by.
04/02/2020 What Do Trees Dream Thanks to help from Kaylee, those closest to Emily are able to communicate with her, and she shares the identity of the one who harmed her.
10/01/2020 Branching Out Emily Epstein's family track down the young woman suspected to be responsible for turning her into a tree.
10/15/2020 Timber Two weeks after her capture, Ali Underwood is brought in to bring a conclusion to the tale of a tulip tree.
07/06/2019 Strange Days When a section of overpass collapses in Red Hook, most believe it to be the consequences of poor war-time maintenance. But not Silas Mackenzie.
01/03/2020 The First Murders Of 2020 Physics revolt again, but this time it interrupts Shaw Khan on the job. To be fair, this one wouldn't have been ordinary even without.
File 0141-EK: Antipyretic
01/16/2020 Burnt Offerings Agents Bishop and Messer investigate the suspicious death of a Yamagato Industries employee.
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