Suitcase Full Of Clothes


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Scene Title Suitcase Full Or Clothes
Synopsis Three women have a discussion while looking through a suitcase full of clothes.
Date July 27, 2009

Village Renaissance Building: Fourth Floor Safehouse

The floors here on the fourth level of the Village Renaissance Building at 14 East 4th Street are of polished grey marble and the smooth walls are painted a cream color. Four corridors with four apartments each are found here, with stairwells at the front and back and elevators centrally placed in each corridor. The elevators have buttons for the first three floors visible, and control panels requiring both key and keycard to open.

The apartment doors, made from sturdy pine, are operated by keycards only on this floor. Like the second and third floors, they're numbered 401-416.

But that's where the similarity ends. This floor isn't for rental to the general public. It's a place reserved for temporary stays by whomever the person who lives on the top floor chooses to give sanctuary.

It's a safehouse of the Ferrymen, operated by a member of Phoenix, using the cover of musician's eccentricities to explain away the motley crew of folks who might come and go if anyone should ask.

There is the soft sound of elevator doors opening, letting Claire out on the 4th floor. Blonde hair, sticks out from under her hood which is pulls up on her head. Her hands are stuffed deep in the pocket of the hoodie. Her expression is thoughtful, it has been ever since her talk with the blonde detective. In fact, it's been bothering her a lot really.

Her footfall it soft and almost without sound as she moves towards the little apartment that is her temporary home. Getting closer she pulls a hand out of her hoodie and digs for keys in her pocket.

For her part, Maya doesn't have much to do. She doesn't own more than the clothes on her back right now, and she doesn't have any money. So she's had nothing to do today except clean. Which means that's what she's been doing. She checked under the sinks, and managed to scrounge up some cleaning supplies. When Claire arrives, the apartment smells of Pine Sol, and there's the sound of activity in the bathroom.

Checking the door, she finds it unlocked, so she just pushes it open. "Whoa…" Is the first thing that Claire says as it reveals the clean apartment. She hadn't exactly done too much since she was sick, so the sight and smell of the place was a shock. Both hands reach up to push the hood off her head as she moves further into the apartment, leaving the door open in her wake…. I mean, who needs to worry about bad guys. Only reason she locks it is to keep Helena from sneaking her clothes. "Maya?" she calls changing her path of travel towards the sounds in the bathroom.

Maya comes out of the bathroom. Her hair's been pulled back into a ponytail, and she hasn't bothered with shoes or socks; those are set aside near the door. But other than that, it's the same outfit, due to lack of options. She smiles as she sees Claire. "Hello, Claire. You have a good day?" she asks.

Claire glances around the area looking rather impressed and amused. "You cleaned." She says as soon as the woman comes out of the bathroom. The question gets a so-so wave of her hand. "No, luck really on my Uncle.. I haven't heard anything on your brother either. " And she has.. the people she's talked to she's nonchalantly asked. "Course, he'll show up when I least expect it." Unzipping her hoodie, she pulls it off and drops it over the back of a couch. "I'd ask the same, but I can see what you've been up too. It was a rather nasty mess." She has the decency to look embarrassed, "I was really sick at the time though."

Maya nods. "I couldn't just sit around and do nothing. I just…I spent time pacing the apartment, and I needed SOMETHING to do." She makes a bit of a face. "I just feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, you know? So how did you get here? I mean…the people here seem a little weird, you know?"
Anyone could be a bad guy! At any time, someone could just come into your home! What poor personal security!

"Oy, somebody cleaned. Can smell it." Comes the announcement from the other side of the open doorway. A familiar Brit-tinged voice to Claire, and completely foreign to Maya up until now. They'll both be seeing much more of Delilah up here on this floor, being one of the caretakers. The redhead stands there in the hall with a big blue suitcase in her hands. She is wearing a dress- pale yellow, cut right out of a fifties patter and covered in randomly places, differently sized, multicolored daisies. Who was weird, again?

Oh yeah, by the way- "Hi!"

"They are friends. Some I've known for a few years now." Claire explains helpfully, moving to drop onto the couch, slouching down into it some. "A little weird?" she asks with a bit of a smile. "Something like that. They took me in when my little bit of weirdness was taken away by a bad man. Very bad man." She decides to avoid mentioning WHO that bad man is. That's a skeleton she'd like to throw in a very deep closet.

