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Scene Title Survival
Synopsis Mutual aid, warnings, an exhibition and story-telling
Date March 14 2011

Piccoli's Delicatessen

Everything about Piccoli's is welcoming. There's a large, cheerful neon sign mounted on the roof, the interior is brightly lit and spotlessly clean, and the old-fashioned decor is more reminiscent of mother's kitchen than a successful business. Since the doors opened in 1946, Piccoli's has been best known for pastrami, hot dogs, corned beef, and salami. The wait can sometimes be a little long, but the prices are reasonable and the food is always worth it.

Ensconced in a corner seat, with a part-eaten tuna mayonnaise sandwich on a plate beside her, Ygraine is presently frowning at a rather well-travelled laptop. Clad in what seems to be her current preference in public wear, she has one booted foot propped on the cross-support of a chair, knee poking up above the level of the table. The highwaywoman's tricorn remains perched rakishly on her head, though her coat has been removed to hang on the back of a chair at her table. At present, she's giving her computer a rather dubiously disapproving look, her useable hand absent-mindedly massaging at the shoulder of her immobilised arm.

The pirate has a companion - a man dressed simply in jeans and a button down shirt, his own aluminum-bodied iMac open opposite hers, a large hard drive plugged into the side. Cords snake from each computer to the wall socket nearby, normally used for running the floor buffer, now used to power the two computers. "I figure this one would be a good opener…the dome with the sun through it?" He turns his screen to let Ygraine see, a haunting vision to say the least. "Have we settled on a name for the show yet?"

"That's one of the things I'm concerned about", Ygraine murmurs. "Showing the beauty amidst the horror appeals. Not least because I think that some of the shots I made possible by getting you up so high are absolutely stunning. But the key thing is the human element. So to take as the initial, most visible focus a shot without human life… is that the story we want to tell? Possibly. But if it's taken seriously as an exhibition, rather than just a media event, then people will be looking for - and analysing - a narrative or overal theme to it. And if we show that beauty only exists without humans in view, is that the message we want to give? Possibly. But we'd need to be careful how we handle it. And the story'll affect the name… or… hrrrm."

Closing her eyes, Ygraine purses her lips again, the thumb of her hand digging a little more deeply into her shoulder. "My basic instinct is to call it 'Survivors' or 'Survival'. Make the name link directly to the group it's primarily meant to support. But you could actually run a story about the city, couldn't you? The city, the community surviving, rather than individual people. Try to avoid elevating those who suffered into special status, detached and apart and separate from everyone else. But instead make it a unifying thing. The city is a survivor. In spite of attack and predation and parasitic infection, the community survives. And those who emerged from the Dome are part of it. In which case a shot without people and just with the beauty… that could actually work. And grab the attention precisely because it's not the 'obvious' story."

The door chimes whenever patrons enter or leave the deli, and there's no exception. A little ring gives its call when the door opens to admit a teenager, a slowly-becoming-regular to the establishment. Black letterman-style jacket hangs from his shoulders, pale green button down shirt with tie pulled away from his neck peeking out underneath. Devon's eyes give a casual glance through the establishment as his feet carry him to the counter, passing briefly over the two busy over computers and lunch. But only briefly as his turn at the counter comes up. An order for a turkey on sourdough is put in at the counter and payment exchanged, and while waiting for the sandwich to appear room is made for the next patron who may come along.

"The story I'm writing is from the point of view of the survivors - a chronicle of what happened from the dome going up to the dome going down, missing a few details that don't need to be known. THe panic at first, the coming together, the Humanis First attacks and the like. You, actually, are being written is as injured in the Grocery Store attack, Aster Delacroix." There's a wink as Jaiden goes back to his computer, starting to flip through a few more pictures on his hard drive - an even dozen, in fact - before finding another one. "How about this one, then?" He turns the monitor to show the image. It's basically the same shot - the dome, the red-tinged sun, but this time it's from a different vantage point. Dawn, or close to it, looking east, and at the base of the dome, a small shanty was erected and sitting in front is a woman and a child, staring up at the sun, the woman pointing to it, face turned to the child who can't be more than five, telling him that it would be allright, or so Jaiden would hope. "This one may work for the human angle. The city surviving? That'll take some digging, but I think I have a few shots of the bridge before and after…"

Jaiden glances up at the bell out of habit, every time, noting people who he recognizes or doesn't know. Nudging Ygraine with a toe beneath the table, he gestures to the counter. "Our friend from the dome."

