Strawberry Shortcake And The Case Of The Missing Leg


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Scene Title Strawberry Shortcake And The Case Of The Missing Leg
Synopsis Da Vinci the tarantula gets a leg back and there's singing lessons alll around for everyone.
Date April 20, 2009

Raquelle's home

Cambria family before the afternoon is actually not that hectic, Raquelle's taken some time off work and the babygirl's down for a nap so it is just him and BJ mostly sitting on the couch and watching the door. Well BJ is watching the door dressed in her 'rocker girl' black and pink t-shirt and her dark jeans, feet bare and hair done in a complicated braid/ponytail combo. She holds a shoebox on her lap. Raquelle's hair hasn't been hair-gelled yet and some of his freckles are showing because he isn't wearing tons of make-up but he does have on eyeliner, nails shiny black and he wears a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

The Cambria home is well decorated yet cheaply, lots of music books, set up keyboards, a couple of guitars and etc…nothing too fancy yet still comfortable, cozy even. (mostly because it is an apartment)

Abigail is a bunch of thing, but late is never that. On time, the redhead knocks on the door to the Cambria household, scooter jacket, helmet in hand, messenger bag over her shoulder, a little less dressed up than church seeing as it's the spring and she was on a scooter. Spider. She should have known when they said stepped on it, and broke off a leg, that it wasn't a normal pet.

"I'll get it!~" BJ sing-songs only to be caught up, scooped up and tossed over Raquelle's shoulder as he catches up with the girl running for the door. She had set the box down on the couch as she squeees and giggles and the man answers the door with the squirming girl over a shoulder. "Strawberry Shortcake! Don't you look like the Bible Bikerchick! C'mon on in sweetpea, I've got some tea in the kitchen, c'mon in, c'mon in…" He's nothing but friendly.

Really, he's like this one chubby woman from when she was growing up who was always calling everyone sweet sounding nicknames. Only it's a guy. Well, Abigail is pretty sure that Raquelle is a guy despite the feminine nickname and the previously heretofore seen excessive makeup. She's only a little cow'd by the man. "Scooter. I have a friend who restored an old Vespa for me" Abby's not been terribly perky of late, save when giving a horse ride to Diane the day before. The door is closed behind Abigail, kicking her boots off and lining them up. Her helmet is set on top of her shoes. Jesus saves written in white script along the back of the blue helmet. "good morning Billie Jean!"

Raquelle giggles and air-kisses when Abigail enters, swinging BJ around to set her down on her feet in front of Abigail. "Ain't that the cutest little thing. I think I have something for you before you go, I have a cousin in a biker chick gang like thing and it is the most insane thing, a Nashville biker gang…what the /heck/ ever." He runs his fingers through his hair and gestures towards the couch which is a little lower to the ground ala Asian influences. "Do have a seat, I'll get the tea…BJ baby, go and see if Da Vinci is ready to see the doctor." BJ is all smiles though, grinning at Abigail and bouncing. "You're like so awesome, daddy said 'put some duct tape on it'." She darts towards the couch to peek into her shoebox and then she shuts it quickly and looks around trying to look innocent with wide eyes. "Oops."

Air kisses are a little too close for comfort but she endures. Better air kisses than real kisses. "I don't belong to a biker gang, but it was someone who belonged to one, that resurrected Lazarus, my scooter, from nothing for me. We'll be in the living room with the spider while you get the tea" The epitome of propriety and good southern upbringing, Abigail follows BJ into the living room. "Did you know thaaaaaaat your tarantula would have grown back it's leg without me? Oh heavens, it's not in the shoebox…"

