Suresh Center Closed


Monday, February 21, 2011

In the wake of the catastrophic collapse of the barrier surrounding much of Roosevelt Island and parts of Queens, the expected assessment of damages done during the chaos has claimed another victim. The Suresh Center, damaged by a terror attack from Humanis First while the dome was raised, is slated to undergo significant reconstruction over the course of the next several months.

Structural damage to the Suresh Center is estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and the ReGenesis Foundation is reluctantly laying off one third of their full-time staff, and all of their volunteer staff in response. In a public announcement posted on the Suresh Center's website, Doctor Mohinder Suresh had these words of consolation to the many who depended on the Suresh Center for their livelihood:

"My dear friends,

It pains me to find us in the situation we are in. It pains me to see an institution of tolerance and learning like the Suresh Center marred by bigotry and intolerance, by senseless violence and loss of life. The tragedy of what happened at the Suresh Center will be indelibly marked in our hearts and memories as we move on from this troubled time.

It further pains me to see so many of the center's staff let go, but these trying financial times are hard on us all, and the Suresh Center cannot afford to maintain staff for an inactive facility. The remaining two thirds of the Suresh Center's active medical and technical staff will be shifted to other jobs around the city, while the Suresh Center is rebuilt.

We are currently taking any and all charitable donations towards the efforts of rebuilding the center, and to the creation of a memorial monument for those who lost their lives in the tragedy of this incident. My heart and prayers go out to the families of those lost in the tragedy that imprisoned a portion of this troubled city, but I have hope and faith that we will all learn to rise above this, and find a brighter future ahead of us.

- Doctor Mohinder Suresh."

The Suresh Center is expected to be closed for repairs through the summer, with a tentative re-opening slated for August.

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