Glancing towards the as yet still open door, Claire grins and waves Delilah in. "Hey. Yeah.. Maya cleans." She says it like some big revelation. "I think we should keep her."
Maya has reconnected.

Maya tenses somewhat at the surprise arrival, but she banishes it back as she looks over to the new arrival. Especially when it becomes clear that Claire knows her. "Hola." she says, giving a nod to Delilah. Her reply next goes to Claire, though, and she looks confused. "Weirdness taken away by a bad man?" That sounds like something she could get behind.

Dee even has a white daisy barrette at the back of her hair. And white shoes. Take a picture and stick her in Good Housekeeping. Well, today, anyhow. "Does she now? That's refreshing. You have no idea how many of these guys have no clue…" The redhead mutters and glances between the two in the apartment for a second. Mid conversation isn't a great place to pop in. "Maya, huh? I'm Delilah-" And she glances at Claire to make sure she too caught it, just in case she missed it any other time.

"We stock pretty much everything besides clothes in the apartments, so-" She lifts the suitcase into vision again, oddly with ease. "-I brought some stuff for you, Maya. Someone mentioned you didn't come here with anything, so I raided storage before coming up. I work on the floor."

"Ooo clothes. That's right you need some." Claire gives a small nod to Delilah, and glances at Maya. "I use to be all about fashion and such. Newest trendiest thing." glancing down at herself she frowns a bit, not much need for it now. " Anyhow, a bad man. Went insane and started taking away peoples powers.. killing some of them. He took mine away." She climbs to her feet and pulls a folded blade out of her back pocket. It's always easier to show something. She holds her hand out palm out, as she flips open the blade with the thumb of her other hand. "I had something he wanted."

A glance to both woman, she presses the tip of the sharp knife into her hand and slowly cuts a line across her hand, the skin splits in it's wake as she makes sure it's a deep cut. She only grimaces a little bit and lets out a soft hiss of pain. Blood immediately starts to welt up in the cut as she finishes the cut. The blood spills over the edges of the wound while Claire closes the bloodies knife and tucks it in her pocket. Then she brushes her other hand over the blood revealing that the cut is fully healed.

"I regenerate.. It's a useful. They were returned by… other means. But, that bad man is gone now." She wipes at the drying blood on her hand, her expression getting a bit distant. "Anyhow, Delilah show her the good." She offers with a smirk as she moves to go wash her hands.

The offer of clothing actually gets a strange look from Maya. "How did you know my sizes?" Because unless someone measured her in her sleep, which is a little creepy, she's not sure how it'd get out. She watches Claire's demonstration with a gasp as the blonde cuts herself, and starts to look hopeful…right before those hopes crash. "He could take away things like that, but he's gone? Gone where?" Upset Maya is Upset. Don't cry, Maya. That would be bad.

Delilah watches Claire's little demonstration with the same curiosity that she did when the blood healed Cook. It will never get old, will it? Probably not. Oh, Maya, yes- Dee turns her head back and takes a few tentative steps inside towards the living room. She puts the case down with a gentle thunk on the coffee table. "I didn't." Description and probably a guesstimate from someone else too. By now, if she had had the totally wrong sizes- she would have not mentioned the clothes. "I'm good with guessing." And she leaves it at that.

But, she can't help but shiver a little when she thinks of old Arthur Petrelli. The incident is too fresh. "He wasn't bad." Dee corrects Claire almost offhandedly as she flips open the suitcase quietly. "He was evil. He did horrible things even to people that were normal." But, she doesn't know quite how much Claire knows, and so does not say much more for now.

There is the sound of water in the bathroom as Claire cleans up her mess. "They still haven't told me much of what went down." The water shuts off and the blonde steps out drying her hands on a towel. "I just know from when he ripped mine out of me and tossed me in a cell for a while. The whole thing just about killed me." Okay, technically she did die… "So I guess Evil does fit." she finally agrees, glancing at the suitcase.

Maya's shoulders slump. "Wasn't. Was. Past tense. He's not available anymore?" Because she's really hoping that someone could get her curse away from her. A deep sigh comes out. "Evil or no, something like that could be really helpful." Gee, wonder why?

