Superhero Team-Ups


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Scene Title Superhero Team-Ups
Synopsis The White Knight has a partnership in mind. Unfortunately, his candidate has a troubled history…
Date July 08, 2010


Just outside The Windsor Knot; Thai food restaurant.

It's early in the evening, but Magnes' fatigue is virtually gone. He's decided it's time to recruit Monica to his cause. It's a cause he's often felt alone in, but she's the only person he's seen who's just blatantly thrown herself into criminals and danger so frequently, like himself. Not terrorists or robot nazi cats, but good ol' fashioned crime fighting.

He's in all white, wearing a white long-sleeved cotton shirt with his white holeless mask zipped to the neck, white leather gloves zipped to the sleeves, white cargo pants with plenty of pockets and compartments, and of course white tightly laced combat boots. He's waiting on the side of the wall in the alley he saw her come out into before, crouched down as if he's Spider-Man or something.

Conversely, Monica is in jeans and a bright purple shirt with odd geometric designs on it. Summer uniform for the restaurant. She's whistling a bit to herself as she locks the backdoor and steps out into the alley. Slinging the keyring around her finger, she seems without a care in the world before she turns to start toward the street and spots the dude in all white. "Uh oh. Am I being stalked?" She asks with a crooked smile.

"I don't know, if I wasn't taken I'd probably have a bit of a crush." Magnes says through his modded voice, three or four voices all mixing into one instead of the typical deep voice modding. "I've seen you around, you can do things I can't even think of doing without my ability. The first few times I thought it was a coincidence, but now I know, you're some sort of expert martial artist. I want to recruit you, I want you to be my partner."

Monica chuckles at his response and shakes her head a bit. "Coincidence, huh? You know, you're not the first person to say that to me. Is it that I'm a girl or that I'm young, out of curiosity? I've never gotten the chance to ask before." Beeecause the others were probably bad guys. At those last words, her eyebrows lift for a moment, then she seems a bit amused. "Is that right? Is this where I give a speech about working alone, and then you give one about the power of friendship or something like that?"

"It's definitely not because you're a girl, I've been trained and beaten by a few women. I mean, I know it's like Batman says, it's not about how long you've lived, it's about how you use the time, but your skills are mindblowing." Magnes jumps down from the wall, and politely extends his hand out to her. "And working alone is fine and all, but it is better to have a partner, someone to have your back, share resources and experience. I took an estimate of your measurements and even made you a costume. I thought you'd like purple."

Stepping over when he jumps down, Monica takes his hand for a shake. "Well, thank you. It's nice to be appreciated. And believe me, I know the differences between working alone and with others. I've done both, actually." But, those last words get a blink from her and she holds a hand up to him. "Whoa, there, Sparky. I think this is the part where I point out that our relationship is moving too fast. A costume?"

"Well yeah, you don't plan to go out crime fighting without a mask on, do you? This isn't exactly legal." Magnes motions his hands down over himself, using his as an example. "This isn't so bad, right? But, what do I have to do to inspire your faith in me?"

"I wasn't really planning on going out crime fighting at all," Monica says with a lift of her shoulder, her smile apologetic. "Now, if I can be a good Samaritan, that's one thing. But…" The girl lets out a heavy sigh and looks over at him. "It isn't as easy as it seems. Put on a mask, you think you're safe. You're never really safe out there. And worse than that, it really is like the comics. Villains kidnapping Mary Jane to get to Spider-Man. You know what I mean?" When he points out his outfit, she does get a smile back on her face, if crooked. "It's a little… conspicuous." Says the ninja. At his question, she looks thoughtful for a long moment before she speaks again. "You need to find protection. I can't ask you to prove yourself to me, I really can't. Whoever it is you've got in your life… the more you do this, the deeper you get and the more they get put in danger. You may be a superhero, but is your girlfriend?"

"My girlfriend's protected, more than protected, but… it's not as if we're gonna go out there without a plan. We're gonna be prepared, we'll have intelligence people looking into things, stuff like that. I've got a rich backer." Magnes crosses his arms now, leaning back against the wall. "If you're concerned about your family, I understand, I won't bother you about this, I just wanted you to know that I really want a person like you for a partner, someone who's not afraid to risk their life for others."

"My family's been through a lot. A lot of loss. And there's probably going to be more. You be careful. Confidence is good, but there's always something you didn't plan for. Couldn't have planned for." Monica comes over to put a hand on his arm. "I'm not afraid to risk me. Life's… short… anyway," there's an odd hitch in her voice there, but she shakes her head and refocuses on him again, "I'm afraid of who else I'd be risking."

"I understand, I guess it was worth a shot. Not too many likeminded people in the world." Magnes lets out a small sigh, then begins to slowly ascend into the air. "So, guess I should be going. If you change your mind, here's a number I use for secret stuff." He reaches into his pocket, then drops a card right in front of her.

"You're right there. There isn't." Monica gives him a little wave, and she does stoop to pick up the card, too. "I'll let you know. And hey… seriously… good luck."

"Hopefully I won't need luck." Magnes answers back with a bit of a serious tone, and nods before he speeds up into the air.

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