The Sweat Lodge
The Sweat Lodge
Operator David McRae
Hours of Operation 24 Hours
Current Status Open for Business
People Come Here For… Shelter

The Sweat Lodge is a safehouse with a number of interesting features. Among them: 60's architecture, bright pastel colors, kitchen magnets, peeling floors, rounded corners, and a small chapel where peaceful, Christianity-based Evolved superiority thinking (cultists, to be crass) is quietly preached. An unusually high number of Moab Federal Penitentiary ex-convicts live and operate out of there, and several Ferrymen operate out of the local block.

The Sweat Lodge itself was formerly more of a supply facility, and run by an operator named Felicity until ex-con David McRae took over in the spring of 2009. Felicity has since moved in full-time to look after children and assist in cooking, cleaning, etc.

Important Notes on Access

Streets go in, and streets go out. Fire stairs are available, and there is a hidden sewer exit but due to Staten's recent state of decay, it would only take an evacuation out one block to the West before they were forced to go above-ground in an alleyway. The rest of the nearby network has variously been blocked off or is dangerously damaged.

Residents and Refugees

  • Chuckles (Tier 3, Vascular Manipulation)
  • Doyle (Tier 3, Puppetry)
  • Felicity (Non-Evolved)
  • Jericho (Tier 3, Pyrokinesis)
  • McRae (Tier 3, Atmokinesis)
  • Kaylee (formerly)
  • Tania as Katya (Non-Evolved)

Italics indicate NPCs.

Refugees tend to be granted their stay for anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, restabilizing emotionally and developing support networks within batches, before moving on to their new identities outside of New York. Usually, this is done by sea, taking advantage of the no-fly zone for law enforcement that Staten Island and its waters are.

Local Security

The security of the immediate neighborhood is operated much like the barrio communities of some low-income districts… because the immediate neighborhood is a low-income district. Small-time crime is the most robust economic engine in the area, for better and for worse. Children on bicycles and hanging casually out of windows, and a few shopkeepers tend to surveill the area, and are well-trained to notice anybody who doesn't fit in. It isn't a flawless system, and any community that's large enough to constitute an actual community is going to run the risk of having holes, but it works surprisingly well all-'round. Neighbors have some very basic, vague mutual interests to protect.

The saturation of Evolved (and to some extent sympathetic) civilians is unusually high, due to the 'no man's land' nature of Staten Island and the status of all wilfully unregistered Evolved as criminals in the eyes of the Federal government. However, only a few of the local inhabitants not directly involved with the safehouse operation itself are aware of what the cattle-rustlers really are: conscientious objectors in a den of thieves.

Relevant IC Events

Date Title Participants Summary
October 3, 2009 Liberty, Fraternity After Flammability Carolina, Doyle, Jericho, Kaylee An innocent Ferryman errand for the kids leads to a disastrous clash between former Moab Federal Penitentiary inmates, and new acquaintances forged on apology. The Sweat Lodge acquires a new lodger: Doyle the puppet enthusiast.
October 19, 2009 Then Dame Carolina Slew The Dragon Doyle and McRae Carolina's dead. Grieving for the little cultist who had showed him such kindness and found him his new home, Doyle commiserates McRae.
January 26, 2010 Evicted Doyle, Kaylee and McRae Kaylee returns home to the safehouse after her Dinner at the Petrelli mansion. The reaction from others over where she was, gets the telepath understandably evicted from her home.


  • 'Felicity,' an NPC of otherwise no particular significance, was based off the Oracle in the original Matrix movie. She has some medical skills.
  • McRae's word is law, for now. This continues to be true through to early 2010 despite that Carolina's death assisting Phoenix against Humanis First! has beaten him into great emotional withdrawal.
  • Closely associated with the Sweat Lodge is another safehouse, The Garden.


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