Woven Worlds
Chapter Three: "Woven Worlds"

???, 2010 to ???, 2011

As the conflict between the American government and New York City's resistance fighters continues to escalate, its participants discover that their dreams are plagued by echoes of what appears to be a much bleaker, more desolate future than what's been envisioned by either side.

Those affected seek answers to the questions raised by the dreamweaver responsible, not realizing that what they're looking for can already be found in the waking world, and that their actions in the past have not only impacted their present, but somebody else's as well…

And now they're here.
Date Scene Description
01/22/11 Like a Flower of the Field Five dreamers are gathered to witness an event that may or may not be in their shared future.
03/05/11 Payload Sleeping minds open to something new together, while the sky opens up to something terrible and ultimately familiar.
03/07/11 This Dream Was Not a Wish More prophetic dreams come to light.
03/08/11 To Near Misses "Serendipity" and Calvin find Delia in Brooklyn. But mostly Calvin.
03/09/11 Homesickness The wee mornings of the hour bring confessions of worry and loneliness.
03/10/11 Mixed Metaphors A lot goes unsaid in a colorful array of figurative language when Calvin calls on Nora to wish her a happy birthday.
Not a Shrink Type A coffee shop therapy session for two guys who aren't shrink types.
Eviction and Slaughter Gabriel uses Teodoro's ability to search for answers in the most accessible place.
03/11/11 Practice, Practice, Practice Adel gives Monica a drumming lesson.
Nowhere Else A Ferry patrol skirting ruins that do not fall within Midtown's borders votes on the fate of someone the network once considered one of its own.
03/14/11 A Disturbance Practice doesn't always make perfect. A leap of faith, aided by her mentor, sends Delia off without getting lost.
03/16/11 His Father's Footsteps On a cold fall evening, a father learns of the death of his son for all the wrong reasons…
Empty Jasmine attempts to find a solution to a mutual problem only to discover she has an entirely new one.
03/17/11 A Question of Trust Nora is a reluctant envoy between Calvin and Benji.
The Sun Will Rise, Part I When Richard Cardinal and Warren Ray have a shared dream…
The Sun Will Rise, Part II … one of them awakens to an unexpected conversation.
Looks Deceiving Ryans discovers he has a second shadow.
03/19/11 Sleep Well Two redheads, one gay man.
Sheets with Holes Amadeus hits on Nora. The ghost shadows make a hit on Cardinal. Cardinal should really stop eating at this deli.
One Bullet Ethan's dreams are not very far removed from reality: sickness and death.
03/21/11 Terribly Familiar Sight, sounds and words haunt Gwen Chevalier's future and her past.
03/22/11 Never Too Early For A Drink The gals meet up to discuss dreams, messengers and replicas. Oh my.
03/23/11 Bells One of the most important days of Tania's young life is interrupted by someone in desperate need of her assistance.
03/24/11 Home, Heart and Health Nora checks in on a random stranger from the park and gets a chat and manicure in the process.
Late Arrival A new lamb joins the Ferry's growing flock.
03/25/11 Dramatis Personae The future isn't written in stone, but it can be scrawled on lined paper by candlelight.
Write A Song Named After Me It may not be a song, but a dream brings a moment to life.
03/26/11 Firelight Everything burns.
03/27/11 Ice Cream Kind of Phone Call Nicole and Quinn talk about their shared dream.
A Simple Phone Call Sometimes a little more information just makes things more confusing.
Did You Accomplish What You Wanted The answer, in both cases, is halfway when Benji interrupts some midnight activities (not those) to deliver Vincent some news.
03/28/11 For Whom the Bell Tolls The promise of loss yet to come is met with compassion, strength and dignity.
03/29/11 Forked Lunchtime begets some light gossip about current dreamer events; Huruma shares her newest with Liza, and Griffin imparts similar.
How Far One Can Go Calvin drops by the place of Dr. Blite with a proposition, unprepared for just how willing she was, and how timely his arrival just had been.
Get Through It Together Two friends reunite and discuss visions of the future.
03/30/11 Dream of the Future Quinn finds Kaylee, and the two discuss the recent pattern of dreams.
Inelegant Megan and Ryans have a serious talk about their place in life and then Huruma walks in and everything goes awkward.
This Went Well Upon returning to the city, Quinn pays Magnes a visit.
Better Lives The Ferry attempts to help those who have forgotten how to help themselves.
Stock Standard Breaches of trust do not have to be malicious.
Titanic Like the movie, this isn't about the boat.
03/31/11 Burning Puppets Messiah of the past and present dreams of Messiah of the future.
A Wish For Both Of Them Kaylee finds Gillian cleaning up the kids dorm, instead of resting, with the thoughts of an unborn son on her mind.
Sort of a Fugitive Out shopping, Quinn runs into a familiar face she hadn't expected to see.
Barter The Ferry does business with one of its oldest and most reliable contacts.
04/02/11 The Princess with the Golden Slippers Odessa takes a gamble for an old friend.
More Than Anything Elle awakens from a dream, with an unexpected bit of melancholy added to her plate.
04/03/11 Fugue, Part I Raith and one of his daughters complete the final leg of a long journey.
Fugue, Part II Mount Moriah Monastery receives an unusual trio of visitors.
Special Day Elaine dreams of a special day that seems far out of reach.
