Suddenly Seeking Rebel


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Scene Title Suddenly Seeking Rebel
Synopsis Claire asks Bones to help her try to coax Rebel out of hiding, but without any results.
Date January 25, 2010

A random Starbucks

Coat draped over the back of a fancy metal seat, a Styrofoam cup with the Starbucks label on it sits on the cafe table. Claire lounges in the chair watching the much large man and darker man across from her. She had called earlier in the day, asking Bones to come down to the coffee place and to bring his handy dandy laptop.

She gives Bones a small smile as he settles in a chair across from her. "Thanks for meeting me here. What I need your help doing, might draw attention and I'd rather them not trace signals to the library." Glancing around the busy shop, Claire stands and shifts over so that she is sitting near the newest End Game member.

She let's the loud murmurs of the busy place to cover what she says from all, but Bones' ears. "The mourning it done and the world won't stop turning, so it's time to look at the newest threat. The rumors of camps, being built on Staten."

"Camps?" Bones' eyes flash open wide as he looks at Claire, unable to help a small yet uncontained look of shock come over his features. "You don't mean…" he trails off as he slowly brings his laptop up out of his satchel and sets it on the table. Opening it, he makes sure to turn the wireless card is turned off and lets it run through its boot-up. "So this is about the MPD boys, then? You want to get seen. You want to send up a signal flare."

"Camps.. Think Manzanar… but with 'special' people. Or that's the only reason I can think that Rebel would warn us about it." Claire watches what he does, mostly for something to do. "Rebel hacked the new sites few weeks back and put a message in the article. It mentioned that they are building camps on Staten Island." Leaning over the table to pull her coffee close to her, she sighs.

"I need to talk to Rebel. All of Richard's paperwork.. that string map, none of it shows these camps." Claire goes silent as a pair of bleached blonde walk by tittering about something… probably boys. Once they are past she adds. "Rebel is a technopath.. only way he could be doing this… so…" She motions to the computer. "We're going to try and flag him down… if that fails…. then we'll leave a message in plain site."

A small hand rests on his arm as Claire gives him a matter of fact look, full of confidence. "I need your help, yes. Trust me.. To flag down a technopath is as smile as doing multiple searches for Rebel on the web. I think you can handle it. " A wink is given, before she nods to the computer.

"It's pretty much.. Web search Rebel and see what we get… Maybe different forms of it. " Claire looks thoughtful. "I say start with Rebel first.. just that alone."

Taking a deep breath, Bones nods and pulls up, allowing the page to load. "This will search with four of the biggest search engines on the web right now: Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask. If this does not at least get his attention, I'm not exactly sure what will." he says as he types 'Rebel' in as the keyword and hits 'Go Fetch'. He allows the search results to load but after they finish loading, he tells it to search again, repeating the process over and over again.

Long moments pass by and Claire frowns slightly as nothing seems to happen. "Maybe…. " The word is drawn out as she thinks. "I can't think of phrases to get him to see we want to talk." She holds up her coffee. "Can I get you something? Seems like we're gonna be here awhile and I'm going to get me another one of these."

She starts to stand and pauses, leaning over his shoulder to look at the results displayed in the many repeated searches. "Maybe, open another browser and look up… I dunno some sort ot hacker chat room? Or maybe.. Other search phrases… Like Um.. Redbird team Seeking Rebel.. Stuff like that?" She really isn't sure what she's doing, but she had actually figured they would have heard from the mysterious Rebel by now.

"Uh, just whatever passes for a large iced jasmine tea. If they don't have jasmine, I'll settle for green." Bones says a little absently as he is already hitting CTRL+T, opening ten or so tabs, typing 'Rebel help', 'Redbird team needs help Rebel', 'Rebel contact', 'Rebel nuke Red', 'trying to contact Rebel', 'give us a break Rebel', 'got your message Rebel', 'freedom Rebel', 'patriots Rebel', and 'we are neither Rebel'. Bones then allows all those to load and tells his Firefox addon to reload all of his tabs from that window to reload every ten seconds. Next he opens up his IRC and goes through to the undernet server, looking up Warez chats.

"Alrighty," Claire murmurs heading off to the counter, taking a moment to discard the cup in question. "Excuse me.." She calls to rather bored worker behind the counter, Claire's voice drops and is lost in the voices of others as she leans against the counter, one foot tapping on the floor.

