Sudden Storm Emergence

"…and now here's Tanya Giletti with this morning's acu-weather forecast. Tanya?"

"Thanks Emily, so how about that weather last night, hmm? The rather inexplicable weather patterns of the last few days dropped over seven inches of rain in two hours over the city. The storm, which brought winds up to fifty-five miles an hour and several lightning strikes is believed to be the result of the upper-air from from Canada meeting with an area of high pressure near New-Jersey. Several homes were damaged in the short-lived storm, and firefighters were dispatched to Central Park due to a minor fire caused by a lightning strike in one of the parks more damaged areas. The high winds are reportedly to blame for power outages across the city, as unstable buildings, signage and trees collapsed from the strain. We'll be back in twenty-five minutes with the detailed local forecast and your five day outlook!"

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