Subway Two-Step


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Scene Title Subway Two Step
Synopsis Renard and Luke get stuck on the subway.
Date August 12, 2010


The most shallow of the city's underworld is the subway system. Stations, tubeways, and zipping trains thunder just beneath the streets, carrying the masses. They are a vast circulatory system, bringing people, animals, and filth across the cityscape's breath and width. The subway is a borderland between the dark recesses and the sunlit surface, and in the dimness, sheltered from the light, pestilence human and alien can fester.

In one of the many stations, distinguished only by color and number, people are moving. Some coming in, some going out. A few remain, to busk, to peddle, or to leer at the more fortunate. Into this throng moves something distinct, a small knot of men that create space for one that is cradled in their midst. A man - a young man still, with something like the look of a Wall Street broker. Great hair, a fine suit, a super slim briefcase, a group of bodyguards/hangers-on/entourage in tow, he stands out from the rabble.

His timing is perfect, as the next train pulls into the station when he reaches the bottom of the stairs. As one, the man and his entourage move toward the train as it disgorges its writhing human cargo from its split open flanks. Like fleas from a dying dog, the passengers depart, allowing embarking.

Luke has been on the subway all day long. Why? Because he can. He's got an iPod that didn't originally belong to him, and he's taking up one of the seats, glaring at anyone who would attempt to claim the seat next to him even when the subway was full up. Due to something, people are staying away. Maybe intimidation? He's got the music turned way up, and smirks at the looks he gets from his fellow passengers. At the latest stop, he looks over as people leave, and checks out the newest group to invade.

The only people to enter Luke's car is Renard and his little entourage. Maybe its the way they glare daggers at the others that reserves the car from anyone else that would like to enter. Renard steps in, skillfully dodging some litter to find himself a seat. His entourage follows, and they take up positions around the car. Luke gets quite a glare from one of them with a scarred nose.

The only seat not filled with vomit, stains, or other unpleasantries happens to be across and down from Luke's, just far enough to avoid intimacy while close enough for conversation. Politely, the business mogul nods to the teenager. He even goes so far as to put on a friendly kind of smile when he nods, setting his briefcase beside him. The doors to the car close, and the subway train gets to rolling.

Luke meets the gaze of Scarred Nose glare for glare, with some murderous intent tossed in. Start something, I dare ya. Then he gets a good look at the businessman, and his look turns considering. Huh, he's probably packing some serious dough, huh?

Renard certainly looks like he might have a fat roll of cash. Even to uncultured eyes, his suit is cut too fine, and while not gaudy his watch and rings look heavy with gold and platinum. While the black suited entourage(none as well dressed) stand around the car, watching Luke mostly, Renard reaches into his jacket. Out comes one of those new smartphones, the really expensive ones. He begins to do some work on it, his fingers clicking buttons and eyes turned down toward it.

Luke continues looking over Renard, then grimaces. Ehh, too much of an effort since this guy's got his own personal goon squad. Plus, microwaves in a giant tin can: bad idea. "…bunch of retards." he mutters, -just- loud enough for the goons to hear. Hey, if they start something, he can always finish it!

The subway car goes tricka-track, tricka-rack on down the track, bopping along as normal. The lights flicker for an instant, but that is pretty common too. The muttered commentary is ignored by the executive across from Luke, as he seems engrossed in his smartphone. The entourage, or goon squad, takes notice. He gets another hairy eyeball from Scar-Nose, but no movement.

Luke turns his iPod back on again, and pulls one of his earbuds out of his ear so the loud heavy metal music is clearly audible to everyone on the subway. Luke watches the others to see if it annoys them. It's always amusing to annoy other people.

Renard has his attention caught by this display of anti-social behavior. The goon squad watches in interest as Renard actually looks up from his smartphone to glance at Luke. His eyes take in the headphones, the blaring music. "Excuse me." He says, loudly enough to be heard, but with a polite tone. His voice has a distinct French accent, cultured and urbane. "I think your iPod is a little loud, and disturbing the other passengers. Would you mind turning it down?"

"And what if I don't want to, Frenchie?" Luke replies insolently. "I like my music just the way it is." he sneers at the other 'passengers'. "Besides, I doubt there's two brain cells among them for them to care."

Renard smiles gently. "Then that would be rude. It is considered a mark of civility to take the consideration of others into account before acting." He speaks calmly, politely, not rising to the goads. "If you do not wish to be civil, then we will just shun you completely." He smiles, and there is something sharp in his smile. "Its the way society has functioned for years, young man." Just then, the subway train lurches to a halt with a terrible screeching sound. The lights are extinguished for a brief instant, and then the car is suddenly lit by the very dim emergency lights. Also four bright handheld lights, thanks to the goon squad!

Luke laughs in Renard's face. "I wish more idiots were like you then if that's all it takes for…" he'd finish that sentence, but then the train lurches and he's nearly thrown from his feet. This is, naturally, accompanied by a stream of expletives that are very…. creative, and Luke slams his fist into the wall as if that would make the train obey and start again. Of course, it doesn't. "….piece of shit." he finishes.

The car lurches back a bit, before it finally settles into a dead position. Renard has barely budged from his seat, his reflexes obviously faster that Luke's. His goon squad are unbothered, as they were all hanging out straps or poles while standing. Space is made for the young punk to thrash in his little tantrum, as long as it doesn't approach Renard.

Renard returns to his smartphone, continuing his work as if nothing had occurred.

Luke wasn't having a tantrum, he was venting. There's a difference. "What the hell." he kicks the door of the subway train. "I didn't do anything this time!" hmm? Something similar has happened around Luke before?