It's several long minutes before she returns and settles in with her coffee, offering him his ordered tea. "No luck I take it?" Claire's tone is bland as she asks, glancing up at him from her slouched position in the chair. She considers and sighs. "Close those out… don't want to draw too much attention… I have a feeling he sees it, but doesn't want to talk."

Wrapping her hands around her cup and closing her eyes she turns thoughtful. "We need an ally. I was hoping to convince him that we're here to help with what we can." Blue eyes drift open again and she frowns slightly. "These camps are not in any files.. means we're flying blind here… which tells me we've thrown the future off only a whole new tangent."

Bones seems a little reluctant to close his repeating search tabs but he gives a sigh and nods as he reaches forward to take up his iced tea and sips it, shutting the tabs down and then continues on browsing through some IRC Warez chats. He finally just creates his own, naming it 'RebelZRUS' and passwords access to the room with 'freedom'. He leaves it open and then goes about looking for some good hacker chats via web browsers. "Great… he sounds the call, we answer, and he might as well have slammed the receiver down." he is silent for a moment as he sips, browsing through pages. Glancing about the coffee shop as he sips, he surveys for security cameras. "Hey Claire, you said he is basically in the net, right? Like he can access security feeds to security monitoring companies?"

"Technopaths can do a lot of things on the net and things like that. I dunno if he's in the net.. but he obviously knows his stuff." While her eyes remain closed in thought Claire continues, "Besides, he might have sounded some sort of call, doesn't mean he's not gonna be cautious." Blue eyes open and her head looks to look at him, arching a brow. "Why?" She sounds curious, brows lifting.

Looking as though he had definitely been thinking of something, perhaps a plan, Bones finally shakes his head, his dreadlocks jostling lightly. "Nothing. Just got me thinking about what these guys are capable of. Not to mention… the net is our repository for all knowledge these days. And you know what they say about knowledge…" he shrugs and then pulls up a hacker's free java chat, calling himself RedBirdDownSOS. He pulls both the java chat and the IRC side-by-side so he can monitor them and sits back. "This was a good idea." he notes, sounding positive and gives a chuckle.

Giving him a 'your full of shit look', Claire sighs. "Yeah right. This idea sucked." There is a soft groan at the end of that, her head dropping back so that she's left looking at the ceiling. "Maybe Peter is right. I suck at this leader-y stuff." Her eyes roam over the patterns on the ceiling in thought. "I dunno.. Liz is stressing a bit, I told her I'd try to contact Rebel.. give her some hope that we'll find our direction. This did seem like a logical step though." She concedes softly, before lowering her head to look at him, giving him a small smile.

"He definitely heard us. I mean, there's no way that he didn't hear us. He's probably just scoping us out." Bones shrugs and reaches over to pat her shoulder with one of his hands that seem a bit too large even for him. "And I have no idea who Peter is, so I won't speak ill of him, but for the record, I would say you are doing a bang-up job of wearing the chief hat." he pats her shoulder a few times before he takes in a deep breath and sighs it out in another chuckle. "I need to eat something or I'll drop in to shock. Going to get me a couple rice crispy things. Want something? Chocolate chip cookie?" he asks, starting to slide out from behind the computer. "Here, sit here and watch the thing."

Watching him stand with a smirk, Claire stands as well so that she can slip into his seat. "No.. I don't need a cookie.. Go get food, I don't want you to keel over on me. I can't exactly drag you around. I think your like twice my size." Flashing a grin to show she's teasing, "It would be like a chihuahua trying to drag around a Saint Bernard."

Her attention turns to the screen now and sipping at her coffee. Thoughtful, Claire glances over at Bones, as he moves away and then at the screen. She brings up another browser and types in the phrase , 'Rebel End game has changed want to help'. Hitting enter she watches the results, squinting at them as she considers. She spots a page for a forum and brings that up, a small smirk on her lips. Go figure there would be a locally based forum dedicated to solving Rebel's riddles.

The smile falls and she props her head on her hand. Going back to the search engine, she types into it slowly and hits enter.

- Rebel, I heard the redbird scream.-

Closing her eyes against her emotions, hot tears pricking at the corners of her eyes, Claire knows she didn't need to type that, but it was like therapy. There wasn't many to talk to about it and it is one of those things you don't forget.

Sighing softly, the regenerator opens her eyes and closes out the window. It'll be a long afternoon, with no results, but she can't say she didn't try. At least the company was good.

Keep moving forward.

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