"Could twine the two together, actually", muses Ygraine. "That'd make more sense. Give the obvious story to those who look no further - and it's a good story, to be sure. And Americans do love tales of American underdogs triumphing against the odds…. But also weave through it the message of the city and community surviving, for those who look any deeper. I think we might need to run this past Graeme for his help, but I think this could work…."

Belatedly registering that Jaiden's last words don't relate to the image on his screen, she needs a few moments to locate Devon. "Lovely picture. Go with that one, I'd say, unless we stumble across something that out-does it. Beauty, hope, and loss all in the same thing. And so it is. Wonder how he'd feel about all this…."

The teenager's attention drifts from the counter, eyes piercing through the window to watch the street for a moment, then passing back over the pair busily working upon their computers. His attention is recaptured, however, with the sandwich artists behind the scenes calling up his order. Devon offers a nod to the fellow behind the counter as he accepts a butcher-paper wrapped parcel. Thanks is exchanged and he turns for the door, though exit is halted when he realizes Jaiden and Ygraine are both looking at him.

Brows rise questioningly, but an unsure grin pulls at the corners of the teenager's mouth. The hand holding the sandwich lifts and even gives a small wave.

"I could see if I got their contact information….I have like three notebooks of people and names that I got while I was in there, just in case I ended up needing them. So…maybe we could ask them." Jaiden shrugs slightly and grins to Devon, motioning him over.

"That's part of the reason I wanted to tap you for the Survivors group. I've got a lot of contact numbers, myself, from trying to run the phone exchange network so that everyone got a chance to send out messages… I made sure that people could get hold of me. But our foraging parties and your water work put us in contact with some people the other never met. So combining the two seems wise."

As Devon responds favourably to them, he's offered a wry smile, Ygraine reaching up to doff her hat and hint at a seated bow, before waving the tricorn at the remaining seat occupied by neither a person nor her coat, the invitation hopefully clear enough.

The invitation is met with slight hesitation, but in a couple of steps Devon joins at the table. The sandwich is settled first before the chair made ready for sitting. "Hey," he offers, tone still holding traces of uncertainty, lowering himself onto the chair.

"I know - I donated my iPhone to that for a while since I had a way to keep it charged - still have the numbers in there that were called, too." Jaiden grins. He's a good investigator. "Come on, Mate, we don't bite." Jaiden says, scooting his computer over to make room for Devon's sandwich plate and to keep crumbs from getting into the keyboard. "Hey there, Devon. Just going over some things for a show we're going to put on."

"Well, only pretty girls", Ygraine murmurs teasingly, apparently speaking for both herself and Jaiden. "If you'd like to help, you'd be welcome", she adds at a more normal volume. "But if not, then you're welcome to the seat and the company anyway. You're not being press-ganged, I promise."

Things must be normalizing for the teenager, to some extent. His grin becomes easier at Jaiden's assurances of no biting, not that he really expected it, and he sagely nods to Ygraine. "What sort of show," is the obvious question, asked as he peels the tape from the paper enclosing his sandwich. Carefully the corner of the wrapping is pulled open, keeping crumbs well under control.

"Photographs, mainly. Of the dome and what went on in there. That's what I was doing with my camera for so long in there." Jaiden grins, lowering the front of his laptop, taking a break to grab his soda and take a sip. "How've you been holding up since everything happened?"

"We're hoping to raise awareness, maybe even some funds, for a group I've been setting up", Ygraine explains while Devon chews. "Not trying to replace all the organisations that are trying to sort things out for folks, but… trying to make sure that people have somewhere to go for any help they're not getting. 'Cause what bureaucracy ever runs smoothly or really listens to complaints?"

Devon's grin becomes slightly more forced, his head turning to regard the sandwich. He's not much of a fan in reliving his experiences within the Dome, though only his expression says as much. His sandwich is lifted and a bite taken from it. "I'm holding my own, making some choices for myself and how I'm going to move on. —Not sure I'd be much help in setting up a show like that, either. After… things that happened. Don't want to give anyone nightmares, y'know?"

"I know…." Jaiden says softly, giving the man a pat on the shoulder. "I don't like re-living it any more than anyone else does, but the people out here need to know what it was like in there. To put a face to the people who survived it, not just mentioning them in a footnote of a wikipedia article."

"The exhibition, we hope, won't either gloss over what happened… nor wallow in it", Ygraine says quietly. "But we know it won't be for everyone, whatever we do. If you wanted to contribute, we'd be glad. If not… that's fine as well."