"He is dead." If you call Chunky Salsa dead. More like Well Done. Dee amends this rather fast, though, seeing the slump of Maya's shoulders and the sigh in her words. "There was another guy that also could do it. Well, two, if you count his evil twin from the future." Wait, what?

"But I think that he's in our houses. He messed up some people too, but he did not get their ability. He would only switch them around, take, or give. I am not sure where he is, though. Cat may know." Tyler Case, where are you? Lilah has no idea if both of him are dead too, but at least she hopes to make Maya less saddened. There's really only a couple of reasons she would be so keen on someone like that, right? Delilah would have been too, back in November when she manifested… "I take it that you don't want whatever you have?"

There is a frown tugging at the corner of Claire's mouth, as she tries to not think of Arthur as her grandfather. It's hard to just think of him as the monster that he was. She gives her head a small shake and bends down to pick up a cute red top. Holding it up against Maya, she hmmms softly. "I dunno. What do you think?" a glance going to Dee. Yes… distract from the mention of her evil grandfather.

The Latina looks down at the top. "It's very nice." She can't keep herself from sounding a little sad. "The bright colors work best with my skin tone. But honestly, it'll be nice to just have more than one outfit to wear. I'll ask Cat. It could be…it could be really nice." Her voice cracks just a little on it.

Ah, ignorance is bliss. "I didn't want mine at first, but now I live with it. Try to." Dee adds, a bit sheepish. "It'll work out somehow- that's what we're for! We'll help you 'til our hair falls out. And probably even after that." Don't worry, be happy! Hakuna Matata. Et cetera. Even in Maya's darker mood, there's certainly something about the redhead that can be …infectious. "You have such a lovely complexion, Maya." They told her Maya was darker, and true to form- there are some bright colored tops in the case, though of course some more subtle one as well; some shorts, some jeans, at least one skirt. Lady-things too. Though Dee would not be as bold as to guess cup sizes- sports bras take care of that, for now.

Claire hands the shirt over to Maya, as she watches the others react. "It.. can't be that bad is it?" She reaches down and picks up the skirt and holds it to her own waist. "I remember what it was like to wear skirts." There is a chuckle from the woman, "Their not good for things now a days." She folds it nicely again and sets it in the suitcase again. "I can promise you, Maya. These are good people. They will help as best as they can, but with everything in life. Can't guarantee it, but they will try."

Maya hasn't even admitted she has a power to anyone here. Until now. "It's a curse. God is punishing me, for all my sins." For this, she seems miserable. "He has condemned me to walk in Hell on Earth." Okay, so it sounds a little dramatic, but Maya's a passionate person. "I would do anything to be rid of it."

Yes, it does sound dramatic. Delilah, however, is inclined to take it at face value. Plus, the curse versus blessing of God is not new for her- she has seen and heard it all. But, she can't help but wonder what sort of 'sins' that Maya could have committed before manifesting. Maybe whatever it is, is just that bad. "He must be feeling merciful- or he would not have let you find us so easily. We'll help you. However we can. And the first thing seems like finding out if that man is around and willing to come to take it away." One step at a time! That is the journey, no?

Brows lifting as both talk, Claire is fairly quiet digging through the available offerings. One bright blue shirt is picked up and stretched a bit, lips pursed. "This one won't fit her chest. That or she'll look like she should be working at Hooters." She tossed aside, and she continues. "Delilah's got a point Maya."

Claire's comment gets Maya to blush a bit, and looks just a little embarrassed. "Yes, that would not be a good look." Cause she doesn't want to look like she works at Hooters, thanks. "Who is this man?" If she can get a name, it's a good thing.

Even if Maya would make a good Hooters girl, right? Some things are not meant to be. "Ty, Tyler something. It's certainly something to sit down with Cat about, because like I said, I don't have any clue where he went after-" Delilah's tone implies that he could be anywhere. When she strays too far, though, she clams right up. "But Cat is vaguely omniscient, so I'm willing to bet she'll be able to at least pass on a message. If we can't find him- we can still help, somehow. 'S not like we'll give up easily." Disheartening and heartening all at once.

"With hope." Claire says with a smile. Climbing to her feet, she sigh. "Alright. Since you seem to be in good hands Maya. I need a shower. I've been on the move and I feel icky after being out in the sun all day." Her foot steps take her towards the bathroom. "Be out in a bit."

