Sunset Vista


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Scene Title Sunset Vista
Synopsis A former Company agent learns that the buiilding she's forced to live in may not be so bad after all.
Date October 10, 2010

Gun Hill: Rooftop

The golden glow of the sun as it dipped over the horizon found Liza Messer on the roof of Gun Hill. Leaning against the cement wall that acted as the roof's railing, she stares off at the sunset with an expression that can only be termed as silent. Silence has been her friend for the past month as the short-haired, short-statured blonde hasn't really spoken since the attack on the Company. The normally sunny demeanor of the young woman had disappeared over the horizon a month ago.

Taking the stairs rather more slowly than she often does, Ygraine emerges onto the roof - smiling up at the sun's artistic endeavours spread across the sky, giving the hand she holds a warm squeeze, before looking around to flash a grin at Quinn. "Told you it'd be worth it", she murmurs fondly… before falling into silence as she spots the stranger already here.

Following behind Ygraine, Quinn can’t help but force laugh as she’s led out on to the roof, shaking her head. “I think it’s hilarious that you’re makin’ a bigger deal outta this than-“ Like Ygraine, Quinn falls silent when eyes land on someone she hasn’t seen before, and certainly doesn’t recognise from any Ferry functions she’s been to. An eyebrow is quirked as she looks up to Ygraine, then back on the figure silhouetted by the sunset in the sky past her. She grimaces a bit, for just a moment, muttering something quietly to herself before she takes a few steps forward.

“Hey, sorry if we’re disturbing you,” she offers as hands slip into her jean pockets, eyeing the person carefully as she makes her way towards the rooftop’s edge. The sun and a few lacking colours keep her from being able to make out the person exactly, but she smiles anyway. “Are you newt to the building, or just visiting?”

The petite blonde looks over as she hears the two figures approach the roof, and Liza hugs her arms lightly as they spot her. While Liza's been silent for nearly a month, she just can't be rude. They seem nice enough. "I—" She clears her throat a little as her voice cracks. "I live here now." Saying that is significant, to her at least. If she says it out loud, she has to work on accepting the changes. She scans the two, glances at the sunset, and shoves her hands into her pockets. "I'll get out of your way. Enjoy the sunset… it's very nice this evening."

Ygraine strides forward, shaking her head - the red shade of her hair gleaming in the sun, in exactly the same fashion as Quinn's. "No, no. If you're here, then you're meant to be here", she says gently. "And the roof was meant for everyone to enjoy. That's why some of us put a bit of work into making it a garden", she assures the stranger.

A glance to Quinn, then she ventures another smile. "I'm Ygraine, and this is Robyn", she provides by way of introduction.

“Get out of our way?” Quinn repeats, tilting her head as she looks back at Ygraine, nodding. “No need t’ go runnin’ off. Not like you can’t enjoy the sunset with us.” Quinn reaches up and scratches the back of her neck sheepishly. They can, at elast, it still looks weird to her, something with is causing lingering frown on her face. “Robyn Quinn, nice t’ meet you! I never saw you moved in, are you on a’ the… you know.” The refugees. “I have the chance t’ meet any of the new people in the building.”

"Liza," The blonde offers forward, tugging on her lower lip with her teeth. It's a habit Liza didn't even realize she had until this month. It's when she's not feeling confident. "I just didn't want to be in the way if you two wanted to have a moment or something… I can go back down to my apartment. I don't mind, really." She offers, but Quinn's words keep her from moving away any further. "One of the…" She swallows hard. What kind of answer can she give to that without diminishing the significance of it for her? "Yes, I am." She replies. It doesn't mean as much as she'd like it to.

For a moment or two, Ygraine simply looks back and forth between the other two women on the roof, then she ventures another smile - and steps forward to offer her hand, in a gesture now forming a greater display of trust than it did in the ignorant days before the public awareness of Evolved powers and abilities.

"It's good to meet you", the Briton says, tone still gentle. "And I hope that you never feel that you have to… flee anyone here."

“Neat,” is Quinn’s only reply to Liza being one of the Company refugees. To her, it doesn’t seem like that big a deal, for better or worse. “Oh, come now. Stay up here with us! I don’t get t’ talk t’ folks in the buildin’ much anymore. I shoulda brought up my guitar, I could sit against the sunset an’ play…” That way she wouldn’t have t’ look at it. “You don’t have t’ leave. We’re just up here t’ see the sunset an’ hang out for a little bit. Never have t’ run form a single person here. We’re all good people, I promise.”

It is arguable that Lynette has not been in her best state of mind recently. But today, it's fairly clear. There's a troubled expression about her, her stance a bit off, her mind seeming to wander. Worry, perhaps. And it's with another worried woman that she makes her way up to the roof of the supposedly closed building.

