Swimsuit Issue


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Scene Title Swimsuit Issue
Synopsis Carrie in a two-piece suit…. And Magnes in the same space. Need I say more?
Date July 4, 2009

Some cabin by some lake… some where.

The first to rise in the morning, Carrie pads out of the bedroom all ready for the day. Hair pulled back into a braid, she has on that red plaid bikini she showed yesterday, with the swim trunks over that. The outfit shows off more of the scars she has, but none stand out as badly as th one on her back. Since she's still wearing a two piece suit, she obviously doesn't care who sees. Glancing over at the couch she gives a little smirk, before heading into the kitchen to hunt down a skillet for frying up some breakfast.

After setting the skillet to heat, Carrie glances toward the sliding glass door, only to find a foggy world outside. Luckily, the rising sun should start chasing away soon leaving them with a warm pleasant day.

"Oh god it's the fog, pirate ghosts!" Magnes playfully yells from upstairs, running down in his orange swimming trunks, which stop a little over halfway down his thighs. And over that he's wearing an more Aquaman colored orange shirt, with no Aquaman picture to be found! "Carrie, what're we gonn-" he cuts himself off, eyeing her in her bikini, then suddenly tugs his shirt down over his trunks. "Stretch, get longer!" he commands the shirt.

Glancing up as she hears the thumping of him coming down, Carrie can't help but chuckle. "We're going to eat some bacon and eggs." She declares, holding a spatula over head with her back to him as he comes down. "Too foggy yet.. so once that burns off we should be able to get out there." As she talks, a package of bacon is sliced open and she starts carefully adding pieces to the pan. "So what's the first thing on your agenda today?"

"Change to a longer shirt, stop staring, eat eggs, then maybe we can fly into the sky and see what the fog looks like from the sky?" Magnes wonders as he walks into the living room, still within hearing range, he's just changing into a longer shirt, a plain long dark blue t-shirt.

Spatula scraping at the pan, Carrie watches the bacon shrivel up in the heat. "Well.. you can fly up. My feet are staying right one the ground." The cooking tool is still in her hand when she points at the ground. Few more strips are added to the pan as other cook down, the smell filling the small cabin quickly. "No jetski?" She asks, glancing back at him with a grin. "I figured that thing would be first on your list."

"I'm allowed to ride it?" Magnes asks, eyes wide in surprise. Sure, he saw it, but he didn't think he'd be riding it. "Don't I need, like, I don't know, a jet ski license or something? You uh, gonna teach me how to drive it?"

Turning to look at him, Carrie chuckles, "Of course you can ride it.. and no, you don't need a license to ride it." Going back to what she's doing, she says, "It's really not that hard really. You'll see." Bacon is deposited on a plate covered in paper towel to drain. "You'll be zipping around the lake in no time."

Magnes walks back into the kitchen, taking in a deep whiff of bacon, then stares down at his shirt. It goes down to the middle of his thighs. "You're really doing a lot for me. I know you're my mentor, it's just, I don't know how to pay you back."

"You've been having it rough, you deserve it." Carrie states simply, giving him a bright smile when he's closer. "And you can pay me back, by doing your best to become a good agent." She shakes the spatula at him like it was a finger. "The next month will be a bitch, since that's the timeline I was given, but… we also deserve time away like the rest." Last of the bacon ends up on the plate and she pops open the carton of eggs. "How do you want your eggs?"

"Sunny side up." Magnes requests, suddenly floating around on his back, hands behind his head as if he were floating around in a pool. "You think Elle might become my partner?" he asks, having not heard the 'one of us, one of them' slogan yet.

"I wish I could get your hopes up and say yes." Cracking eggs into the pan, Carrie says those words, "One of us.. one of them. That's how it works. You'll be partnered with someone who doesn't have abilities." Glancing at him, she reaches out with a smirk to grab a foot and use it to try and make him turn in place. "Two difference perspectives on any issue.. where one might have clouded judgment, the other will be able to think straight."

"I see. I wonder who Elle's partner is." Magnes suddenly starts rotating in circles when she grabs his foot, groaning with his hands still behind his head. "That's not funny!" he says with a disoriented shout, then suddenly thumps on the floor, sitting with his legs out. "Just wait, I'm gonna make a part of your body not have gravity for a whole day." he teases, snickering.

"No idea." Carrie says with a shrug. Putting the eggs on plates, she adds. "You should ask her. I mean, it's not unheard of them pairing two of each on a certain case… but normally it's how I explained." Chuckling when he hits the ground, Carrie leans down to offer him a hand up. "Oh… don't be that way. I just wanted to see if you could hold it up. Sorry."

"I'm not mad." Magnes smiles, using her hand as leverage to get up. See? Not mad! "I could probably do some interesting things, like make your hair look like it's constantly blowing in the wind. I wonder what people walking down the street would think." he teases more, menacingly raising his hands, approaching her hair!

