Super Evil Ex Girlfriend


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Scene Title Super Evil Ex Girlfriend
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Date July 27 2010


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It's afternoon, all the main things in his place are packed, Elaine's been left home to finish packing any clothes while Magnes and Sable head out to find apartments. They've already got a nice list, but they've taken a break to duck into Sam's Comics. He's wearing what he revealed is a prototype band-name t-shirt, a black shirt with white letters that say 'Cats on Parade', with musical notes on the sides of the name.

He's hunched down in his blue jeans, at the older comics, showing Sable some things she might be interested in. "This, Tank Girl, I think you'd love this comic, it's so you. It was a movie, wasn't very good but it was still pretty cool for what it was."

Sable has done her best to keep her spirits up, which is actually easier when she imagines it as an effort to keep the spirits of her comrades up, and so she's managing to smile a fair bit, her slouch coming off more as insolent/casual (her preference) than glum/miserable. And chilling with Magnes does wonders for her sense of a retained normality.

The yellow eyed girl plucks up the issue of Tank Girl, flipping through it. Her brow furrows. "…this looks like… whassit called- the guy from Blur's b'hind it…" she wrinkles her nose in thought, "Gorillaz," she says, "this looks just th' same as th', like, album art f'r Gorillaz."

Today is a very, very boring day. Boredom does strange things to people. Makes them do strange things, themselves. The lack of mental stimulation quite often prompts those it inflicts with strange whims and desires to do things they normally wouldn't so.

Elle doesn't even know why she came here today. It's not as if she particularly /wants/ to see the one who frequents this place. Certainly, she doesn't expect to see him here. He's probably off doing something else. As the door jingles, the petite blonde looks around, her brows raised as those blue eyes of hers scan the shop. Her expression brightens a bit, however, as she spots that familiar figure, hears that familiar voice. With a small smile on her face, Elle quietly peruses the comic book selection, slowly meandering her way toward Magnes and Sable.

It's not like she even knows how she wants this meeting to go. But it's still better than doing nothing.

Magnes looks back a moment, eyes wide a bit. He remembers their conversations, the shocking kisses, the fact that she's a sociopath, and even her name now, but he has no idea what she looks like anymore. He looks back because, girlfriend or not, an amazingly hot girl that your body instinctively knows it made out with walking into a comic shop is a sight to see. Even the clerk's neck practically breaks, along with a few of the other guys flipping through comics. Elle's been in here before, about a year or so ago, and the effect of her entering a comic shop hasn't worn a bit.

"Oh, uh, yeah, Gorillaz." he clears his throat and turns back to the books. "Well, see, it's the same artist. They specifically chose him because of his Tank Girl art."

Sable's got no nerd pedigree. But that doesn't mean she doesn't look. It's just that her look is different, a sidelong leer that gives less away. Her sling-bound arm swings out to bump Magnes in the ribs with its elbow, lightly for both their sakes. "Dude, look what's makin' its way t' us," she murmurs, grinning crookedly at her comrade. She tucks the comic back into its place (or what she guesses is its place, she doesn't care all that much).

"Be cool, dude," she says, low, war-room style, "We dunno which 'f us she's come f'r, but whoever it is, we gotta back th' other up, dig?"

Sable's got no nerd pedigree. But that doesn't mean she doesn't look. It's just that her look is different, a sidelong leer that gives less away. Her sling-bound arm swings out to bump Magnes in the ribs with its elbow, lightly for both their sakes. "Dude, look what's makin' its way t' us," she murmurs, grinning crookedly at her comrade. She tucks the comic back into its place (or what she guesses is its place, she doesn't care all that much).

"Be cool, dude," she says, low, war-room style, "We dunno which 'f us she's come f'r, but whoever it is, we gotta back th' other up, dig?"

The little blonde girl pauses a few feet away from Magnes and picks up a copy of Spider-Man. A small, pleasant grin is worn on her features as she flips through the pages quietly. Is that a knowing smile on her face, or does she just really like Spider-Man comics? Maybe she likes John Romita Jr. a whole bunch. Who knows, really?