Raquelle was making his way into the kitchen, getting the tea. "Oh sweetie I know that, you're too 'oh take me right now Rhett, take me now…' and not knowing what hel-heck that even means innocent to be in a gang, but I still have a cute little jacket and belt that would look darling on you. It is a peach tea, that's alright isn't it?" Then BJ just goes 'shhhhhhhhhhh!' When Abigail reveals the spider isn't in the box. And there's the sound of a glass dropping in the kitchen and a Japanese badword and he comes running out. "Where is it? Where-" BJ looks sheepish. "You could sing it back daddy…pleeeeease." He just facepalms and takes a deep breath. "Why couldn't you have gotten a rat like you sister…"

"I don't need a jacket or a belt, thank you really. I have more than enough clothes" Comes from the living room as she's on her hands and knee's helping to find the Tarantula. Though, it seems that Raquelle has found it instead and the redheads head pops up and starts making for the kitchen with BJ, popping around the fleeing gay man. "Sing it back?" Strangest thing really. "BJ, why don't you go scoop him up so that your daddy can finish making tea and I can work on his leg hmm?"

The spider is no where to be seen for some reason but it probably is in there as BJ shifts her weight from foot to foot and holds her shoebox. "Daaaaaaaaaaddyyyyyy…." And Raquelle just takes a deep breath and another deep breath as he eyes the kitchen. "Ah, Miss Strawberry Shortcake, c'mon out of there. It's okay. BJ, go get the glass cage thingie /now/." He shudders again and closes his eyes for a moment. "Then we can have tea…but let me uh, handle this."

"Abigail. Or Abby, please" No more Miss shortcake. is that a tattoo peeking out from behind a strap? Something that's not natural, that's for sure. But Abigail hangs back, as requested. So's guessing that this all is par for the course in the Cambria household. "Going to sing him out? The spider that is?"

"Abby, I'm sorry you're just sweet as can be, it takes alot of spunk to pull off bein' a red head without coming across as a fiesty little ball of attitude." Raquelle replies distractedly as BJ runs off to fetch the spider house. "I am so sorry 'bout all this sugardumpling, I really am…and yeah, I'ma try." The hairdresser takes a few moments to rack his brain and scan his kitchen then he just adjusts his stance some before opening his mouth and low and behold Mr Blowpop and Razors /can/ sing and he sings softly, "Spending all my nights, all my money going out on the town, doing anything just to get you off of my mind but when the morning comes I'm right back where I started again, trying to forget you is just a waste of time…" Voice soft and gentle as he semi-crouches in front of a cabinet. Then with those invisible metaphysicalfreakywhatthehellever tentacles of coaxing he's reaching out, everything is okay…lalala. "Baby come back, any kind of fool could see…" Oh how sorry he is, it was all his bad, come baaack spider freak, come baack! "There was something in everything about you…Baby come back, you can blame it all on me..I was wrong, and I just can't live without you…" And low and behold the spider comes creeping out of the cabinet and up Raquelle's arm as he bends over to pick it up. He hums softly and looks up to see BJ not far behind Abby with the tank and Diana has decided to get up two, both of which are trying to creep closer to their daddy.


Lets say that again.


Watching the spider come crawling out from wherever he was because of the singing is astounding. "That, is amazing and you sing very beautifully. Lets get him into his aquarium and then I can work my gift before I loose my nerve" it comes out as loose mah nuhrv. "You sing beautifully." Yes, she said it twice. Music soothes the savage beast. Or in this case, the frightened tarantula.

Raquelle resists/avoids just doing a little 'get it off, get it off' dance, the things he does for his children, even as Diana wraps around his leg and he takes a deep breath, smiling softly to Abby. "Thank you sweetie…beautiful singing for a beautiful audience. BJ, open it, open it now…" And he works on easing the spider into the aquarium and for an arachnid, it looks quite calm now. Very calm, it barely moves with its 7 legs. And yes, it is a big one, all big and fuzzy and orangish brown. BJ sways slightly and looks to Abby as she offers the aquarium with a dopey smile. Diana is climbing Raquelle like a little monkey, quickly swung onto a hip as he sighs and closes his eyes for a moment. "We have got to move…"

"I know a place, in greenwich. Just opened. The rent is.. inexpensive. They have three bedroom places even" because he seems like the kind of guy that needs three bedrooms. The aquarium is taken, gingerly that is, from BJ and moves to sit right down there on the floor. "Okay. Let your daddy take care of the drinks, because I'm looking forward to some peach tea. I need both your helps okay? Cause I can't do this without offering up a little devotion to the lord. cause he's really the one that's going to make Da Vinci all better. Got it?" Abigail looks between the two girls before she carefully strokes a finger over the back of the tarantula, careful to not put too much pressure.

