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Scene Title Structure
Synopsis Acquaintances meet again at the World's Fair.
Date May 16, 2019

World’s Fair, Governor's Island, NYC Safe Zone

A pop-up bar near the VIP lounge for Yamagato Industries.

As one of the trifecta of the big three companies showing their designs and wares to the people at the World’s Fair, Yamagato Industries has a wide range of products on display. The color and light shifting digital banners mimic the neon blues and purples that mark off Yamagato Park from the rest of the Safe Zone, occasionally interrupted by the Yamagato logo on a screen. Staff on hand dressed in uniform looking outfits also wear a badge displaying their vendor status in easily recognizable designs.

Marlowe doesn’t normally condone plastic badge covers clipped onto her person this way, as it “ruins the aesthetic” of her carefully coordinated outfit but at present she doesn’t concern herself with her look. It also doesn’t much matter to the people at the stand-up bar near the Yamagato section. She’s alone at one of the two-person standing tables, poking at an angled tablet and drinking what appears to be a Cosmopolitan if one were to judge by the sexy pink color of the liquid within.

The woman drinking it looks like she’s business with her hair carefully straightened and makeup done with the air of a natural look. The touches of fun are what lies in the accessories adorning her fingers and the necklace chain, metallic items that catch and sparkle with the adjacent colors from nearby lighting. That, and the yellow leopard print pants paired with a black bare-shouldered top and lacy upper arm sleeves. The badge in question hangs off the bottom of the necklace rather than the standard World’s Fair lanyard.

Having just finished a security shift Lucille Ryans makes her way through the crowd, vest undone but the Wolfhound insignia is on the shoulder of her asymmetrical blazer. Booted feet carry her forward towards the Yamagato booth. Her clothes are in dark shades of gray and black. A Banshee is clipped to her hip, partially hidden by the blazer that shifts in the wind generated by her movements.

As she comes to the standing tables and Marlowe, the Wolfhound operative has a flicker of recognition and thinks back to the gala thrown where she made out with her now friend, Tania. "Hey Gadget Queen," As she nears the shorter woman with a cant of her head. Light gray blue eyes flick over her outfit and accessories, girl knew how to dress.

"Those bikes are pretty impressive." The Ventus was slick and Lucille had a account full of money. "Definitely grabbing one." A light grin plays across her lips, easygoing. She's off duty though still in uniform but she exudes a calmness, her movements loose.

As she’s addressed with such a title, Marlowe absently hums a few bars of Killer Queen softly, glancing up to who’s called her such. The first thing her eye lands on is the Banshee on the hip. Then her gaze pans up to the Wolfhound insignia on the shoulder, then those gray-blue eyes and the face surrounding them.

“God, you have great structure,” she comments before she can stop herself. One must debate whether Marlowe wanted to stop herself though. Or if she even could. How many cocktails was she in?

With a swipe of her fingers to lock the screen from whatever was on it, the Yamagato engineer flips it closed so she could focus on the newcomer, matching the grin with a smile of her own. “I mean,” she says with indication of her own cheeks, nowhere quite as sharply defined as Lucille’s.

“You like the Ventus, eh? You’re going to love it once you’re sitting on it. Smooth riding.” The shop talk serves to circle the main focus at hand. Marlowe tilts her head at a slight left, taking in the off-duty Wolfhound. “I wouldn’t forget those cheekbones any time soon, but you’ll have to forgive me… I believe the last I saw them they were getting acquainted with my friend Tania’s own…” Her eyes glimmer with humor when she remembers the kiss. “Marlowe,” she re-introduces after the pause for recollection. “What’re you drinking?”

Lucille grins at the humming and shrugs her shoulders, "Let's blame it on my parents. But I don't want to hear a thing from you about things like structure. Uh hello, look at you." The comment fest could go on, it really really could. Hai girlfriend. Heart emoji, kiss emoji. Lucille winks and leans in on the table crossing her feet at her ankles.

"Oh I cannot wait, believe me. I have a thing for a nice sturdy bike." Hell on wheels a guy had once told her but Lucille liked to believe she was a ninja on wheels. Thank you very much.

Oh god, well of course she didn't forget either but it doesn't stop Lucille from turning red, "Yea she came to an event with my sister and I later. That night…" Lucille ends up laughing and patting her hand on the table. "I was in rare form. My best friend, Colette. She keeps suggesting I date women. She's in a happy, healthy throuple situation and wants me to feel the love." The last bit drawn out with a shake of her head. Luce had found something that felt nice in Finn though. She was hoping Colette wouldn't tease her too bad. "Oh I'm drinking what you're drinking, please and thanks." There aren't any Hounds who refuse a drink and she's off the clock. And no Francois nearby. Though he would probably knock a few back as well.

Her eyebrows lift, and Marlowe turns to note to a passing server in Japanese that they’d like a couple more drinks. Lucille can catch the name of it in the quick order: Cosmopolitan. The gist is there. Then she turns back to her original drink, taking a quick sip of it and setting it down. “I’ll blame my parents too, they aren’t in the country,” she jokes with a light chuckle. The other woman turning red just makes Marlowe’s smile shift crookedly. Her eyes take in the other woman’s face as Luce talks.