After a moment, she sets the comic book down, turning that enigmatic smile toward Magnes and Sable. Slowly, her high heels clicking on the floor, she moves just a little bit closer. A bright smile is worn on her features as she speaks in the most pleasant tone she can muster, which is certainly quite pleasant in a bubbly sort of way.

"Magnes? Is that you?" She has a feigned sense of surprise in her voice. "Well, fancy seeing you here!"

"What?" Magnes asks, the way she speaks familiar, not the tone or the voice, just… something about it. He stands, staring. Even in his most awkward phase, Sable has possibly not seen him so stopped in his tracks by a woman. Strange. "I, uh, I'm sorry, do I know you? You seem familiar, just… I'm really sorry if I forgot you. I used to deliver a lot of pizza…"

Sable leans the small of her back against the table behind her, setting her working arm over her sling in something like a casual crossing. "Fuckin' embarrassin'," she says, "I don't believe y', man. No way y'd f'rget a vision like this," she dips her head to Elle, "Surely he just need his memory jogged, eh? What's yer name, fair lady?"

A soft, amused giggle floats through the air, coming from Elle. She stands for a moment, quietly regarding Magnes as she rubs at her chin. There are /so/ many ways that she could mess with him right now, since he can't seem to recall his face. She could break out her old 'Kim' alias, even. But no…that might be a little on the cruel side, and while Elle certainly /enjoys/ a little cruelty every now and then…she really is trying to turn over a new leaf. Especially with the knowledge she obtained in Chicago.

"Oh, it's quite alright. I wasn't really expecting you to remember me!" She giggles softly; a brief smile is cast toward Sable, but her attention is mostly on Magnes. Slowly, she leeeaaaans closer to Magnes, reaching a hand out to place it on his shoulder…and give him a miniscule shock. Nothing painful, but it's enough that it may jog his memory. If that wasn't enough, she also offers her name. "Elle Bishop."

"Elle… Elle… oh god Elle!" Magnes twitches when she shocks him, staring at her with wide eyes. "Oh my god, you're, hot. I dated you." He looks over at Sable, still very surprised, not even sure what he's feeling. Possibly something akin to… shock. "I dated her!" Then, back to Elle. "You!"

Sable lets this new information click into place. It requires her to reconsider Elle, as if the whole of her appearance, her bearing, her very gestalt, needs to be reconfigured in the light of her involvement with Magnes. Looks like Magnes needs time to process this development as well. Which is weird.

"How'd he let you go, hon?" Sable asks, still looking at Elle, "That seems more th'n just a lapse in judgment."

Well, this is certainly not the reaction she expected. Granted, he probably doesn't remember that when he broke up with her, she shocked the hell out of him (literally) and refused to talk to him. Then she found out about the memories, and…well, long story short, she certainly didn't expect the reaction she's gotten from him. A smile forms on Elle's face at his reaction, and the little blonde offers a small chuckle.

"Yes, I'm hot. Yes, you dated me." She grins widely to the boy. "So, I see that memory thing you did ended up working out quite nicely." Static crackles over her fingers and fades as she pulls her hand back from the boy's shoulder, drawing eyes just in time to NOT see her ability. Aww, poor geeks, missing a chance to see a real live superpowered girl.

A smile is cast to Sable. "I'll just say that it wasn't the most pleasant of experiences." This is all that's offered about the circumstances surrounding her and Magnes' breakup.

Magnes definitely remembers that, it's just that he figures he brought it on himself. "Claire, I left her for Claire, which in hindsight was a stupid choice considering everything that happened after. But I guess Elaine might not be alive today if history didn't go the way it did. Hiro has me looking at timelines in a different way, makes it hard to have regrets."

He smiles, though he looks down at the arm she shock-clawed so long ago, and swallows. "Yeah, the memory redaction worked, I retained some things. I remember you, I just can't remember some security-sensitive things. I couldn't even remember your name until I learned it recently. "Uh, just checking but… all we ever did was make out, right? Just making sure I know my whole intimate history correctly."