Jaiden has a half-eaten sandwich gestured in his direction. "Mmm. That's a point. Was going to suggest that we consider mixing in commentary from people affected by it. Those cut off outside as well as inside. The story's not solely visual, any more than it's solely about those of us who were in there. But I'm also tempted by the… the purity of the photographs on their own."

"To be honest," Devon says with a more sobering look, "I really don't think anyone needs to know what happened in there. I don't really see anything good coming out of a display for what went on inside the Dome." With a small shrug, one shoulder lifting a little further than the other, he returns to a lighter outlook, a grin returning. "Besides all this, how've you two been getting on?"

Jaiden thinks out loud for a moment. "How about a multiple-level show. At first, it's the images, but if someone has an iPhone or something that can be used to replay a mp3, we can have the people that lived it telling their stories while they view the pictures. You get the city surviving the first time through, and the next you get the survivor's view from the inside." Then Devon's words hit, bringing him back to reality for a bit. "Well…it was brutal in there, but pretending it didn't happen doesn't mean that it never did."

Now - is that guilt or fear that's talking? Ygraine pensively eyes Devon for a moment or two, before quirking a smile at Jaiden. At least the war photographer's not likely to believe that the world's better off unaware of it all. She does, however, opt to accept the kid's attempt to change the topic. "We've… well. He's doing a little better than me. Even something so simple as getting dressed'll still be an absolute pain for me, for weeks to come. But… we've both had elements of our personal lives fall apart while we were in there, or right after. But we're on the mend, I think. Trying to keep busy, however."

The sandwich is returned to the table, the hand holding it lifting to rub Devon's forehead. "I'm not saying we should pretend it didn't happen. I'm saying… saying maybe it's too soon to relive something like that." Despite his efforts, his brows knit together, eyes lifting to slide between Ygraine and Jaiden. It's closer to fear than guilt, at least in the teenager's mind. "It was beyond brutal in there. People lined up on the streets for execution, people turning into hamburger trying to save themselves and get through the Dome walls. Humanis First …taking people off the streets and…"

Devon shakes his head, letting out a slow breath. "There was more going on than just riots and random violence and survival in hellish conditions. —Sorry. I… it's not something that… Sorry." Pressing his lips together, teeth biting down on the lower one, the teenager's gaze falls to his sandwich again.

"nah, mate, it's fine, really. I've just seen a lot in my time…Ygraine too, so we deal with it a bit better than most. We're…we're going to start a survivors group of the dome - all her idea - to help people get together and work out the issues that being inside caused." Jaiden pauses. "Have you talked to anyone about this yet?"

A slow, drawn out breath is exhaled as Devon takes a moment to bottle his own experiences up again. "Yeah, I've talked to a few people. That Frontline Soldier, some doctor I met when… one afternoon. My mentor, some other friends. I've talked, doesn't mean I want it on display." His head comes up, eyes focusing on Jaiden. "Look, I don't want to crush the idea. I… don't even want to argue about it. If it helps you guys, awesome, right? I've got help in other ways."

"Enough said, mate, consider the subject dropped." Jaiden lifts his hands in a universal surrender gesture before taking hold of his sandwich, taking a bite, chewing thoughtfully. "So, you're a student, then?"

Devon drags his hand through his hair, as though the action could seal away the experiences. "I… yeah, in a sense. Intern right now, might return to college when that gig is up. Haven't really decided yet."

"Who're you interning with?", Ygraine asks gently, having kept busied herself with her sandwich for a short time. "And what're you studying?"

Jaiden eats his sandwich, his attention on Devon.

"Brad Russo, at Studio K." Devon looks at Ygraine, then Jaiden again. "I was studying theatre, acting mostly. Now… I'm thinking of going into something else. I don't know what yet, and there's a lot to consider. What… what, besides the pictures and things, do you two do? Normally."

"The past couple of years, I've largely worked as a courier", Ygraine says softly. "That's… rather out of the question at the moment. I've done work around the offices for the company in the past, so I probably won't end up entirely in the cold… but it'll probably be months before I can rely on my arm to take the strain of riding. Before that… I've worked as a translator. But my main career was as a professional cyclist. I competed internationally. But that's all over now, unless I can talk someone into setting up an Evolved league of sporting events."

"And me? Retired photojournalist who now works on cars for a living. If you have a vehicle that doesn't work and needs to, let me know and I can get you in motion again." Jaiden reaches across the table to pat Ygraine's free hand lightly, a reassuring gesture. "With time, Ygraine. With time."