"Is the neighborhood ah…decent?" Raquelle asks almost awkwardly. "I mean, I probably could afford it, if the landlords and ladies accept pets and all that sorta thing, only reason we don't have a dog or cat is the landlady here is a bit of a b.i.t.c.h." He spells out the word before moving to set the half-sleep Diana down beside Abigail, trusting the woman won't let her climb something and jump off. BJ and Diana both look incredibly interested though in what Abigail is doing. "How do?" Diana asks for the both of them as Raquelle runs fingers through his hair and he waves a hand with a flip of a wrist. "Ya'll get to devoting, I'll go get the tea." And he does, hesitating and having to take out packets of Japanese curry to pop in the microwave in preparation for late breakfast, checking the rice maker before going back to pouring tea in glasses.

"I have a bird and a cat and the neighbourhood is very good. The security on the building is astounding" But back to the children. "We're going to sing, just like your daddy, only I'm not gonna sing what he did. When the good lord feels he's been given his due, then I'll be able to help Da Vinci. Are you ready? Just don't touch my hand skin okay?" That should be easy and Abigail carefully lifts the tarantula off the aquarium and onto her bare arm. Easier this way.

Here, here, here is the alphabet
taken from the good book of the lord.
A is for Adam, he was the first man.
B is for brimstone that rained on the land.
C is for Cain, he slew his brother you know.
D is for Daniel who the lions let go.
E is for Elijah, up to heaven he went.
F for the furnace where Shadrach was sent.
G for Goliath, by a boy he was slain.
H is for Hannah who prayed out in vain

Abby's voice is sweet, clear, truly a young woman who's only singing has been in church or while house cleaning. Once the kids join in or at least attempt, that's when the gift kicks in. She's careful to concentrate, keep the flow at it's regular and lowest, turned outwards to heal the spider and the very starts of it's leg growing back.

Raquelle nods slowly as he works on serving up that tray of tea. "How far from here is it?" He hums softly in the kitchen, along to the song even though he catches himself quickly. The girls sing along softly as well, Diana obviously taking after her father in the vocal department, so sweeeeeeet and giggly as she sings and BJ watches closely and gasps when the leg starts growing back.

//Hear, hear, hear, the alphabet
Taken from the Good Book of the Lord
Hear, hear, hear, the alphabet
Taken from the Good Book of the Lord

I is for Isaac whom the Lord didn't fail
J is for Jonah and he lived in a whale
K is for Kingdom that divided us all
L is for Lydia who listened to Paul
M is for Moses, saw the light in the dark
N is for Noah who built the great ark
O is for Obadiah and the prophets he fed
P is for Peter and the tears that he shed

Hear, hear, hear, the alphabet.
Taken from the Good Book of the Lord.
Hear, hear, hear, the alphabet
Taken from the Good Book of the Lord

Q for Queen of Sheba and the wisdom she sought
R is for Ruth and all the good that she brought
S is for Stephen for he suffered anew
T is for trumpet that at Jericho blew
U for Uriah who made the wish dead
V is for Vengeance, is mine the Lord said
W is for Wisdom, that was Solomon's skill
X for the cross on Calvary's Hill

Hear, hear, hear, the alphabet
Taken from the Good Book of the Lord
Hear, hear, hear, the alphabet
Taken from the Good Book of the Lord

Y is for Yosep by his brother was sold
Z for Zacharia who shared all his gold
Now I'd you payed attention and you listened to me
Then you have had the bible from A to Z.