There is a blink as Carrie realizes what he just said and she takes a step back.. "Hey now… No doing your… thing to any part of my body." She bats at his hands and moves quickly to dart around to the other side of the kitchen island intent on keeping it between them. "I don't need the wind blown look.. "

"Ah don't worry." Magnes takes his plate, suddenly heading out of the kitchen and to the couch in the living room. "I don't use my ability on people without their consent, well, unless it's a fight or something of course."

"Well.. gotta realize the partner I had." Carrie says relaxing a bit with a smirk. "Like that night he showed up…. he put me face to face with… of all things a T-rex." Shaking her head she picks up her own plate and heads after him into the living room. "It's how I figured who it was.. the bastard." Course it's all said affectionately. Sitting on the back of the couch, she flips here legs around and slides down to sit next to Magnes. "So you can't blame a girl from being jumpy."

"I guess I can understand, Elle still shocks, but I talked to her about doing it over and over in the same spot. And uh, I think she's being more careful now." Magnes smiles down at his food, then looks over at her. "I uh, man." He does a once over of her bikini again, then looks back down at his food, focusing on the food. That is some damned interesting food!

"I hope so. I'd hate for her to hurt you too bad." Carrie comments lightly picking up a slice of bacon. "I am not beyond tranqing her ass if need be." If she noticed the once over, it does show as she's too busy looking at the foggy world outside the door. "Looks like it's already starting to burn off.. I think I can see the dock now." Leaning closer to him, she points towards the dock. "See?"

He tries to keep his eyes on the door, nodding rapidly. "Y-yeah, I see…" Magnes answers, a heavy exhale suddenly blowing from his nostrils as he suddenly averts his eyes to the plate again. "So, uh, when we swim, we're swimming together?"

Straightening again so that she can continue with her food, Carrie shrugs. "I guess. Though I have a feeling once you get on the jetski it'll be hard to get you off it," she teases, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye. "I at least plan to do some swimming and floating there." In other words, she's planning to relax.

"I'll have fun with it, but I won't go crazy, I wanna relax too." Magnes finally starts eating when the blood rushes back into the proper brain, well, enough to function anyway. "I've uh, been working on a costume for you, in my spare time. I thought we could maybe go to a convention one day."

"A costume?" Carrie asks, glancing at Magnes. "What kind of costume?" Not that she is beyond such thing, but the fact he can't quit staring make her wonder how skimpy it would be. "I'm curious.. tell me about it."

"I, uh, Lady Bullseye, seemed to fit you." Magnes admits, hopefully figuring the character is too obscure for Carrie to figure out the lots and lots of tight leather. "Her costume is, uh, complicated. It's a bullseye and the point ends on her shoulder."

"I… haven't heard of her." Carrie admit, continuing to sit there even though her plate is empty. "We get back, you'll have to show me," she says thoughtfully. Glancing out doors again, she finally climbs to her feet. "Shouldn't be too long before we can have some fun." She moves around the couch towards the kitchen, pausing to lean over the back of the couch. "You want me to take your plate?"

"S-sure, I'll show you when we get back." Magnes says quite nervously, suggesting that it's clearly not a baggy t-shirt and some jeans. He holds the plate out to her, then just sits back and sighs. "You said you don't want me to see you as breasts, but uh, that bikini doesn't really help. There, I said it."

Taking the plate, Carrie pads into the kitchen. "Yeah, I realized it yesterday when I saw your face.. but, somehow I don't think a one piece would be better.. And hey, at least I have the trunks on," she points out helpfully as she turns on the water in the sink to fill it for dish washing. "Just think of it as training." There is a tease in her voice when she says it.

"I, uh." Magnes scratches his head in utter confusion, getting up to walk to the door so he can watch the progress of the fog a bit closer. "What kind of training could you in a bikini possibly be? I think I have self control by proxy of being too afraid to do anything."

Carrie chuckles softly. "Yeah well… Other parts of your body might protest that. But.. I imagine by the end of the day you won't really even think about the fact I'm in a two-piece." Resting her hip agaisnt the cabinet she busies herself with washing. "You'll get use to it, Magnes. Try not to stress about it. The fact, that you haven't going completely brainless and grabbed my chest, speaks volumes."

"I haven't grabbed a chest before, I don't think I'm gonna start now, or any time soon." Magnes says with a shrug, walking out the door completely, then calling back to her, "You think the fog is clear enough now?"

Glancing over her shoulder, Carrie eyes the clearing fog. "Looks good to me," she calls after him. "I'm finishing up, I'll be there in a moment." She worked to quickly finish scrubbing things and gets them in the rack to dry, she can always put them away later.

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