Super Badass Hero Man


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Scene Title Super Badass Hero Man
Synopsis In light of terrorist-sitting, Brian and Sami get some groceries
Date January 24, 2011

Chinatown — Supermarket

"Do you think terrorists drink milk?" Sami asks quietly as she opens the little fridge in the supermarket to grasp a jug of Skim. "And if so, would it be Skim? Or two percent? I can't decide whether it would be fatty or not? I guess if you're a suicide bomber you aren't exactly going to worry about your heart and weight, right?" her nose wrinkles as her head tilts at her logic. Anyone listening would think it a hypothetical question because it probably would be for any ordinary couple grocery shopping.

Her lips purse together as she chooses a jug of one percent, "Safe bet, I think," which is placed in the cart. And this is how the entire shopping trip has gone. Everything else about it seems in place. The items in the cart are unextraordinary: a few fruits, some vegetables, now some milk.. "Rice. I bet he'd eat rice— "

"It all has to be hallal, I'm assuming." Winters eyes are constantly moving in public. Taking in position of cameras seperating loss prevention from customers, management from regular employees. It's all assessed quickly as Brian pretends to be on an everyday outing with his wife to be. Walking a few beats behind Samara, the young man seems rather distracted. "I think he's Muslim. So iff we get meat.. It needs to say hallal. I think we can find a middle eastern market around here somewhere."

Winters then lets his gaze drop down to Samara, lips curling up. He takes a few rapid steps to catch up to her, arms sliding around her waist from behind. His lips hesitating near her ear. "You're beautiful." He whispers quietly.

"Riiiight. Hallal. So much to think about with company— " Terrorist or not, that's what Amid is to Sami, company. The reddening of her cheeks is punctuated with a light giggle as his arms slide around her. Her head twists to plant a light kiss on his cheek, her smile growing considerably in doing so. "And you are handsome." One of her hands drops from the cart to one of his hands still against her. "I love you."

Her eyes trail back to the cart as she bites her bottom lip, "I talked to Tahir and I won, you'd have been so proud! He's coming to the wedding now." Not that anything is solid as far as a date is concerned. "I had to walk through the door first though. That's not technically a B and E is it? I mean, I didn't break in anywhere— "

Eyes flick up as Winters glances up at the cameras. Pushing his chin down onto her shoulder, his head tilts over to nestle against the side off Samara's. "I love you too." He smiles gently. "We should get him a mug. A coffee mug. That's microwave safe." He grins broadly, it's because the man is a microwave, get it!? Winters pushes his head against hers. "We should make him a nice dinner. When he wakes up. He.. With his daughter held captive. And being forced…" He gives a little shrug. "He could use all the friends he could get, I'm betting."

He smiles brightly, "I am proud. And it's not breaking and entering unless you have to alter the means of entrance to qualify as breaking and entering. You were just trespassing." Winters grins a little bit.

Sami's paces slow as she leans into him a little even while pushing the cart. The coffee cup comment draws a broad grin. "Yes! We should cook him dinner, but not my infamous omelette because apparently it was never very good according to my mom." Her nose wrinkles now, "I can't believe they lied to me about that for years! I seriously started making that when I was ten and they all pretended to like it. Would've just been easier to hear the truth." She shrugs slightly. "And I think we're pretty good friends for him! I mean, assuming he's okay with nervous chatter."

"I knew it couldn't be breaking and entering. Silly Tahir," her tongue clucks. "Anyways, he's still not like 'sold' on the whole thing, but he's less cranky about it for now, I think." While they may be grocery shopping, she's not paying much attention to the shelves at this moment. "Did I tell you that your sister said she'd punch me if I disappeared on you?" And then an admission, "I've never been punched before."

"Did I tell you my arm flew above my head?" He's still not going to tell her who attacked. Sylar attacking them and phasing. It's not something she needs to know at this point. And almost immediately after sharing that part of the story he regrets it. Topic switching tactics, go! "I love your omelettes." He grins softly, raising his lips. He goes to nip lightly at her ear.

"Gillian won't really punch you." Brian dismisses rather quickly. "She likes to think she's tough. Which is why she got all those tattoos. And… she is a strong person. But.. She's a woman. And if you did disappear on me, I would punch you in the face too. But then I would go marry your mom and live in Mongolia and have five hundred children with her." He smiles happily.