"Like people keep telling me, time'll heal it," Devon says, not without sympathy. "Considering, you two seem to be doing good since the Dome." He finds that easier grin again, allowing it to crack a little. "Your support thing might be a good idea, too. Probably people who'd be willing to go."

Ygraine directs a rather bleakly amused look to Jaiden, accompanying it with a near-silent chuckle. "I'm not exactly the right shape for it any more. And the chances of anyone against whom I could meaningfully compete are pretty low, unless a lot of effort were to be put into designing challenges. I've got some ideas, but… not the few tens of millions likely to be necessary to set it all up, insure people, provide protection against attacks, and everything else…."

Refocusing upon Devon, she nods. "The intent is to offer some help with getting tangible assistance. Meetings for those who want them - but also ways to say "the DoEA gave my family another set of blankets this week when their computers glitched again. Can I trade them for the loan of a car for a few hours?" or whatever else is needed, but isn't being handled by the bureaucrats and official aid agencies."

"Oh, Ygraine, i meant to tell you, I do have a few serviceable cars I can donate to the cause - no a/c or anything, but they run and drive. I was going to craigslist them, but if we can find some people who can use them, even better." Jaiden sits sideways in the booth, munching his sandwich, listening the conversation between the pair.

"Sounds like an idea." Though a small frown pulls at Devon's expression. He gives a shrug after a second, picks up his sandwich again, and takes another bite. "Sure there's people who're having problems with things like that. Two of my close friends are going to be working out with me, helping me get back into shape.. They were in the Dome too so… my little support group I guess."

"That's good", Ygraine agrees warmly. "Jaiden, here, has agreed to let me beat him up once I'm fit enough to actually do anything without ripping the muscle apart again. Already torn the wound open once. I do not want to repeat that experience again…."

A grimace, then she focuses upon Jaiden. "Mmmm. Could be an idea… we'd need to investigate how to insure them. But a car pool could be really helpful for people. If we can get the money to run it, that could be a really good idea."

I'll do some research on my end then, Ygraine. We'd be non-profit, so we'd have to have some kind of insurance, but taxes and other regulations may be pretty lax. If it comes down to it, we can just give them to people who need them with a full tank of gas." Jaiden chuckles. "I give as good as I can get, Missy…we'll be beating each other up once you're well again. The last thing I want to do is repack that hole in your arm a third time.

Another bite is torn off his sandwich, while Devon glances between Ygraine and Jaiden, allowing them to discuss finer points of their project without his interruption.

Ygraine snorts indelicately at Jaiden, then chuckles once more. "I'd guess that insurance'd be the tricky thing. And a significant expense - since we'd want them to be open to a host of potential drivers whom we couldn't name in advance. But we should be able to sort something out, definitely. Mmmmm. Maybe we should get bumper-stickers made for them, or something."

Shaking her head, she looks back to Devon. "So… what is it that you do for the famous Mister Russo? I've never really seen the media from that side of things."

Jaiden doesn't know Russo, although he has heard of him. Attention goes back to devon.

"Fetch coffee," Devon answers with a grin. "Pick up his dry cleaning or… depends on the day, really. But in return, he teaches me a fair bit." Or tries to. That loosened tie at his throat and mediocre fashion shirt ought to be proof that he hasn't picked up on his mentor's finer points of tutelage. "It's… always interesting to work at the studio, though."

Smiling, Ygraine nods warmly. "My -" A pause, her voice catching as her gaze drops, then she clears her throat and seeks the right words. "A dear friend of mine does a radio show for Studio K. I dropped in there, recently. The wonders of a courier's badge and an excuse for a delivery. But I didn't exactly get to poke around or see anything happening."

"From what I understand, the reason most people are on radio is because the old adage is true - they have a face for radio." Jaiden chuckles. "And it's not much to see, if I remember right. Men and women sitting in tiny, silent rooms, talking into suspended microphones and occasionally playing music.

Devon grins at Jaiden and nods. "Probably true, but honestly, I don't know any of those who work in the radio department." Fact be told, he doesn't really know anyone in the studio, most seen in passing and less than five actually spoken to at any length. Not including his employer.

"Personally, I think that at least one person working there is absolutely stunning, but I might be considered… residually biased", Ygraine says with a lop-sided grin. "She certainly has a voice for radio, in my opinion. Robyn works there, Jaiden - she just recently started a music programme, meant to showcase new talent and the like. She's someone I was thinking of trying to get to give a few favourable mentions to things…"

"Well, it couldn't hurt as far as things go. She might be able to put us into contact with a few people we wouldn't normally be able to get." Jaiden chuckles softly. "And she is quite lovely, Ygraine."

