Subway Accident Kills 16

MANHATTAN — Shortly after 6:00am a section of the newly refurbished 91st Street Station collapsed due to what is currently being claimed as unexpected structural damage. Only weeks ago this once decomissioned line was opened to the public once more following massive restructuring efforts to the downtown metropolitan subway transit system in light of the catastrophic damage incurred by the explosion in 2006.

New York Transit Authority is claiming that unknown stress fractures on the subway platform may have contributed to the collapse of the overhead tunnel, which claimed the lives of sixteen commuters and injured sixty-seven more. The 91st Street Station has been closed to traffic pending an investigation of the collapse and repair of the damage.

Relatedly, residents in the vicinity of 91st street claim that they felt mild tremors all throughout the block surrounding 91st street station just prior to the collapse, and the Department of Homeland Security is currently investigating any potential terrorist involvement in the subway collapse.

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