The Latina nods. "Tyler something. I'll talk to Catherine about it." She looks over to Delilah. "Do I need to wash these first, or clean already?" she asks, looking back to her with a smile.

"Clean already." Dee answers cheerfully. "It'd be rude if I gave you a bunch of dirty clothes, now wouldn't it?" Pfah. The redhead rests her hand on the open lid, fingers drumming. "And since I work up here, I tell everyone that comes through-" Even if just on post-its. "-if you need anything, need something stocked again, want help with something, just ask me or leave out a note. Most of the private ones just leave me sticky notes on the door." Not that she expects Maya to be that private, just that it is an option.

"Well, if they came from the Goodwill, it would be good to clean them first anyway. I wasn't trying to be rude." She offers a smile. "Most of what I need right now are clothes, hairbrush, toothbrush…essentials. Finding a job would be good, but a lot harder."

"We have our own little stockpile. Some of it was thrift, but some of it is stuff from us or the people that left it behind. There should be extra- uh, what's a word- hygiene things in the bathrooms.

Unopened things. Unless Claire made like a motel." And took them all! Swiper, no swiping! Which she doubts, but. "If there's anything you specifically need, I can get it, or I could take you out to get it." The second is an offer just because Maya would not be the first to get Cabin Fever.

"Cat may be able to help with the job thing too." Dee grins this time. Two jobs, both with Cat as her employer. Up here, and down below the building in the Rock Cellar. Less on gas or fares, for one thing.
Maya nods, with a smile. "Gracias. And the job thing…I hope. She didn't offer. Probably because I don't have papers to be here." A slight face at that. "I'd never planned to be here as long as I ended up being here."

"Ohhh. I see." Delilah is surprisingly understanding of the papers thing- possibly because she went through the whole mess herself several years ago. On the other end of things, she really has no idea why Maya was held up for so long. "If it is papers you need help with- well- let's just say that you're with people that know what they're doing." No promises there, but it is starting to sound like Witness Protection up here.

Maya can't help it, she laughs a little. "It sounds like I've gone from one den of criminals to another. But at least this time it's a nicer den, and nicer criminals." She says. "Beyond those things…just company. I've been alone…or with company I didn't want…since the border."

"Ah, I see you've met Staten…" Dee truly has no idea of where Maya was- but what other dens of criminals are there, really? "We're not criminals, in quite that sense." Her smile flashes a playfully sly expression. "We're just …the Ferrymen. We make good things happen." Is one way to put it.

Maya nods. "Si, Staten Island." She looks troubled, and her body language goes defensive, as she puts her arms around herself. "I don' want to think about that place." Her accent is just a little thicker there, with her more emotional reply. "Happier thoughts."

"You're in the Village now." Which is no Staten. Dee smiles softly and lifts a hand out to touch Maya lightly on the arm. She doesn't know Maya, but that doesn't stop the redhead's natural Hen instincts. "You have this new life now. New Friends-" Delilah takes extra care in saying that, to make sure that it goes through. "-new opportunities- you're in good, safe hands, Maya."

It draws a smile from her. "Thank you, Delilah. I hope so." Her meeting this morning with Elisabeth is weighing on her mind a bit, of all the things that could go wrong with her being here.

"I should get going here- I'll be in and out if you or Claire need me. I'm not planning on really leaving the building today." For possibly silly reasons- it isn't like she'll walk outside and someone will point at Dee and shout 'murderer!'… Right? "If you want to sit down with Cat, I'm sure if you just go upstairs she'll have you in for a spell."

Maya smiles. "Thank you, chica. I will see you later. Drop by if you like. I would enjoy the company. For now, I'm going to get in line behind Claire for that shower. My hands smell like cleaner."

Delilah makes a note to bake something and tote it up at another time. Everyone likes that! And so many cooks in the building- it'll be like a recipe swap gone mad- in time. "Don't worry about running out of hot water." Lilah gives Maya a knowing wink(hot showers! thank god for those), and a slight wave of her hand as she turns to go. One last word in before she disappears, and that is that. "Buh-bye, Maya! Relax a little, won't you?" Good hands, good hands.

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