"…times people hang out up here, maybe someone else knows more," she's saying as the door to the roof opens, the operator leading Joanna through. A cigarette is already in hand, lit and half gone as Lynette looks over the group. "These are some of the construction crew," she says, going with the building's current cover story as well as letting the others know it's a sensitive situation without saying it is one. "Was anyone close to our former tenants? I'm afraid this woman is looking for her daughter…"

When she had pulled up to drop off smoe art things that she had come across, she hadn't expected that the place would be boarded up and look abandoned. If it wasn't for Lynette having come across the woman, well. Who knows what might have happened. As it is, the woman in jeans, a blouse and every bit the professional looking woman that she was, was unhappy. Tasha didn't seem to be here. Where on earth had the woman moved to. She'd ask where in this Ferry organization thing has she gone but… who knew if these people knew.

She had hoped to assure her daughter that their mutual family member that was Vincent, was fine. "Natasha. Tash Renard, or Tasha Oliver, or Tasha LAzzaro, whatever name she's chosen to go under now" Irritation in the line of her jaw and tick at her left eye. Unhappy mother, Quinn knows her.

Liza stares at the hand like it's a foreign object presented to her, then tenatively reaches forward and takes it, shaking gently. "Thank you, Ygraine." There's the tiniest hint of a smile. "And you too, Robyn. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to stay up here, just for a little while." She looks hopeful. When Lynette appears on the roof and she hears a snippet of the conversation, Liza gets tense again. She peers towards the grumpy mother, lower lip tugged between teeth. "I'm sorry," she offers towards Joanna. "I'm afraid I don't know her."

Though it takes a few moments - in which she searches her memory for where she might have seen this woman, and desperately hopes she's not a relative of Odessa - Ygraine also recognises Joanna: she's the woman who encountered Doyle in puppeteer mode, at whom Colette was being so bashfully awkward, and who may or may not have been in the vicinity to hear Magnus shouting in the street about Ygraine's Evolved ability. Yes, the Briton definitely remembers her… though the ease with which she was ignored at the time and the subsequent change of hair-colur to a vibrant red might very well render her completely unrecognisable to the lawyer.

The Briton does, however, look surprised. News that Tasha has been mislaid is unexpected, and Ygraine darts a look around at Quinn to see if she's aware of any problems, or of how to deal with this. "I… could potentially try getting hold of a couple of people", she ventures uncertainly, her educated British accent perhaps making her seem a rather unlikely construction worker.

Quinn is a bit surprised to see Tasha’s mother again, momentarily distracted from her conversation with Liza when her and Lynette emerge on to the rooftop. “Wait, what?” Quinn replies with a raised eyebrow as she holds a finger up to Liza, as if to indicate one moment please. “I’m sorry Ms….” Come to think of it, she has no idea what Tasha’s alst name is. Or at least which one she apparently uses. “Ms Tasha’s Mom, but last time I checked, she an’ Colette are still my neighbours. Room 402?” Quinn gives a bit of a small shrug. “Granted, I haven’t seen her in a bit, but I spent the other night with Colette. I imagine she woulda said somethin’ if one or both a’ them had left…”

With that, she looks back to Liza, giving a bit of a nod. “It’ll be good fun, I promise you. I can go get some speakers, set up some music, a few drinks… we can have a sunset hang out. Get t’ know each other!” You’d never know Quinn’s planning on moving out, really.

And Lynette just puts a hand on her hip as she looks over at Quinn. "Apparently no one is moving out who's supposed to." It's just a little tease, she doesn't mean it. "Well, listen, hun. Next time you see her, let her know to get in contact with her mother. I haven't seen her or Colette in some time."

She turns to look at Liza then, giving her a nod of greeting. "Good to see you out and about. I see Quinn is making you feel welcome. Of course… if you put on a party, Quinn? Inside. There isn't supposed to be anyone here to have music on the roof, you'll recall."

"Renard, Miz Renard" So last it was known, they were still here. That would explain the lack of any phone call. Palpable relief is on the carefully made up womans face, a glance to the others here on the rooftop and a nod. Lyentte's orders about any parties to be held inside, due to no one supposed to live here though, has the lawyer peering a little closer at everyone who's up there, a shake of her head for Ygraine's offer. "I still have my daughters number, I'll just leave pointed messages about not letting me know anything"

Liza's eyes stay on Joanna for a long moment. "I'm sure she's just busy, Ms. Renard," she says politely. "I'm sure if she knew you were worried about her she'd call you back." That's what Liza would do, after all, if she had family. She looks back to Lynette and offers her a small smile. "I just came out to see the sunset."

Ygraine ducks her head to Joanna, looking relieved as it seems that the young woman probably hasn't disappeared - save into the busy world of life as a teenager… or as someone coping with Colette. Lynette's gentle admonishment of Quinn prompts a smile, however, and she shoots an amused look at the musician. "I certainly think that hauling up speakers might not be wise. But if you fancy showing off your skills, I'm sure we could find somewhere quiet for you to do so."