Again, Devon fills in a blank with a bite from his sandwich. He's not sure who Robyn is, but the, he's not sure who a number of people are at the studio. Guests and regular employees come and go so often than it's he doesn't try to keep track, focusing on his own work.

Then, after finishing that bite, the teenager changes subjects. "What else d'you two have planned for? With all the… survivor stuff. Just.. the group and…" A nod goes toward the computers.

Ygraine exchanges a glance with Jaiden, then cracks a grin. "I had thought that I was setting myself up to have rather a lot to do, with those things. But perhaps I was coddling myself, too much, eh? No… there are a few other things I'm trying to work on, but… finding the energy is still rather hard at the moment. I've put back on most of the weight I probably should, after the Dome, but trying to make sure that I keep up exercise is tough, I confess. I'm spending a lot of time asleep, right now, though that's probably got a good bit to do with the painkillers…."

"Otherwise?" The Briton offers a carefully lop-sided shrug. "I'm also trying to support a campaign to get the Registration system reviewed by the Supreme Court. It's a removal of rights to privacy; they have a right to over-rule any removal of rights; it seems like a logical step, to me. But as a foreigner and a freak, I'm kind of limited to putting up posters and the like."

"I'm in the same boat, actually." Jaiden says with a shrug and a smile, putting his crust back on the plate and sitting back. "That's why we're having the show, actually - to raise awareness and do a little fundraising."

"The idea of Registration isn't particularly a bad thing," Devon says, giving care to his words. It's a touchy subject, one he's still sorting his feelings out on. "It's got good and bad to it, like a lot of government programs. The worst is the information that's available to anyone who cares to look. Easy way to find out where the Evolved population lives. Even easier for someone to get the idea that another Dome is in order with that information."

"Until a short time ago, for a single DNA record to be disclosed to the police and court system - never mind publicly - a judge had to be persuaded to sign off on its collection. Now… no one has any right to with-hold DNA, and the results of testing are public", Ygraine says quietly. "Even if Registration is a good idea, it's a huge stripping-away of rights - and under the Constitution, any right not assigned in the Constitution itself is held by the people. So all those rights were taken from the people, at the whim of the administration. Maybe it was justified - but until it's reviewed and considered in full detail by the Supreme Court, it can't be considered confirmed…"

"you just opened the floodgates, Devon." Jaiden chuckles and leans back in the seat to let Ygraine take the reins of the conversation.

A smirk is angled at Jaiden, amused rather than sarcastic. "In order to collect DNA before, or even look at anything such as that, one had to have a search warrant. To get a search warrant you had to have probable cause and support before a judge would even seen you. Now, it's probable cause and safe to assume that anyone in this facility might be evolved. It's like registering to own a firearm or drive a car." The teenager pauses, casting a grin to Ygraine. "However. I'll leave the politics and bureaucracy to you, Ygraine. Good fight, though it might take a while. Some of us prefer a more direct approach at times. With keeping our kind safe and all."

"The default equation of an evolved ability with a lethal weapon - or with something that can kill whole families in one go, if you just get up a bit of speed - is an interesting one", Ygraine responds, one side of her mouth lifting slightly, as she opts to skate over Devon's more worrying (to her) talk of different 'kinds'. "And it's not a paradigm that's universally accepted even in law. Everyone in the country has the potential to carry a deadly disease. Indeed, the chances of being a carrier of something capable of killing is far higher than are the chances for manifesting an SLC complex that produces a deadly talent. Why not conduct universal health screening? It'll save more lives, and provide more useful data. But it won't provide the same power. Treat abilities as weapons by default and in fact, and you buy into a very specific kind of language and mode of interaction."

"We're lethal weapons according to the government, SLC positive people." Jaiden adds after a moment, sipping his drink. "But potential criminality does not equal criminal activity."

Devon nods toward Jaiden. "It's the same with gun ownership, again, or driving a car. A man can own a gun, be registered to carry it, but that doesn't make him a criminal. Moreover, there is a form of universal health screening. There are countries you cannot go into without having certain immunizations against disease. Likewise, you can't be a blood donor if you've been to certain other countries." He pauses and holds up his hands, as though to show nothing else to offer of abstaining from further argument.

"Just my opinion," the teenager continues, "but good luck with it. I've already pointed out what I dislike about the program and I know which steps I'll take to see changes. Or at the very least slow the progression of anti-evolved movements."

