Suspicious Roof Dwelling


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Scene Title Suspicious Roof Dwelling
Synopsis Leonardo catches Magnes standing on the roof; there is brief talking.
Date August 7 2009

Village Renaissance Building Roof

This is a flat roof, the surface grey concrete, which covers a building with enough space for sixteen apartment units on each floor along with elevators, stairwells, and maintenance areas at the center. It can be reached by an elevator and/or staircase near the right edge, a large freight elevator just back of the center, and stairwells centered on front and back of the building. The back left corner holds the large machinery needed for climate control of the interior. Discreet cameras placed all around the edge monitor the roof.

Near the elevator and stairs from the penthouse below is a pair of picnic tables and a sophisticated grill for cooking outdoors and eating when the weather permits. It's covered by an open air tent of sorts for shelter when rain and snow come.

The right front corner, overlooking 4th Street, has a sturdy wooden structure ten feet back from the edge. Here there are outlets for plugging in amplifiers and other electrical devices should Cat choose to come up here and make music. It has a set of glass doors which can be folded aside to allow approaching the edge and closed to protect against weather.

The front left corner features four each of small apple and cherry trees with garden chairs here and there around them, a number of sunflowers, tomato plants, potatoes, carrots, onions, peas, and various other plants chosen for their appearance in pots or planters large enough to hold them. Someone with access to the roof likes to garden, and has been doing so at any chance.

Fresh from academy training, early in the evening, Magnes lands on the edge of the Villain Renaissance's roof, staring down at the street. He's not intending to stay long enough to see Claire tonight, evidenced by the fact that he didn't bring anything with him, he's just looking for a few moments of peace. He's of course still wearing his skates, which clash with his suit.

There's the sound of the door to the stairs down, accompanied by the drift of smoke from a cigarette. Leo comes lounging up from below, pauses in the doorway as it drifts shut of its own accord behind him. "What inna hell kinna get up is that?" he demands in a lazy southern drawl.

Magnes looks back at Leo, tilting his head in slight confusion. "It's a suit, well, sort've. I think Claire's gonna help me dress a little better. You know Claire?" he asks, since, well, they apparently live in the same building. "Or Abby, or Delilah."

"I know alla them. What I don't know is you, hot stuff. Who are you and what're you doin' on this roof?" He doesn't nudge Magnes away with his power - it'd be both rude and too revealing. Leo's tone is mild, but the look in his eyes is anything but.

"Sometimes I talk to Claire up here, but I was just stopping for a few minutes, on my way home." Magnes explains, hunching on the edge of the roof, which looks awfully dangerous, especially how he's leaning over. "My name's Magnes J. Varlane."

There's the metallic *plink* of a Zippo being opened and lit, as Leo takes his time lighting up a Camel. "And who's Magnes J. Varlane when he's at home?" he wonders, once he's got it properly lit, and the lighter vanished back into his pocket.

"A level 14 Feyri Fighter Sorcerer with a Keen Vorpal Sword of Wounding. Some people say playing a Fighter Sorcerer is dumb, I just say it's more fun." Magnes explains, possibly not understanding the question, or at least answering in the best way he can think of, looking back with a friendly smile.

"Abby's a close friend, we've been through a lot together. I only just met Claire, we talk up here on the roof sometimes." Magnes sincerely answers, turning around on the edge of the roof, in his skates, which probably seems like a very dumb thing to do. Now that he's actually facing Leonard, still smiling, he adds, "And I go to the police academy."

Not, perhaps, as dumb as it might seem, considering who he's currently in company with. "Abby's good folks. Outta town right now. Do you? I …." he hesitates, shrugs. "Usedta be NYPD myself. Only ever walked a beat."

"Not sure what I'm gonna be doing after the academy." Magnes admits with an honest shrug of his shoulders, though looks perplexed at the unasked question. "Do I what?"

"Go to the police academy," Leo clarifies, faintly embarassed. "What do you -want- to do?"

"Oh, yeah, duh." Magnes smacks himself in the head. "I don't know, I guess what I want to do is make a difference, have my freedom, not worry about losing my friends all the time, both figuratively and literally." he explains, but leaves a lot up in the air about what he could mean by some of it.

Leonard lazily flicks ash, trying to make sure it doesn't drift downwind to Magnes. "You and me both, brother," he drawls.

"Can I ask you something?" Magnes wonders, and like always, doesn't wait for an answer. "I've only known Claire for about a week, and well, I was wondering, what do you think of her? I mean, as a person?"

"I don't know her well," Leo says, quietly. "She's a tough bird, that I'll tell you. I don't know what she's been through that makes her that way."

"I can imagine." Magnes says with the tone of someone who knows about going through a lot. "It was nice talking to you, but I'm gonna get home so I can check in or I'll get my leash yanked again." he apologetically explains, placing his hands in his pockets, hunching down, then just hops into the air to the next building. "See you later!" he quickly yells back.

And Leo is oddly….well, not unimpressed, but not startled. He nods in mute farewell, before lifting his hand to wave. It leaves a little curl of smoke trailing behind, following the path of the gesture.

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