Strawberry, Blueberry


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Scene Title Strawberry, Blueberry
Synopsis Mallory manages to contact Simon to tell him where she is (the internet, disembodied) and warn him she's not the person inside her body (that would be Reed). Simon points Mallory toward investigating HomeSec and the Company, and they come up with a password system do they know it's really the other person they're talking to.
Date May 4, 2009

The Garden

It's just a text message.

Simon is at the Garden, watering plants. It's one of his jobs as a Ferryman. Not exactly something he thought he was signing up for when he joined the group. The blueberry bushes that double as barbed wire are getting attention from him when his phone vibrates. He mutters something, setting the water can on the ground and fishing out the device from his pocket. Yes? Who's this? he writes out before pressing SEND.

Oh, right. No ID on it. Oops.
mal, comes the answer. real
not safe four u

Simon stares at his phone a moment, a puzzled look on his face. Real? What? I know not safe. Talked yesterday, remember? He shakes his head, wondering if this "friend" his sister has made sucked her memory or something.

no, Mallory answers.
monday for you
tiiime weird
not me in body
robin hood
stole body
swapped places
am in the net now
imposter in body
robin hood

r you safe

Simon looks away this time, not standing to look at the phone that's creeping him out right now. In net? he responds. Will get on computer Texting is annoying anyways. A real conversation can be had through IM networks. So, he's off for the Garden and his laptop, which has limited wireless from a nearby source, but enough where at least chat won't be difficult.

The laptop is on when he gets there, with an IM window up and waiting. And the webcam is on. oh the dumb shirt, reads the screen. Yeah, that's Mallory.

in networks
ghost in machine
but cool
no limits
never need to pee eether

Simon eyes the computer fishily, suspecting something other than Mallory. All the business that has been going on lately has left him paranoid. He reads the screnn and starts typing. It's much faster than texting.

Wait. Start over again. You're in the net? Is this some new trick you've learned?He looks down at his shirt after he types this, a small frown forming.

might have learned new trix
in net
robin hood was in net no body
pulled me through
shoved himself out into body
took some time geting used to
u dint notis me acting funny??!toomanypunctuationmarksshititstransmitting
stupid punctuation

Simon blinks a few times, shakes his head, and starts to move his fingers across the keyboard. Woah. Weird. So Robin Hood is in your body? I should have known. He was talking about a friend. Because Mallory doesn't have any, as far as he knows. Shit, what are you going to do?

see i dont have friends
not sure what to do
wanted to make sure you knew
were safe
have to try to get him when hes connected
ride the line back to body
shove him here
trap him dead end maybe
don't miss body so much truth
but inconvenient nonetheless
should contact wireless

Simon sighs and lets a smile out for Mallory. Who needs friends? he types out before getting back to the meat of the subject. Yes, I'm safe No need to mention Adam or The Company or the Staten Island Monster. Talk to Wireless. Tag team him. He thinks for a moment and then adds, Can you check your comp? He was looking into something about cops. About his friend. Could mean trouble.

not sure can do it with him there
might see me
need too surprize
tell me coast clear?

Simon nods, looking into the camera that she's watching him from. Ok. I'll let you know when Robin Hood leaves the house. Let me know how we can get your body back. He lifts his typing hand to the bridge of his nose to rub it for a brief moment. Are you safe? Because he hadn't thought to ask before.

technopaths still rare afaik
keeping low
doing quiet searches
looking for us
any intrest in mallory simon allistair
can see everything

Check Homeland Security Simon types out, and something called the Company. Trust me. He doesn't want to have to answer too many questions now, because he honestly doesn't believe he'll know the answers. Not now, at least.


Yesperiod Simon types with a grin. Heard about them from two sources. One I trust. She looked worried. Typing this out, Simon realizes he needs to check in with Elizabeth sooner rather than later.

There's a pause, and then, priority between 2quesfuckit

What? Simon's brow wrinkles a bit and he types some more. It might be important. But don't get caught. He looks worried, but maybe not as much as he should be, given the situation. There's just a lot of craziness going on.

company or homesec
did he change anything
weird piercings
shit like that

Simon thinks for a moment and says Company. Know nothing about them. At least Homeland Security has a website or something. No, same Mallory. Except he took off hoodie. She always wears it, as far as he's concerned. Sadly, he didn't catch slutty Mallory at home.

will look now
password conversation starter
i say strawberry
u say blueberry
where r you anywayquestionfuck

Simon smiles. Blueberry, good. I'm on Staten Island. Other safe place. Leaving now, though. Too much to do. He sighs and narrows his eyes a bit. Wait. How do I know you are really my sister? Because this is weird, and he needs to be more cautious.

ask me something
only i would know
and get off staten idiot

Soon, but not now. Sorry. Simon types this out knowing that it's really Mallory on the other end. Only she would be so casually mean to him in that special way that actually bugs him. Um, I'm not good at this. He can only think to ask about his parents, but that's a sad topic. What's your bra size? Ah, now that's not a bad question to ask, because he's always had a sick interest in knowing the answer. Gross.

seriously wtf think of something else
strawberry blueberry asshole
wiping this convo

And then it's gone. Along with three numbers in his cell phone and some bookmarks on the laptop. Ooops.

Simon stares at the screen, glares and smiles both at the same time. So Mallory is in the net. It's strange, but at the same time kind of cool and oddly convenient. Simon closes his computer and pulls out his cell phone. He scrolls to find a number of someone he's eager to call, but can't find it. After a moment, he turns to the laptop and scowls. The studio audience boos. Oh, Mallory.

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