Stripping Away The Mirage


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Scene Title Stripping Away The Mirage
Synopsis Len and Grim discuss the founder killings.
Date September 12, 2009

Homeland Security Holding Facility

The one thing about holding someone at Homeland Security is that you don't have to transport them all the way to Fort Hero. You don't have to risk them figuring out where they are and thus putting the base at risk, thus putting those who work for the Company at risk. When Len Denton arrives to the parking lot of the Homeland Security Holding Facility, he enters and after flashing his badge around is led to a small interrogation room. He's already let them know who he is there to see. As he takes a seat, he sets the manila folder down on the table and waits for them to bring him in.

Passing Agent Castillo in the hall, he asks that she let him handle this interogation, but that she's more than welcome to watch from behind the viewing room on the other side of the mirror. He takes a glance in that direction, before opening up the folder and looking through the contents as he waits.

Ushered in to the interrogation room with more than one pair of handcuffs holding his hands behind his back, Grim looks back at the officers as they push him into the room and then blinks when he sees Len sitting there at the table. Slowly shuffling, hobbling over towards the opposite side of the table due to manacles around his ankles, he eases himself down in to the seat. He does not appear as he normally does, his face a fair crisscrossed mess of scars. Hardly his normal self. After seating himself he does not say a word, his expression rather blank save for one eyebrow that raises a millimeter.

Len, all cowboy'd up, lifts his head and glances as the man is brought in, as he closes the folder in front of him. His expression is rather reserved. While normally, Len can find reason to make light of any situation, this time he cannot bring himself to. "Former Agent Grimalkin." He stands as he greets the man who used to work for him. After Grim seats himself, Len sits as well. "I believe that you are here of your own accord. Agent Castillo assures me that you turned yourself over to her custody. There's no reason for me to dispute that. I believe that if you so desired, you could have remain at large for as long as you want. It's because of this that I'm here now. She has expressed to me that you desire to be placed back on active duty. I will say this: While everyone else has been doubting your sincerity and loyalty, she has not." Just to be sure he knows who to thank for the fact that he's being given this opportunity.

There is a momentary flash for something that passes behind Grim's eyes as the word 'former' is used as a prefix to a title he has long held a good deal of pride in. He reacts no further though and bows his head, looking down at the table top. Listening without interrupting Len, he nods slowly. "Yes. I have a very good partner. Even if she did not alert me to the fact that I would be neutralized. While I came in of my own free well, I suppose I was deluded to think I would be welcomed back with arms opened wider than they were." His jaw shifts a little and he sighs a breath out.

"I think you realize that you're in quite the position. We already have you placed at the scene of one of the murders. This Adam Monroe character has been near the top of our wanted list for quite some time. It's time we take him down. You help me with this, and you have my word that I'll do what I can to get you placed back in ranks with official status. Consider this my version of confessional."

Len removes his hand long enough to run his hand over hear near balding head before replacing the hat. "Those higher than I want someone for these murders and you're the only one I have in custody. I want Monroe. He's killed one of your fellow agents, injured another and attacked a third and now he's killing those who founded this organization. I think perhaps Mr. Monroe is a little irked that he's not been the center of our attention as of late." Perhaps that's giving Monroe a little too much credit, but it wouldn't be completely unrealistic. "So, can I count on your help?"

Looking up from the table top Grim frowns at Len as that question is put to him. "You always had it. Yes, I was out of communication. Yes, I was running with Adam Monroe and his gang of miscreants. Yes, in hindsight I should have called in sooner but he has a /telepath/. If I was not fully on board with him, she would have seen right through me eventually and told Adam. I cannot sing Kum Ba Yah in my head every second of the day." he says, his voice rising in volume near the end there and then he takes a breath to quiet himself. "I want out of these cuffs and shackles and I want a mask to wear until I am able to have my ability back…"

"It'll be done as soon as we're done here." Len opens the folder now and pulls out some photos. They are obviously from a security camera. Six photos are spread out onto the table. Len touches the first, a photo of Adam Monroe. "This guy we already know. Monroe. The guy in charge." The next long dark finger falls on the photo of Huruma. "We have record of her and of him." The pictures of 'him' is Ashley. The next is Sam. "I have a pretty good idea who this guy is." That leaves three photos. Two blond females. "One of these two must be your telepath. Give me some names to go with these faces, and what they can do."

Grim looks down at the photos from the camera that are placed before him and leans forward. He moves his arm as if to point but end up jerking his arm and he gives a roll of the eyes. "The one on the left's name is Kaylee Thatcher. Works at the bar where Adam and his friends hang out. She's very, very close to Adam. They have a familial bond in this group. Everyone has their roll. If someone is the father, it is Adam and Kaylee is his daughter. She's the telepath. She's good but tuckers out quick enough if strained. She's harmless though. No threat to anyone so long as she is not told by Adam to do something though she would react to protect any member of the group." he explains at length and then looks over as the photo on the right. "Her name's Sabrina. I don't have much on her. All I ever really got is that she is some kind of personal assistant to Monroe."

Len is a tad disappointed not to get more on Sabrina. "She's the one who got shot. I was hoping you'd had more on her. You'd think after getting shot, she might be a little disgruntled." Len leans back in his chair and spins Sabrina's photo around towards him. The other's don't seem to interest him, only because in the video he saw, they were the ones who right there with Monroe. But this one. He glances up at at Grim. "Have you been made yet? If I cut you loose right now, would you be able to go back in undercover and see if there's any dissension within the ranks?"

"Almost want to say I've overplayed my hand with this thing as it is…" Grim mutters, his eyes darting back and forth as he thinks quick. Looking up at Len, he nods. "You cut me loose right now, flush my system out, give me a couple hours of rest and let me talk to Castillo for a while and I'll go back in, see what I can find out. There's a lot of wild cards in this, like Winters, but I believe I can get what you are looking for."

"I think the best thing to do here is find a way to make this group implode upon themselves." Len's finger taps on the photo of Sabrina. "I think we need to start with her. Getting shot will definitely skew a perspective on something like this. The others seem to be going along with whatever Monroe wants." He glances back towards the mirrored window for a moment. "Alright. Here's the deal. Do what you have to do. Be careful of the telepath.." his finger trails from one blond to the next. "We don't want to be pulling you out of the river." Len gathers his photos and tucks them all away then stands. "I need to know who his next target is. I have an idea." Len and another of his ideas. "I'll make sure you get what you need. If there's anything else, go through Castillo and we'll figure it out. Keep up the good work, and be careful."

Grim stands up from the chair seeing as the interrogation/meeting is over, giving a nod, the hint of a smile tugging at his lips though it looks painful as he does so. "You will not regret this. You have my word on that." he says before his gaze travels to the one-way glass and back to Len. He stays where he is, allowing Len to leave and waits to be escorted from the room, seeming to be in better spirits than he was at the beginning of the meeting.

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