Suicide In Manhattan

MANHATTAN — At 6:45pm New York State assistant district attourney Walter Morrison was killed in a traffic accident on East 52nd street. According to eye-witnesses, Morrison emerged out of his apartment building dressed in a t-shirt and sweatpants, and proceeded to stand at the curbside for several minute before leaping out in front of the path of an oncoming public works truck. Onlookers said that Morrison jumped into the street without looking to see if the vehicle was coming or if the path was clear.

Morrison, who gained brief notoriety in 2007 when he was among the first Evolved to register under the newly unveiled Linderman Act as a Tier-0 was a respected member of the New York State BAR. Morrison also hit the headlines in 2008 when he aided in the prosecution of notorious mobster Frankie Civella.

Official statement by the NYPD indicates that Morrison's death is being ruled a suicide at the moment, but that are actively pursuing potential Evolved leads on the case.

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