Sable has a notion she uses to avoid regret. If the moment you're in is good enough, if you make it good enough, all preceding moments are redeemed. This usually works. Not so much on bad days, though. The yellow eyed girl has to cover up a snicker with a cough as Magnes asks 'just for information'. Her gaze flicks between the two former… whatever you call them. Remains to be seen. She rolls a shoulder, loosening it in an idle fidget as she waits out the answer.

As the boy offers up the explanation of their breakup, Elle offers a small, amused grin. "Yeah, that too." She chuckles softly, turning to briefly peer at the comic book racks. "It really was a stupid choice! I zapped him for it too." This is stated with the most gleeful intonation expression she can manage. A smile is cast toward Magnes, almost a disturbing quality thinly veiled beneath it.

Oh. Oh my, he's just ASKING for the girl to mess with him. Normally, Elle tries to be good. She really does, even if she still has trouble figuring out what's right and what's wrong. Today is certainly no exception to the rule. Suddenly, an extremely saddened look forms on her face as she stares at Magnes with those big blue eyes, her lower lip poking out just a little. "You mean you forgot?"

"I… wait, you mean we did? I thought Delilah was the first girl I… er… you'd think I'd remember something like that!" Magnes swallows hard, looking her up and down once, then shakes his head. "Jesus Christ, I'm…" He looks down at Sable, then asks unsurely, "Awesome?"

Sable's brow arches. She's not bad with vibes, and this chick is giving off a weird one. As someone accustomed to looking for visual cues (and someone who performs almost constantly), she picks up on the show that Elle is producing right now. That it's solely for Magnes' benefit gives her the space she needs to really notice. There's an almost imperceptible shift in her weight as she eases back just a little.

Her gaze darts to Magnes as he looks to her form confirmation of awesomeness. She smiles just a little, more than a little sardonic. "Why y' askin' me? She's th' one who'd know, eh?" she says, indicting Elle with the incline of her head.

Like any good actress (or sociopath), Elle has slipped into her role fairly easily. First, she looks almost heartbroken, turning away from Magnes slightly, so he can see that puppydog-sad look on her face. Her lower lip quivers a bit, and she looks unhappy. Very unhappy. Almost like she's about to cry. In fact, she's doing a fairly good job at pretending that she's just had her heart ripped out of her chest, even placing one hand to her chest.

"Magnes Varlane…I…I can't believe you. You erased /that?/ That was so important…and you just erased it like it was nothing." She places a hand to her forehead with a soft sigh of sadness, looking up at the ceiling. Her lower lip quivers, and she's even got a few tears welling up in her eyes.

"Hey, wait! I didn't erase it, I couldn't chose what I kept and didn't. Hey, wait… do you really feel bad about this? I mean, I don't mean to question your feelings or anything…" Magnes swallows again, since he has no idea how to say this without being offensive. "When I dated you, I uh, I knew about your issues at some point. I wanted to be a good thing for you, something that could make you feel genuinely happy. Leaving you for Claire was a completely asshole thing to do on my part, but did I really genuinely make you feel something?" He's suggesting he knows she's a sociopath, but doesn't want to outright say it.

Either Elle really does moodswing that quickly, and she's crazy, or she's faking it, and she's crazy. And now Magnes is talking about Elle's 'issues', which means she's crazy. So, survey says: CRAZY. Sable's lips quirk. Elle is horning into her territory. No, not Magnes. But there are only so many jobs available for theatrical lunatics, and dammit, Sable's keeping hers!

But Magnes seems to be holding his own, so Sable keeps her claptrap shut, trying to suppress the look of 'really?' that tries to surface as she watches Elle.

As she's indirectly called on her act, it disappears, and Elle is grinning up at Magnes, her hands on her hips. No more tears, no more sadness. Yeah, she was just messing with him. "No, we never did anything more than kissing, Mags." She giggles softly, holding a hand over her mouth. They're fun when they're as easy to mess with as he is. Why she didn't do this sooner, she has no clue. It's so fun though!

The little blonde girl grins over to Sable for but a brief moment, exchanging an almost knowing look with her, before turning back to Magnes. "Honestly, you would be hard pressed to get any feelings out of me even now, let alone back when we dated. You pissed me off when you left me for that little…thing…but I didn't really lose any sleep over it." She offers an amused smile to the boy, crossing her arms.


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