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From the heart of Manhattan, Studio K strives to be a top producer and provider of entertainment for the world to see. As the home of hit shows like The Advocate and Talk About It, as well as new ventures such as Up All Night, Studio K will stop at nothing to provide quality entertainment for the world's viewing pleasure. While Studio K may be best known for their quality television programming, it cannot be denied that the Syndicated Radio department has played a strong hand in the studio's rising popularity.

About Studio K

Head up by the no-nonense Kristen Reynolds, Studio K has been a driving force in New York ever since she turned her nose up at the Hollywood lifestyle. Kristen planted her studio right in the middle of the action, where things were less fake and more non-stop. Just putting the studio in Manhattan was an adrenaline rush. Which is what Studio K is all about. Taking pride in being one of the few independent studios to score contracts with networks all across the television spectrum, as well as dipping its toes into the radio waves, Studio K is on its way to being one of the greatest businesses of its kind in the Big Apple. Just like the ratings of their products, Studio K has nowhere to go but UP.

Studio K has projects in development in all of the following areas of media:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Internet

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Current Employees

Name Department Position Company Profile
Kristen Reynolds Studio K Owner Kristen Reynolds is a shark. She doesn't take anything from anyone unless they've earned the respect to do so. Even then, they could find themselves fired. She's the Boss.
Dirk Studio K Kristen Reynold's Assistant Dirk is a man that needs no introduction. You'll know him when you see him.
Kincaid August Television, Radio Assistant Producer
Tahir Avery Dunham Television Host of Up All Night Tahir Avery Dunham is a man that's always after two things: Women and Fun. He takes his job very seriously, even if it doesn't look like it. His professional rival is Ryan Seacrest.
Robyn Quinn Radio Radio Personality; DJ Host of The Showcase, a radio show aimed at debuting and showcasing independent and lesser known music acts alongside more familiar acts both from New York and from around the country. Also one of Studio K's event DJs.
Reuben Spencer Radio Radio Personality
Bradley Russo Television Host of The Advocate Bradley Russo is a shark in his own right. He's all about the ratings, what will propel the show, and how he can spurn more controversy on air. He purposely seeks out different opinions on subjects and in his own, very subtle way encourages open debate on camera.
Smoov Radio DJ (?)
Mitchell Harvey Television Production Staff (Film) Mitchell Harvey is a team player and one of Kristen's longest running production staff. He trains and works with his own film crew.
Lizzie Marsdale Television Host of Talk About It Lizzie Marsdale as a reputation as the princess of trash TV. Her daytime show Talk About It quickly became a hit for the Springer generation. Somewhere between Oprah Winfrey, The View, and Jerry Springer, Marsdale is all about the trash.
Janet Falkland Television Production Staff (Sound) Janny is the sound girl. She's relatively new, and was hired by Mitchell to be a member of his team. She isn't actually the most proficient sound girl, but has a reputation of being the studio bicycle. Yeah, Kristen is probably going to fire her.
Markus Horne Television Programming Manager Markus Horne offers much experience in managing production crews. While Kristen is the boss, Markus is the organizer.


Employment Opportunities

  • Security: Studio K has multiple positions for security personnel available. Contact Kristen Reynolds' office with your resumé to schedule an interview. Recommended Qualifications include using firearms experience and dealing with large crowds.
  • Model Search: In preparation for an upcoming televised event for this coming summer, Tahir Avery Dunham is holding weekly auditions for models to be on this epic event. It is tentatively titled: Tahir Avery Dunham's Neverending Model Search 2011! It is a show that follows in the footsteps of beauty pageants before, but with a Tahir Avery Dunham twist! Interested parties should send their headshots and any other photographs directly to Tahir Dunham.
  • Interns: Studio K provides and offers a wide variety of different internships, which may or may not count towards collegiate credits. Internships have the possibility of being paid, though the majority of them do not. Contact Kristen Reynolds to check your eligibility of acquiring an internship at the studio.
  • Personal Assistant: With his new responsibilities as a integral part of the Studio K family, Tahir Avery Dunham is in dire need of a personal assistant. She must both look the part and have tremendous… qualifications. In addition, she should be very passionate about attending to every one one of Tahir's needs. If you would like to apply for this position, please contact Tahir Dunham down at Studio K to set up an interview.


Blurb about the Television Side of Studio K!

