Sudden Spike In Weather

April 19, 2010

The National Weather Service has released a severe weather warning for the Atlantic northeast. A sudden spike in the unnatural weather pattern that has been dumping unprecedented amounts of snow over the east coast of the United States has caused whiteout conditions from northern Maine all the way as far south as Virginia.

Airlines are grounding flights until the worst of the storm is over, and some major highways are impassible as the snow falls faster than public works is prepared to remove it. Coupled with this resurgence of snowfall is a decided increase in wind speed and a drop in temperature.

Forecasters are warning residents to stay indoors and seek shelter from the severe weather. Frostbite will set in quickly in these conditions and any exposed skin is at risk.

The high winds will also increase the likelihood of power outages and damage to buildings and with affected states already under a state of emergency, the National Guard has made notice of being short-handed to help deal with this crippling storm.

Yet still, no forecasters are able to say when — or now it may seem if — this weather will pass.

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