“Ahh, but then you don’t have the sunset.” Quinn gives a bit of a short shrug and a sigh as she looks back at Liza. “Well, I tried. You’re still welcome t’ come by 403 if you need somethin’ t’ do or whatever. Better than sittin’ around alone, you know?” Scratching the back of her head, Quinn turns back to look at Lynette and Joanna, giving a nod to the former. “I guess I shouldn’t play music too loud, then. Thank god for soundproofin’. Anyway, Ms. Renard, I need t’ find Tasha m’self sometieme soon, so if I get t’ that before you do, I’ll pass on that you’re lookin’ for her. Just do the same for me~.” There’s a bit of a sing-songy inflection added at the end, Quinn grinning.

"I'm sorry it wasn't more fruitful," Lynette says to Joanna with a bit of a spread of her hands. "I'm afraid so much is in transition just now, it's hard to keep track of everything. But we'll all pass it along if we see her." Back to the others, she nods and smiles a bit to Liza, "Good. I hope you enjoy it."

"I'll be sure to let her know that you are looking for her. I should carry on, drop off her things for her" There's a glance cast about the rooftop. "I'm sure she's busy too" This to liza, and a smile, more than polite, sincere and a small amount of kindness in it. "Beautiful vista up here. Enjoy it. Lynette, I can see myself out, you don't have to walk me down" She points out to the younger woman. "Thank you for bringing me up here to check"

Liza smiles as she's smiled at. These things are a bit contagious. Her gaze turns to Quinn. "Well, I'm a fan of music, I'd like to hear you play sometime. I learned some guitar and piano when I was a kid and I can sight read well, but it wasn't something I got too attached to." She offers Joanna a friendly wave as she leaves, smile just a bit more cheerful.

Ygraine also raises a hand in farewell to Joanna - then flashes a grin at Liza. "You can sight-read? Well, that puts you a good few grades of competence above most people. I think it's safe to say that you could be very popular indeed with a few of the people who have apartments here…"

Quinn gives a slightly hesitant wave as Joanna makes her way to leave, before turning back to Liza. “You sight read? Even I’m not great at that, an’ I do music for a livin’! Come on, we’ll go back t’ my place, we can get in a’ bit a’ playin’ before I leave, I have guitar, piano, everythin’!” Popular with people here, indeed. “You’re welcome t’ come too, Lynette. I got rid of my whiskey, but I still have a few pints a’ Guinness left in teh fridge, is anyone wants some…”

"It was good to meet you, Joanna," Lynette says, as a farewell to the departing woman. She lets out a sigh and turns back to the others, bringing her cigarette back to her lips for a moment. "I'm not much of a music person, myself." Which is slightly ironic, as she used to work in the music biz, but then again, it was just a desk job for a reason, "but I wouldn't mind a bit of a gathering. Never would, in fact," she says with a hint oof a crooked smile.

"I'm not stellar, I'm just a fast learner. I mostly read books, now." Liza glances to Lynette, the smile never seeming to have quite crept off her face now. "But it could be really fun to have a bunch of people together. I can't remember the last time I did something like that…"

"We can probably find a tambourine for you", Ygraine playfully suggests to Lynette, before refocusing upon Liza. "And you could certainly show me up, from the sound of it. Robyn was delighted enough to discover that had any ability at all as a pianist…."

“Whatever. It’ll fun!” Quinn reaches out and grabs Liza by the hand, tugging as she pulls her back towards the door, clearly excited. “You too, Lynette. Call Toby, we’ll have music, beer, an’ dinner at my place. I think that sounds like a damn fine way t’ spend the rest of the evenin’, don’t you, Ygraine?”

Lynette has only a warm chuckle for Quinn's exuberance and she nods her head lightly. "I'll call him. If we're lucky, he'll be cooking something already." She steps over herself to slide the door open while Quinn tugs on Liza. "Or at least wearing something fantastic."

Liza is tugged, offering all three a brighter smile. Seems she's still got a bit of a sunny demeanor in there after all. "I like this idea. Do you have anything sweet? I could go for some ice cream, too… sundaes, maybe?" She looks hopefully towards Quinn.

Shaking her head as she laughs, Ygraine grins at her companions. "I think that if you're set on an impromptu party, I should head out and grab some food - snacks and ice cream, if nothing else. Take-away for a construction crew shouldn't look too odd, but phoning in an order would probably be a bit on the unsubtle side. Shall I go down and see to that now?"

“Do I have sweets?” Quinn looks at Liza like she’s just asked if she’s a woman. Like, duh? “Hold up until Lynette talks t’ Toby, Ygraine! You have t’ try Toby’s cooking. It’s fantastic.” Quinn gives a nod, still leading Liza across the rooftop. “Go pick up one a’ those pies I love, Ygraine. I’ve got ice cream. Hopefully by the time you get back, Toby’ll have food ready or we’ll have an order placed for you t’ pick up!”

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