Scar-Nose, Goldtooth, Sunglasses, and Chromedome looks around, assessing the car's surroundings - though one of them always has eyes on Luke. Apparently the car just stopped in the middle of the tunnel, for reasons unknown. The other cars are dimly visible with their poorly maintained emergency lights stretched out on wither side. The intercom hisses, apparently broken. At least its bright in this car, thanks to the strong flashlights the goons have. Renard stays composed, clicking away at his smartphone. Without looking up, he responds in a very urbane tone to Luke's query. "Would something you've done normally stop a subway train, young man?"

"Heh. I could probably destroy this entire thing if I wanted." yeah, yeah, Luke, we get it, you're a badass punk. "…not while I was in it though." well duh, that's just smarts, right there.

Now Luke has the attention of Renard and goon squad alike. This might be bad - is the squad packing heat? Those jackets are tailored well enough to hide shoulder holsters, for sure. Renard has put down his smartphone, and now he's looking directly at the young man.

He allows Luke to speak, dividing his attention between the present, and the past. Tendrils of his Ability, invisible, undetectable, caress at the youth across from him. Seeking to relive the most relevant memory at hand - the exact source of the young man's confidence in his destructive abilities. It would take but an instant to sift through a few memories, to discover what, if anything he can do and how he's done it.

Renard smiles ever so slightly. "Really. Well if we aren't on our way in a reasonable time, perhaps you could rip it apart with your bare hands, so we could walk to the next station. I would compensate well a man that could render such a service in my time of need."

He blew up a bridge.

With his HAND. There was an accident, and a bus was leaking gas; that, and there was a fire nearby. Luke was trying to help, but he ended up causing sparks due to the proximity of metal, and the bridge blew up. Fortunately there was a person who could stop time who got everyone to safety, but Luke did blow up a bridge.

Luke snorts at Renard. "Yeah, right, rip things apart with my bare hands. Like I'd want to do that even if I could." actually it doesn't sound all that bad, because that would certainly make some things a lot easier.

Makes a small gesture with his hands, as if to dismiss his words. "As you like. I am sure we will get moving along soon enough anyway." He smiles, a small gesture. "Lets all try to be patient." He tucks his smartphone away into his pocket again. His hands fold together into his lap, looking refined.

Renard makes a small gesture with his hands, as if to dismiss his words. "As you like. I am sure we will get moving along soon enough anyway." He smiles, a small gesture. "Lets all try to be patient." He tucks his smartphone away into his pocket again. His hands fold together into his lap, looking refined.

Luke kicks at the door again. 'Patient' isn't really in his vocabulary. "Great, I'm stuck in here with Ghandi." ok, maybe not, but that's the first person to come to mind. "Ghandi's rich french cousin." that doesn't make sense at all.

Renard smiles a bit wryly. "Ghandi was famous for his pacifist philosophy, which did include elements of patience. I am not as pacifistic as he is, but I appreciate many of his moralistic elements." He steeples his fingers, concealing his mouth. "Consider. What do you gain from getting upset and banging on the door? You're just making yourself mad and bruising your hand. Sometimes the best course of action is to do nothing."

Luke rolls his eyes. "What, you actually follow that bullshit? 'Good things come to those who wait?' Hah. What about Carpe Diem, huh? Doing nothing your entire life is a waste of a life, you might as well just die."

Renard shakes his head. "Stop and think. I said, sometimes." He nods towards Sunglasses, who reaches into his coat. Out comes…a card! Three cards, actually, which are offered for Luke to take. "I hate to say this, but you seem like a young man in need of help. I happen to run some charities, some organizations to help out inner city and disaffected youth. I'm also opening a shelter and support line for the Evolved, if you know any. Feel free to call anytime to them. Help is out there for you."

Luke eyes the cards in his hand, then they start deforming and shriveling as the coating and inking literally melts off them. "Disaffected youth this." gee, guess that means he's Evolved, hmm?

The rejection of the offered assistance is almost a cue. The lights flicker back on, and with a groan the car begins to move very slowly. "I am sorry that you feel that way. Forgive me for offering a hand to you, but you seemed so unhappy in your, whats the term - circulus vitiosus." Sunglasses stares down at the melting cards in his hand, letting them fall. His head turns ever, ever so slightly towards Renard. The rest of the squad seems suddenly on knife's edge. The car begins to pick up speed, heading for the next station. "I will not trouble you further, if that is your desire."

"What the hell did you just call me?" Luke snaps, grabbing a nearby pole when the subway starts again. He notices the sudden alert attention of the goons and smirks slightly to himself. That got their attention. Heh.

The car picks up speed, sure to arrive at the next station soon. The goon squad are now all focused on Luke, like a pack of coiled razor-springs. "Nothing. I just remarked that you are in a, ah, feedback loop of negative attention seeking. Extroverted and positive in character, overt in nature, which is indicative of histrionic personality disorder, in many cases. Its a terrible burden, to feel the constant need for attention and approval, to use self-destructive negative ends to get it. Hurting everyone around you until you are shunned and alone in the darkness of the world."

"Well who asked you?" Luke snaps after a pause. "I'll run my life the way I want to, and nothing some freak foreigner says is going to change that." angry because it's the truth?

Renard leans back slightly in his chair, looking cool and collected. He continues, in his same calm and actually kind of soothing tone. "Well you are free to run your life into the ground if you like. After all, it is your life, and only you have the power to change it." He smiles, but its a hurt smile. "If you wanted to change it, you could."

"Go to hell. Quit trying to play mindgames with me, I'm not interested." he turns away to kick the door again, now that he knows it will open soon. There goes his good mood.

The subway pulls into the next station, slowing down as it gets into position. "As you like. If you ever do want to make a change, to be happy, just reach out." The car DINGS! and the doors open, allowing the youth to escape Renard and his manipulations.

Or just his annoyance, since Luke's too stubborn to be manipulated that easily. He does leave the subway, glaring back at Renard in a parting shot.

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