Strike Two


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Scene Title Strike Two
Synopsis Magnes just doesn't learn. Flying chicken attack!
Date December 28

Dorchester Tower Apartments

It's early in the evening, and after calling to make sure she wasn't particularly booked, Magnes called again to ask her if she could come outside for a moment. He's standing outside on a checkered picnic blanket, with a wicker picnic basket on top of it. He's wearing a surprisingly expensive suit, something left over from his days with Tracy Strauss, black and neatly pressed.

As usual, Dr. Blite was well at work on some research at him, her mind consumed with the drive to continue the groundwork so she can get to field testing soon. Normally she doesn't have interruptions, but this week seems to be themed with them. Was she booked? No, not really. Was she busy? Yes, which he didn't ask her, otherwise she would have said she was. The request to meet him outside gets Yana to questioning the boy more than she had the previous night. The way she emerges from her study sends even the newly acquired dog rushing to get out of her way. It means that she has to throw on her shoes, and head all the way down to the lobby. She has to wonder just what it is he wants this time.

To her surprise, or rather to he not being surprised, she is met with Magnes making a pretty obvious attempt at correcting his past mistakes. "I see.." peers at him and comments. The mind of a woman is a fickle and ever changing thing. He is taking steps to fixing what she pointed out, yet Yana does not yet appear impressed. "I would have expected you to have waited at least another week or so before attempting again." There is that word, 'expect'. Yana expects a lot from people.

"You'd expect, but do you want a guy to be boringly predictable? There is one thing I want to add." Magnes holds up a finger, a bit calmer than the other day, not stepping away from the blanket. "I wanted to surprise you, which meant I couldn't give you ample time to prepare for something like this. So I'm fully prepared for you to turn me down if you have something else that needs to be done."

"Not so much predictable, as mindful that there should be a cooling off period. A lady needs time to mull over things. You could take a hint or two from Dr. Ruslan. Even with his awkwardness, Russian men know a thing or two about how to impassion a woman. But then again, Elijah could use some help in a few areas himself." she looks at Magnes for several moments, contemplating the whole situation. An earlier conversation with Keagan has her considering his feeling neglect, yet something always seems to come up. "I'll get my coat. But I'm holding you responsible for my nephews displeasure at me missing dinner again." She wouldn't want to be rude, since he went through the trouble.

"Ah, wait, are you sure it's a good idea to leave, in that case?" Magnes thinks about the children! There's a slight frown, but he doesn't insist, instead straightening his tie while he waits. "I can make it up to him, I used to take care of orphans, I'm pretty good with kids."

"Keagan might be a special case. He isn't my child of course, he belonged to my eldest brother, whom we lost in the bomb. Both of his parents actually. I felt it was my duty to take him in, that I could provide for him enough and keep him from the strict hand of my father, but my worklife cripples his need for interaction. He misses family, and it is difficult for me to give him the family he craves. " Yana shakes her head slowly, "Keagan is a rather difficult boy. He'll not be easy to appease, especially from a stranger. But you seem pretty intent on proving yourself, so we'll see how you handle his displeasure. I won't be but a moment." she returns to the elevator. If she has to lay challenges in his path, she is more than glad to do so.

"I'll come prepared, when you're ready for me to try." Magnes says quite confidently, having had time to somewhat steel his resolve over the few days since their last meeting. He waits patiently for her, looking up into the sky, then down at the doors. Dorchester is a place with plenty of memories for him, so it's always nice to visit.

It is just as she said, she would need a few minutes to go retrieve her coat, and give an explanation to Keagan. He shouldn't hopefully care too much, because he got his dog, though Yana expects that the boy will have a bit of a problem with Magnes after this, which will only make things more difficult. The elevator doors come back open, and Yana returns with her coat and her fur, flipping it over her shoulders. "Alright, I'm ready. I am interested to see exactly how and where you plan to utilize that in this weather." she points to basket he has. The woman has yet to show any other emotion other than the calm one that she has been.

"You'll see." Magnes reaches out to gently take her hand, nodding for her to step on to the blanket. "Alright, sit down and stay close to me, you'll see what we're doing in a moment." He sits down, crossing his legs, placing his free hand on to the basket.

Color her a little skeptical about exactly what is going on here. More than skeptical perhaps, as she peers down at him and the blanket as if he were insane, "You expect me to sit down with you, here, in front of the building on a blanket so you can show me something?" Such a thing is an affront to the very delicacy of her nature. It just doesn't happen where she comes from, not in the big city. She is in a dress, and he wants her to sit on the floor? The sidewalk of New York City? What exactly does he take her for? Ladies such as Yana do not act out such shenanigans. "I'm afraid you have me mistaken for someone else. Your gesture is probably done with the best of intentions, but once again, you aren't seeing with your eyes, Magnes. You're not taking things into consideration."