Hear, hear, hear, the alphabet
Taken from the Good Book of the Lord
Hear, hear, hear, the alphabet
Taken from the Good Book of the Lord//

Right through to the end Abigail goes, A-Z and come the end of it, being that the creature is very small in and of itself, there's one regrown leg, hairs and wall. The Tarantula made whole by god's gifts, and Abigail is beaming over to the two girls. "You make sure when you go to church again that you thank the lord for making Da Vinci whole again hmm?" A gesture for BJ to pick up the pet. "Not far, at all. just little Italy and soho between there and here"

Raquelle shimmies a bit in the kitchen at the song and yeah, he hums along but the girls are all up ins the song. Even if Diana can't pronounce everything with her lisp and missing teeth. She jumps around, oversized black t-shirt she wears as a night gown fluttering about before it all ends and BJ is leaning down to pick up Da Vinci when he's all better. "You fixed him!" She sounds amazed and Raquelle just stands at the entrance of the kitchen staring a bit with a thoughtful expression on his face. "Ahh, we'll see then. Not much of a move then." A very long pause. "BJ, go put him in your room…Deedee, go help her." Diana follows her big sister, declaring, "/Jeeze/ help icky get better. She just sing."

Jesus helped icky get better. Abigail just rests a moment, watching the two take off with the now healed spider. "You have two very beautiful daughters" As she finally peels herself up from the floor, using a hand on the wall. "Could you tell them to not go about saying what I did. I try not to advertise, it can lends me to sticky situations"

Girls are off to put the spider away and Raquelle sets the tea down on a side table to offer an arm if Abigail needs help up. "My little angels." A long pause. "Deedee will believe that Jesus healed the spider I'm sure and BJ's so scientifical…you have nothing to worry about." He's strangely quiet though as he just stares at Abigail, gesturing towards the couch all gentlemanly like. "Have a seat, have some tea." Voice soothing in its lower less effected registers.

"Well, that's a comfort" She doesn't need the hand up. Really, the spider didn't take much from her at all. The stare making her somewhat uncomfortable. "I'd enjoy some tea, after went through all that trouble just to make it. Do you mind if I ask where their mother is?" Ankles crossed, even though she's not wearing a skirt, the woman's dressed for her day. There's other things to do but sitting down and having some tea in a fairly non threatening environment is worth the time spent.

Raquelle settles down on the couch beside Abigail giving her plenty of space as he sprawls comfortably, offering a cup to Abigail before taking one for himself. "BJ's mother is in Vegas with her life partner Leah, she has a consistent gig there, she left the baby with me shortly after having it along with custody papers seeing as she didn't really want kids." He takes a sip of tea, licking his lips. "I'm the father though, so ya know. I don't mind, she's a beautiful gift." Then he taps a glossy black nail against the cup. "Diana ah, her mother was a victim of um, things that happened about 2 years ago in the City, I was helping rescue/assist survivors and she had the two year old and was running or something." He stares off at nothing in particular looking some what haunted. "Made me promise to take care of her then uh, spontaneously combusted." He looks down to his tea. "Weirdest shi-stuff…"

"Oh you haven't seen the half of it" Like people who can body jump, and live forever or have a multitude of abilities at their whim. "Your a very christian man, taking her in like that. It seems like this family works, it's good to see that" And she means it.

Raquelle tilts his head to the side. "Pastors who make folks see stuff, young ladies that can fix spiders…" He checks things off on his fingers and just chuckles softly. "I try my best to be decent honey, I really do. My girls are my life." And he means that. "As long as nobody tries to take them away, we'll be okay."

"Pastor Sumter's gift is very unique but that's only the tip of an iceberg. You should look through the news for members of SCOUT. They're all evolved. There's an audio kinetic that I know, she manipulates sound in ways you never knew. Baxter, they call him peter pan, he has.. powered flight I think, they call it. He saved me from a mugging once. I returned the favor when he was burned badly not long ago" She could go on down the list.