The Advocate

Host: Bradley Benjamin Russo
Time Slot: Sunday, 8PM

When critics heard the pitch for The Advocate given to the networks, they didn't think the world needed another Bill Maher. But Bradley Russo is no Bill Maher. Early on he was praised for his biting wit and delightful cynicism. These days? He gets accused of being a bleeding heart liberal and turning soft as a result.

  • Every Sunday night, head-to-head with 60 Minutes, the Advocate has strong ratings, a keen reputation, and a lot to offer.


Air Date Title Guests Staff Episode Summary
10/04/10 On Air Magnes, Matt, Nicole, Savannah Kristen and Russo Registration and evolved rights are debated.
11/15/10 Goodbye Neutrality Anna, Alia, Brennan, Lockheart, Magnes Kincaid, Kristen, and Russo Russo hosts the show of a lifetime while saying a sweet goodbye to his long held journalistic neutrality. In the meantime, Kristen breaks in a novice the hard way.
11/21/10 Get Advocated Magnes, Marjorie, Pete, Praeger, Savannah Kristen and Russo What promises to be a fantastic show turns into something explosive with expletives and booming with laughs. It'll grab ratings faster than a …. well you know.
11/28/10 Be Better Peyton Russo The Advocate gives an appeal and settles in for a one-on-one interview.
12/24/10 Let Them Know It's Christmas Time Brennan, Nicole, and Quinn Kincaid, Kristen, and Russo A special episode of the Advocate goes to raise money for families struck by tragedy on November 8th, reach out New York.

Bonus Materials

  • Fame and Fortune — If you play a famous character with any remotely political bent we can likely fit you in as long as an angle can be come up with. (Contact Russo or Kristen for details.)
  • Public Attention — If you have an event or anything that could use some political public attention The Advocate is a place you can get it.
  • Staff — While Russo is the host, there is room for other staff on the show including: advisers, consultants, and production crew. If interested contact Russo.

Up All Night

Host: Tahir Avery Dunham
Time Slot: Weeknights, 11PM

With Dunham's previous television show attempt crashing and burning, due to the Network shoving him into a horrible time slot, Tahir has been given another chance to let his wild and awesome personality shine on his own late night talk show! Up All Night combines elements from the classic late night masters and allows Tahir to put his own unique spin on the classic format. If it's not broke, don't fix it… just make it your own. And that's exactly what Tahir Avery Dunham has done.

  • In studio preliminary looks have given the show some high marks. It's still a little rough around the edges, but should be ready to shake the system up when it premieres.
  • The set is off the hook. They've taken the classic 'late night' format and added an element that was so crucially missing: Fun.


Air Date Title Guests Staff Episode Summary

Bonus Materials


Other Studio K Productions



Intro Blurb goes here!

The Showcase

Host: Robyn Janestine Quinn
Time Slot: Friday, 3pm - 5pm

The Showcase is a show with a very specific purpose: to offer a venue - a showcase, as the title goes - to show off and debut new, upcoming, and well known indie or formally indie bands and musicians, as well as giving spotlight to acts from outside of the United States who may not have had much mainstream penetration on US markets - particularly musicians from the UK and Sweden. There are often in studio guests in the form of local New England musicians, and the host herself has been known to play on air.

  • Currently, The Showcase only runs Fridays before the evening rush hour, but if the show proves popular may expand to later times or multiple days.


Air Date Title Guests Staff Episode Summary
Coming Soon!

Bonus Materials

  • Rising Musicians — If you play any sort of musician character, and would like some exposure, feel free to toss Quinn an @mail and she'll get you on the show to talk and preform!
  • Promotion — If you run a club, venue, or are throwing an event that somehow involves music (particularly local music), feel free to toss Quinn an @mail and she'll get you on the show to talk and promote your event!
  • Staff — Quinn is the one and only host, but she could certainly use an adviser (for help with legalese and scouting acts to put on the show), and her producer thus far is unnamed!
  • Others! — There's many rasons one could come on the Showcase, and if you think of a reason not listed here, feel free to @mail Quinn with it!

Revolting Rooster and Friends


Other Syndicated Radio Productions


Behind The Scenes


Music From and Inspired by Studio K



  • Security at the Studio will not allow Justin Beiber on the premises. At all. For any reason.
  • Mentioning Ryan Seacrest around Tahir Avery Dunham will cause him to go off the deep end. Try it.
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