Subways Derring-do!

Channel 4 News

"In an act of daring heroics, a man was saved from potential death last night at the Bowling Green Subway station in the financial district. Bill Ferrier, an associate at Daiwa Asset Management apparently passed out while waiting for the four train. It was the quick thinking of his fellow passengers that saved Mr. Ferrier"

The television changes to an image of Raquelle Cambria, colored hair and jewelry, talking excitedly into the camera on the sideway near the entrance. "The man fell on to the track, me, the invisible man, and gumby's rioting mob of people with souls helped us get him back up. Nobody got ran over by the train." The screen changes to a cell phone video of the rescue, Raquelle Cambria and an unidentified individual trying to lift a business man off the tracks while a train is whizzing by on the adjacent tracks. Savannah Burton is kneeling down, trying to help as well.

"Mr. Cambria, owner of Cambria Salon and Day Spa, was one of the men who jumped down into the station to help save the man. We were unable to get the name or the identity of the other individual. Mr. Ferrier was taken to the hospital shortly after and has been listed as stable condition, suffering from a concussion and acute bronchitis"

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