"Well, I was taking a few things into consideration, but it looks like you won't realize it until I show you." Magnes stands back up, grabbing the basket, then continues to hold her hand as they begin to suddenly ascend. The blanket seems to be moving up with them, but there's no particular feeling of being unsteady, holding them quite solidly in place. "See what I mean now?"

This is probably worse than his proposed idea of her sitting on the blanket on the ground. Firstly, she wonders why he is holding her that way, and then next she can feel the ground move away from her feet. A startling realization to say the least. Yana remembers what it used to be like to be young, and desire things that were grand and impossible, and flights of fancy such as this might have been met with a girlish glee. But.. she isn't a girl anymore, she was taken through private schools, finishing schools, college to get her degree, she has been married, played a wife for a time, and has come to amass her own success. There are just some things you out grow, and Yana is years past the desire to fly. Unless she is sitting in first class, with her individual package of peanuts and cocktail.

She screams, as if he expected her to do anything else? It isn't just the fear of falling, but the gravity of the situation as a whole.. or the lack thereof. She is in a dress. Did he not think about that? Yana's eyes go wide, and the woman cries out like she is going to die. "What is going on here!? Dear lord, what are you doing?! My dress! My dress!" she screams, trying to protect her modesty from anyone who could be looking up.

The floating away with his assistant part, Elijah could have dealt with just fine. He would have been jealous, and just a little angry, but he would have been able to deal with that. But when Yana shrieks at the top of her lungs, that's when Elijah kind of draws a line. He came outside in time to view the display, and he's seen more than enough to make a move to stop the boy.

Elijah is…wearing casual clothing, today. He didn't go in to work today, taking a bit of personal time. He'll return after the new year. Long footsteps carry the man toward Yana and Magnes, and the man calls out with a sharp Russian accent. "Excuse me! Let her go."

"Hey, hey! Relax." Magnes looks down to her dress, which promptly flattens, unyielding to the wind as they begin to lower again once Elijah calls out. "We were going high enough to not be seen, and…" He grunts, sounding a little irritated at the man as he releases her and raises a hand to massage his forehead. "Alright, the magic carpet thing isn't going to work for you, I get it. I have to go grab some candles so they don't fall out of the sky, if you'll both excuse me…"

Relax? Relax?! She is flying, and she isn't meant to fly! It isn't anywhere near her power, so as romantic as he might have thought this would be, it was a bad idea to pull on a woman like her! There is no way she is going to enjoy this under any situation. No matter if he is keeping her dress down or not. As she squirms, she loses a show from one foot, which drops down in front of Elijah as he appears to rescue her from the power of flight. Yana does not stop screaming until she is safely back on both feet, and then she is scowling heavily. The woman is mortified, "Unbelieveable! I have never been so horrified in my life!" she is walking funny to move over and retrieve her shoe from the ground, looking up at Elijah, still scowling, but not really at him. She is like a beehive that has been shook. The woman is heated. "I cannot believe the— Ugh!" she groans and she quickly turns, limping with only one heel on her foot to the elevator.

Magnes is probably getting off light. The last man that infuriated Yana ended up with a face full of herpes type 2. As the elevator doors open, and Yana steps inside, she turns around, still vexed and looking out at the two men. "Mr. Varlane, you have some major growing up to do. Elijah, thank you." though it is still said in the same angry tone. "I will retire to my abode for a nice dinner with my family. Good day." she announces firmly, and the doors close.

Elijah frowns as Yana makes her way to the elevator. He looks like he wants to protest, but instead just closes his mouth, watching her go. Then, he turns to stare quietly at Magnes, a frown on her face. "Why would you do something like that without warning her?! Flying like that is something that you should warn people about!" He scowls at the younger boy.

Varlane…he knows that name. His brows knit together, and he's suddenly grabbing for that blanket that Magnes was on, as if that will stop him from going away somehow. "Varlane…you are Mr. Varlane's son! I should inform him of your harassment of his employees! I should report you for abuse of your Evolved Ability!"

Angry Russian is angry.

"I'd have been fine if you didn't interrupt!" Magnes opens the basket, pulling out a whole roasted chicken by the leg, then chucks it hard in Elijah's direction. "Just leave me alone." Then, up he goes, with his basket and blanket, not wanting to spend a moment longer in this situation.

Elijah ducks the chicken, staring wide-eyed at Magnes. "What is wrong with you, boy?! Your father will hear about this. Harassment of his employees, attacking his employees…" Suddenly, Elijah is pulling out his phone, dialing 911. He doesn't press send yet, however. "I'm going to press charges against you for assault. I know who you are!"

Elijah sneers. "You wouldn't have been fine if I hadn't interrupted! She was screaming. She left angry because of what you did. You are a delusional moron if you think that she was enjoying that in any way, shape or form! Stay away from Dr. Blite, do you hear me?!" This is all but hollered after Magnes.

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