04/04/11 Make Our Own Future A seemingly happy dream gets a far different reaction when the dreamer awakens.
Toasted Amato tracks down Raith to discuss a dream he had, and finds it might be more serious than "just a dream."
Not A Phone Conversation Elaine and Sable have a conversation best not had on the phone.
Fear of Failure Kaylee meets with Cardinal who has a rather disturbing dream for her collection and some advice for his little sister.
04/05/11 A Call of Duty A mission of survival and remembrance goes badly, in the dreams of two men.
Herding Cats Might Be Easier Lene visits the Endgame safehouse with information regarding one Frenchwoman in custody.
Primum Non Nocere In which Calvin's sense of humor proves to have a half-life and Bella is accommodating on the subject of one've her previous accomplishments whether she likes it or not.
04/06/11 By Bond "Grief knits hearts in closer bonds than happiness ever can, and common sufferings are far stronger links than common joys." Two women gain a family member when a young girl loses hers.
You've Got The Love Following another prophetic dream, two women have a long discussion on fear and the future, and a decision equal parts wanted and rash is made.
Indefinitely Kaylee goes searching for answers in a place she's looked once before.
Point Of Origin In at least one respect, things are about to get a lot more even.
Jeremiah 31.15-17 Delia finds herself at the mercy of a dream, as opposed to the other way around. There is hope in your future, says the Lord. But so are many other things.
04/07/11 Not Without a Fight When it comes to freedom, Monica Dawson isn't about to give up anyone else's without a fight — even if it means prison for herself.
Threnody Is it bad luck to memorialize someone who hasn't died yet? On the anniversary of her father's death, Lene visits the place it happened, with a little help from her friends.
04/08/11 Figments A dream of the future shows someone a very dark possibility for himself.
The Missing Stocking Christmas isn't the same without all the stockings.
Sung to a Harp It is past someone's bedtime.
Travel Safe A recent arrival and a soon-to-be departure cross paths.
The Serpent and the Hare After learning about the telepath's collection of memories, a dreamwalker goes to add her own.
Around The Dinner Table Dinner is finally arranged for Melissa, her adoptive family, and a +1. And it has to start off with Serious Business.
Breadcrumbs, Part II An exploration turned raid is cut short when thieves are forced to run for their lives.
Five Banquets a Day Lene brings a motley amount of food, glorious food, to the Endgame safehouse, meeting two more of its inhabitants.
Begins And Ends Someone takes an axe to the root of a problem, and this time, it's Richard Cardinal that finds himself on the sharp end.
Breadcrumbs, Part III A too late arrival discovers the ruin of things missing.
Less of Them Calvin makes a confession.
Everything's Fine It's easy to lie over the phone. For everyone.
Real Weird Following a phone call to Samara, Brian and Koshka begin trying to puzzle over their findings.
04/10/11 Dialogue Redux One issue is brought to light, another put to vote. Others (most) are left to lie where they are.
Five With decision-making power taken away from him, Walter decides to go first — as Walters do.
04/11/11 Heart Of Stone And Fire Mourning is easier without a heart of flesh.
Doesn't Belong Here Discoverers and friends converge to decide what's to be done with a box from the future.
Goldenrod At Brian's behest, Samara tries to confront a gardener, but someone followed her there.
Spark One ignites. Another goes out. There is a balance to the universe.
An Unexpected Gift Even a life of oppression and segregation brings with it some sweet moments.
Nothing More to Be Done Bearers of bad news descend on Nicole's home.
Sought Gabriel arrives at the end of a long journey.
04/12/11 Azkarah After a frightening dream, Hana's world shifts even more in waking.
The Primal Scene A clandestine rendezvous in an abandoned Chelsea apartment isn't clandestine enough to avoid being interrupted in the worst kind of way.
04/13/11 In The Sky With Diamonds The sky is filled with diamonds for a little lady on her birthday.
Not Alone Magnes thought he was alone when he went to bed, but has a trespasser.
Something Is Gonna Come The future is inevitable. Which one? That remains to be seen.
We'll Get There Someday One woman is selfishly scared while another puts on a brave face. Which is which might be unexpected.
Whatever God Intends Placing faith in fate and placing faith in oneself do not have to be mutually exclusive.
04/14/11 Requiem "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." Dreams connect a daughter to her past and a mother to her future.
Ben Who? Chance facilitates the (awkward) first meeting of a man and a woman who will be husband and wife.
Butterflies In The Sky Coincidence, an unexpected meeting, and a confession.
Go See Her Stances, fears, and where two women stand reverses after one meets the girl who would be her adopted daughter.
Not A Joke A trip to charity paintball leads to a conversation that is not a joke.
Labor and Love Time travel, reproduction, childrearing and romance - a crisis driven discussion over waffles ranges wide.
You Were Right After a brush with future Kasha, Sam calls Brian with an update.
Helping People Melissa dreams of being in the position to help someone— and experiences a moment she's heard about before.
Whatever Happens After awakening from another potentially troubling dream, Melissa confides in Devon about it.
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