While Sam is certainly distractible in general, some topics aren't easily dissuaded. Even with how quickly Brian glazes the story, she hangs on the arm bit, letting him finish his tactics before physically coming to a halt— completely— in the middle of the aisle, much to the annoyance of several other shoppers. Her eyebrows knit together and she turns to face him. "Wait. What? Your arm flew above your head?"

Her lips press together with that same concern, into what is likely an attempt at a stern expression, yet nothing about Sami is actually stern, so it comes out as concern rather than demanding. "You need to be careful. Losing an arm isn't.. I can't.." She takes a quiet breath as her chin drops to her chest. "I don't plan on going anywhere, and I pray to God I never disappear like that again, and while you may have more lives than I can count— " she shrugs.

"I got killed a few times." Brian admits. He killed himself one of the times. "But.. We got Amid out. We won. We succeeded so.. it's a victory." Winters offfers a weak smile as if testing to see if she'll smile too. "I wasn't telling you to worry you.. I just.. It was like. Woooah. You know? Like something that would be in a movie."

Reaching out, his hand goes to tilt her chin back up to face her. "You can't get rid of me Sam. Like literally. There's no way anyone's going to be able to kill me all the way, okay?" He grins broadly, leaning in to let his lips hover in front of hers. "You won't lose me."

"Did it… hurt?" whether Sam means the dying part or the arm bit is left for Brian's imagination, but, rather fortunately, the smile is met with a very weak one in return, that gains some strength at the prompt of his hand on her chin. Hazel eyes meet his, not quite convinced or talked out of her worry. "They're all you though," she counters quietly. "It's hard.. to think of you hurt. Even if you're actually okay, I mean in the whole sense, I guess?"

Her fingertips raise to his cheeks. "Do you promise? I don't want to lose you.. it— it scares me— " her lips quirk further upwards to one side, a nearly apologetic smile for her own feelings. She shrugs again. "I.. want to hear about it though. Like, I don't want you to not tell me because I worry or whatever. Does that make any sense? I know you're like super badass hero man.."

"It always hurts." Brian explains with a little shrug. "It's hard to get used to pain. But.. I know how to handle it at least." Brian smiles at her, leaning in ever so slightly to brush his lips against hers. "I understand." Winters answers back. "If I knew you got hurt.. I would…" He shakes his head. "I understand you're worried about me. But.. the stuff that I do. You know I can't stop doing it. You know that? I have to get hurt. But I promise I'm not going anywhere."

Bringing up his other hand he goes to engulf her smaller one. "It's my job to get hurt. To get killed so people who die when they get killed keep living." He smiles charmingly at her. "Okay, baby?"

The kiss is returned a moment too late. "I know," Sam whispers. "I know it's important. And your determination in it is one of the things I love and admire about you." The worry fades from her eyes, replaced by adoration. "You're just.. important to me." She grants his hand a squeeze and his lips a soft kiss.

Her eyebrows tick upwards now as her grin becomes mischievous, "So.. do you actually like my omelettes? Or can I actually cook nothing well?"

"And that's why I promise I won't get hurt." He lets out a little laugh. Tring to give her his most winning smile. "Um.. I meant killed. I won't get killed. Well.. I will-.. I will always be here for you." That much he can guarantee. "And if somehow I get tracked down and pew pew pew.. All of me? You can always go visit your boyfriend in Chinatown." He gives a little wink. Leaning in to plant a kiss on her cheek.

Brian shakes his head. "I lied, everything you make tastes like camel poop."

Eyes close at the kiss to her cheek, but open moments later. "That's true! I'm just thankful you know all about him— " Sami says brightly with that still mischievous grin. "Besides I've always had a thing for the Asian guys— " there's a slightly shrug. And then her head tilts, while her nose wrinkles, "I think he might be taller than you~"

Sami hmmms, "Then maybe you should cook dinner for our new friend because I might make him an enemy? I'm pretty sure Koshka thought I was completely nuts for screwing up the cookies I made her back at the Garden." There's a pause while her nose wrinkles again, "I still don't know what I did wrong. I had a recipe! I followed it!" a playful pout crosses her lips, but her eyes are still smiling.

Grinning, Brian steps around her to push the cart a little bit. "okay. I'll make dinner." Winters observes the shelves distractedly as he tries to ignore the little quip about he being taller than him. Which somehow manages to make him ffeel insecure. "Have you really always had a thing for Asian guys?" He asks quickly and quietly, as if suddenly unsettled.

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