Ygraine darts a glance to Jaiden, then looks back to Devon. "And… would this be part of the, ah… direct action that you mentioned earlier?", she asks cautiously.

Jaiden closes his laptop with a muffled *click,* returning Ygraine's glance with one of his own. He appears a little…concerned. "But those are choices you make. You choose to get a driver's license or to drive a car. You don't choose to be SLC, which is what they're legislating against."

"While most people were busy just trying to survive cut off from the rest of the world, some of us were trying to keep survival possible." Devon's voice is pitched quietly, meant to not travel too far and seeming absent on intention for keeping the words low. "Like I said, more than just riots and squabbling were taking place. It might happen again." With a small frown, he looks between the two seated across from him. "Yes, I'm taking a more direct approach."

This time, both of Ygraine's brows go up. The kid, after all, really should be aware of the fact that he's talking to the two people who made possible (comparatively) safe trips for groups foraging on Roosevelt, or the recovery of people stranded there. Rioting and squabbling aren't exactly how she'd have described her own activities, but…. Shaking her head in an effort to jolt her thoughts back onto something at least close to the right tracks, she refocuses upon Devon, gaze darting over to her coat where - as ever nowadays - she carries one of Spy Shop's finest portable white noise generators. But it doesn't get reached for just yet.

"And… what form does this direct approach take?", she asks quietly.

Jaiden remains mostly quiet, waiting for Devon's answer. "Is it just to sit back and hope it goes away?"

The quirking of Devon's mouth turns more sardonic. He's all too aware of the war out there to just sit back and hope it disappears. Leaving the sandwich on the table, he sits back, arms folding across his chest. When he looks up again, the smirk is gone, a far more serious cast come into his expression. "I'm going hunting."

Though it won't be clear to either of her companions what thoughts are running through her head, it's clear that Ygraine is unpleasantly reminded of something. Her brow creases, her eyes closing for a moment, mouth twisting for a moment as if tasting something sour. "Hunting to expose illegal activities to the authorities, of course", she murmurs, words precisely enunciated and tone neutral. "And do you have help in this… risky activity?"

This is not very…safe. Perhaps not skirting the limits of legality, but as a journalist, Jaiden feels the need to speak up. "If you're going to do anything illegal, I'd suggest not talking anymore. Right now we're just talking in a deli in the middle - all speculation. The less we know, the better."

"Of course," Devon replies in deadpan, though the look he gives Ygraine says volumes more. His hunting will involve exposing illegal activities, but the only reporting will come from a heavy weight concealed and carried even now beneath his jacket. His eyes flick up to Jaiden, then turn to his sandwich. One hand comes up to grasp the object of lunch and lift it, another bite torn off and chewed.

Oh dear. Ygraine closes her eyes again, trying to keep her mind away from memories of a conversation with another teen about stalking anti-Evolved villainy with intent to murder. "Merde", she murmurs faintly, before reopening her eyes, though her gaze remains rather unfocused. "Well… should you discover anyone engaged in… that kind of thing, there are people I could pass information on to. So that they can be prevented from causing any problems." The joys of knowing the director of FRONTLINE….

"Keep your nose clean, Devon. Be careful. Always have a back up plan and a back up to that one. Don't get greedy. Don't overextend, and always, always, always have a way out." That's Jaiden's assessment of the situation.

Devon offers a nod, however falling toward an unconcerned manner. Everything at this table is casual, and the teenager is taking Jaiden's suggestion just moments before to heart. Another bite is purposefully taken from his sandwich, eyes flicking up to the two proper adults.

Ygraine shoots Jaiden a faintly startled look, then musters a somewhat wan smile. "So… how about them Yankees?", she asks, tone dry, letting herself rest against the back of her chair, reaching for her drink to take a long sip.

Jaiden's not going to let him go without some good advice, even if it's not the best advice to be given. "I never liked american baseball. Now give me Aussie rules football for a man's game."

"Did you catch the European football game last night," Devon asks in all seriousness. He's heard the advice, and he has back up, neither of which he'll admit to in this place without good reason. "Who do you think's going to be contenders this year?"

"I was at university in Manchester", Ygraine says with a laugh - though it doesn't really reach her eyes. "Oddly enough, I'm rather biased in favour of United. Though I'm worried that if they keep slipping, they'll wind up winning nothing this season. Still, at least they're not Arsenal. Two weeks ago the Gunners were in four competitions - now they're only in one, and they're not at all likely to win that…"

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