“You don’t really hear about that sort of thing where I’m from,” muses Marlowe, her fingers twisting her martini glass on the stem. Japan was by and large a conservative country still, propriety and politeness. The seediness was reserved for its underbelly and furtive glances away, double-talk, and heavy context. “Where I was raised. But this is America, land of ‘opportunity’.” Best not waste it, her long stare implies.

She blinks in her study of the Wolfhound. “Heavy stuff for a second meeting, though,” she notes, waving away the negative vibe as if it were an odorous stink. “So what does your ‘best friend Colette’ say about you cruising around, looking the way you do with your structure,” she says with a tip of her head in the woman’s direction.

"It's good to have no regrets," Not that Lucille had none, it was just nice to say and also true for some people. Hopefully that rang for Marlowe. The other woman waving away of the problems that would darken the mood is noted by a bright grin from the taller woman, noting also that long stare. Luce blinks and leans back, "She wants me to be more local and settle down. Give someone the benefit and seeing all this structure in it's full glory." A crack of laughter and a stray hand goes to hold onto the end of her blazer.

"I'm wildly interested in your tech. The applications that you have… applied thus far." Lucille searches for a word, "Inspiring." She's laying it on thick but it helps to have been in the modeling industry. It's almost second nature to reach out and wrap someone in the embrace of friendship. Friends meant something in this world, besides just favors and girltime. It meant something to be known by the pushers of the world, that's what Luce called them. Higher ups who can make real change.

Marlowe seemed the type.

"What about your pet projects? Anything wild?" A wink is thrown the Asian woman's way.

Marlowe did not grow through the modeling industry. But camaraderie was also important. Team building. Trust. Chemistry. Something she notes as qualities Lucille has experience with, what with being in Wolfhound.

The swivel back to the mention of tech and pet projects earns a more coy grin from Marlowe. She swirls a finger in the air, a lazy circle pointed in Lucille's direction. "If you came by the shop some time, I wouldn't mind. Hearing more about the wild interest and applications from a fellow creative and enthusiast," she says with a genuine smile following it.

She drops her pointing finger down to the tabletop, drumming it along a bit closer to the center, closer to Lucille's hand. It's about then one of the servers returns with a cocktail to set in front of Lucille. Marlowe arches up both brows, hand retracting so she can pick up her own Cosmo. "Is that the Wolfhound sniffing around for a trade," she teases gently, "because you'll have to wait for the Showcase to see what's happening first."

She lifts her glass and takes a small sip, watching Lucille over the rim all the while.

"You've caught me." Raising her free hand that doesn't go for her Cosmo. Taking a healthy sip of the drink before lowering the rim and turning her full gaze on the tech specialist. "You can't blame a girl for trying to see something special. Not that the designs you've made aren't enough," a light shrug of her shoulder with a grin to match, "I'm just thirsty for knowledge." Always have been. Always will be.

"But," Taking another sip of her drink, "I wouldn't say no to checking out your workshop. And before you say it's too spy you can just hide all the stuff that's wrapped up in NDAs with a tarp." Lucille grins and cocks her hip out while settling her weight on the table.

"If you'd like to see our base, notably what I like to think of as our X Jet. Then that would be a noteworthy trade."

A bright and heady sort of laugh bubbles out of Marlowe that infiltrates her eyes as she watches Lucille, made moreso by the alcohol flowing. “Mm,” the woman concurs monosyllabically, but the sound made appreciates all of the Hound’s words and actions. It’s with the offer of seeing the ‘X Jet’ that piques the engineer as surely as Lucille might have poked her with a stick.

She smiles broadly, leaning closer to a conspiratorial distance. “Let me sit in the cockpit and I’ll get you the VIP Access,” she near-whispers, upping the stakes in coy suggestion.


Lucille reaches her hand out to firmly shake Marlowe's and her eyes glitter. Dipping her head, "There's this guy… Francis." He's Gay? Is he? Really? "Great eye candy who will pilot us," leaning in with a larger smile.

"If we want." Francis better at least.

Lucille hopes.

"I can't lie that enjoy the tech side of things, infinitely curious I guess. Making connections work." Lucille's sheepish in her delivery.

Hands shook, deals struck, the Yamagato tech director looks quite pleased at the result. At the lean in, Marlowe mirrors the smile. “Francis, hm? I’m definitely down for indulging in something sweet.” Not that there isn’t a bit of eye candy in front of her that she’s already been helping herself to. When Lucille claims she can’t lie about enjoying tech, Marlowe laughs aloud before pressing her fingertip to the top of her lips, highly amused at the sheepish delivery coming from the Wolfhound.

“Just because we’re ladies doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy tech,” she affirms, nodding twice. One of those two nods accompanies a further, coy suggestiveness. That said, Marlowe pulls back and reaches out for one of Lucille’s hands to take as she slides back from the standing table. “Speaking of, come on then, with me. I’m gonna show you around all this tech.” She adds a quick head tilt and wink for Lucille to take her drink with.


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