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Scene Title Suffocated
Synopsis Warren and Elle hang out, and Warren provides more comfort than Elle initially thought. Also, a challenge!
Date August 2, 2010


The apartments of the Octagon are among some of the most prime pieces of rental real-estate in New York City. Bright, open, and clean, these apartments are all painted an eggshell white and feature floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a sweeping, unobstructed view of the East River and Manhattan skyline. Hardwood floors spread from wall to wall and through the spacious bedrooms and private laundry rooms complete with washer/dryer utilities.

The open-concept kitchen in the apartment features stainless steel appliances, polished granite countertops, cherry finished cabinets and ceramic floor tile with all the convenience of a modern kitchen. The bathrooms are finished with classic subway wall tile and porcelain floor tile in bathrooms with elegantly designed corner-set curved showers wproviding more spacious shower area along with porcelain pedestal sinks.

Each apartment comes in two or three bedroom designs, each with spacious walk-in closets with individually controlled heating and cooling. The apartment is also set up with free Cable TV and Internet hook-ups in multiple locations.

Surprisingly, Warren has been laying low, not because he's hiding out, but because he and his other two halves have been doing their own thing with this new identity. Right now he's sitting back on a large cream colored couch, wearing his black suit with the jacket unbuttoned, just watching How It's Made on his large flat screen television. His eyes are silvery, and he's loving this show. He's already opened and locked the door behind Elle, and looks over at her, motioning for her to take a seat next to him. "I'm loving this place, this normal stuff really culls the urge to go out and blow stuff up, almost. Come on over here."

Elle…is not looking so normal today. She carries a large bag with her, and her makeup is messy and smears, eyes still red from earlier tears. She doesn't even know why she came here. She's hurt, she's angry, she's depressed, and she hates showing her emotions to other people, period. And she's been having little emotional outbursts at people left and right, lately. Perhaps she came here for a bit of comfort. Warren, while she still doesn't feel like she knows him well enough to like him or not, is a comforting presence.

Sniffing slightly, Elle moves to sit on the couch, setting the bag next to her. "So I just got back from a trip with my father." The words feel rather hollow to her, strange things coming from her mouth. Confessions…she never really thought she'd really be ready and willing to talk to someone about how she feels. It's strange. Her hand reaches into her purse, pulling out a framed picture of a blonde lady who must be her mother, holding a little blonde girl, followed by an unmarked VHS tape. "He confirmed everything Harper told me…"

Warren reaches over and slips an arm around her shoulders, looking down at the tape with those intuitive eyes as if seeking some sort of insight into it. "You'll survive when you find something to live for. I don't know if people like us should give eachother advice, but…" He has the complete opposite of Elle's emotional issues, he's not very good at keeping his emotions subtle and downplayed, something he's been trying to do a lot lately, at least with Elle, when she needs the comfort. "You know the truth now, I know my own truth. Now that you know your past, you just have to make your present just as good. Forget the future, we've been living lies, now it's time to live like we've got fresh starts with our eyes open, like a faulty set of gears all tuned and oiled up. We can move forward and give everyone the finger who tried to stand in our way before."

Elle leans against the man, thoughtfully peering at the video as she enjoys his warmth. For a moment, she looks sad. "This is the video of when I was born…" She closes her eyes for a moment, then quickly puts the tape and picture away. Then, she suddenly wraps an arm around Warren's chest, closing her eyes. Sometimes, just a hug is helpful.

This isn't right, though. She's just supposed to be watching over him. But…for now, at least, he's good for her. She doesn't feel so much like she has to wear her usual masks around him. Like she can kind-of be herself. So…it can last for at least a little while longer.

"Yeah…you're right. We have a lot of new opportunities ahead. I just hope August goes by fast." She sighs softly, resting her head on Warren's shoulder. "The Company is so…suffocating.

"The Company's the past, you'll be fine." Magnes reaches down and grabs her hand, letting people go evil dead for a while. He reaches down and places a hand over her's, smiling slightly. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to, you don't have to be in the Company." he notes, his arm around her shoulder trying to pull her a little closer to him.

Elle nods slowly, offering a small smile up to Warren. She scoots a little closer as he pulls at her, leaning against him. "Harper wanted me to stay at the Company until September or something. So I have to wait, just a little while…it's rough, but it won't kill me." She frowns. "I just…hate staying with The Company when they killed my mother…and whether I like it or not, my relationship with my father is…pretty much over." With a sigh, she trails her fingertips across Warren's chest, little sparks trailing along behind them.

Warren shakes his head, wincing only slightly when she trails her sparks, but he seems to finally be getting used to it. "It'll all be over soon, you should keep telling yourself that. September is close." He gently squeezes her shoulder, as if to show her how close. "We could de-stress a little, if you need it." he not-so-subtly suggests.

Again with the come-ons. Elle can't help but grin up at Warren for a long moment, her fingers trailing over his chest. Oh, it's actually kind-of cute how he's so shamelessly flirting with her. She may enjoy his company, but when it comes right down to it…Elle is still a sociopath, and she really has no desire to grow so attached that she makes herself vulnerable to him.

Not yet.

With a small giggle, Elle lets loose one of those more intense shocks that's meant more for discomfort than playtime. "You and your blatant come-ons. Come on, man, you can do better than that!" She pulls back just a little, offering one of those coy, playful grins of hers. "I challenge you to romance me. Make me fall for you so hard I'll never go back. Take me on a real date."

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