Raquelle is listening intently as he just flashes a grin, siiiiiipping tea. "It makes people even more special if the beauty that's within can manifest in ah, gifts, safe thing to call 'em." He lets his tongue swipe over his bottom lip before tilting his head to the side. He fiddles with a small silver earring before quirking a slender eyebrow. "So most of ya'll know each other…yeah?"

"I know some, but that's only because of my gift. I help at the hospital with some people who come in and need a miracle or two, the same with the officers. If one of them gets shot. I met the pastor a few weeks back though, just after the church opened. It's like a breath of home, hearing him speak. I also work down at Old Lucy's. In greenwhich, it's like Coyote ugly I was told. They call me the Nun" The tea is consumed littel by little, enjoying it, by the look on her face.

Raquelle notes the names and such before he coughs at the mention of Coyote Ugly. "Ah." He frowns a bit before chuckling softly to himself. "You're like a little Angel, less of a nun, but I'm pretty sure you won't be dancing on the bar either way. So sweet." He titters to himself. "So it works with humans as well I'm assuming? You are soooo lucky sweetie, so very lucky."

'I don't dance on the bar, and I don't show my chest. I just serve the drinks" Lucky. Some days it sure feels like it. "Very much so. People and animals, just about anything that's wrong I can fix given enough time and energy. Registered as well, and all anyone has to do if they know what I can do is ask. I don't take any money for it. How about you? Coaxing spiders from parts unknown?"

Raquelle laughs softly, eyes flicking down to Abby's chest and smirks. "You do realize most guys are more turned on and tempted by what they can't see than what they can, hmmm?" He winks and sips his tea, squinting and resting an arm along the back of the couch. It takes him a moment to process the registered thing. "Well, with great power comes great responsibility, because goodness gracious you're such a little saint. I'm glad to know ya." Then at the question about spider coaxing he chokes a bit on his tea and coughs. "Well. I sing, yeah I do hair too but I was here for a broadway audition with things went to hell…you know what they say, music soothes the savage beast and all that."

"But not everyone can get a spider to calm just by cooing to it and make it come to you" Abigail points out to the freckle dotted man beside her.

Raquelle opens his mouth and shuts it before shrugging a shoulder. "And therein lies my own little rabid monkey of a problem sweet pea. Having to find the difference between gifts, skills, talents, freak factors and all those things. When I sing, people…spiders listen…Music is uh, what feelings /sound/ like. Somehow it all comes together for different people in different ways darlin'." His lips twist in a wistful smile.

"Singing is your conduit. Faith is mine" It makes sense to Abigail. "Ten people can have the same ability and it's all in how they've learn to use it" Abigail nods, looking over to the stairs where the children disappeared to with the spider. "I can't stay long I have appointments and I have class to attend. But i'm glad I could do this for them and it was a pleasure to meet you Raquelle"

Raquelle ahhs and noddles as he starts to get to his feet. "Aye, I won't claim to be all special and gifted like my little sweet Abby Angel, but that is so very very true." He eyes the stairs. "And I need to get the girls ready for the day so they can get to daycare and such before work." He sighs softly. "It was so kind of you to come by and do this, really. The girls will never forget you and I'm sure we'll see you at church."

"Wednesdays and Sundays. Twice a week like clockwork. If i'm not there, something's come up" Abigail offers. "And if you join the choir you'll see me there" The teacup is placed down someplace safe. "If the girls are sick, here's my number" She dug a piece of paper out of her pocket, with her number on it. "If I don't answer right away just leave a message"

Raquelle just nods quickly and takes the number as he escorts Abigail to the door when the time comes and he's all about door opening and making sure the shoes are where Abigail can step into them with no problems. "We'll be in touch, trust me."

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