Swinging By


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Scene Title Swinging By
Synopsis Brennan slips in to see how Delilah is and see if she needs anything to be brought by her potential future visitors.
Date April 3, 2010

Coler-Goldwater Hospital

Located on Roosevelt Island, the 2,000-bed facility of Coler-Goldwater Memorial Hospital offers patient/resident focused clinical, nursing and rehabilitative care necessary to address the medical, physical, and social needs of patients and residents. The hospital emphasize a clinical program that focuses on assisting patients and residents to achieve their highest level of functioning. The large hospital facility is spread over a multi-building campus that has remained functional and active in spite of the catastrophic damage to New York City's infrastructure in the wake of the 2006 bomb, and the later terrorist demolition of the Consolidated Edison Power Plant across the river.

Coler-Goldwater Hospital has a strong working partnership with the Department of Evolved Affairs, resulting in the institution of an Evolved-Care campus on the hospital that has devoted fifty percent of the hospital's staff and campus to the care of the Evolved and the treatment of highly contagious and dangerous diseases such as the H5N10 virus.

It's been only a couple days in the hospital facilities given to her and a couple sleeping roommates, but already Delilah is seeming to be more aware of the world around her and able to get up without being goaded by adrenaline or a cattle prod. Whether or not she is actually getting any better is to be seen. But for what it is worth, today is a good day, and she has managed to sit up for a while and be able to get someone in this building to bring her something to do. In this case, it looks like knitting tools.

They lie still for now, collected on her lap under the blanket as the redhead peers almost angrily out the window at the far end of the room. Thinking hurts, but sometimes it has to happen a little at a time, right?

Mindful of others in the room who may or may not be acquainted with Delilah's not so legal activities - Else's somewhere else at a different sickness level than Delilah - Brennan comes to stand at the door and look in on the Brit. Gone is the peppered beard and refugee looking warm clothing. The latter will be back soon, but for now, there's a visitors pass attached to the lapel of a business suit and it seems Delilah's got a visitor when he clears his throat to let her know he's watching.

The girl lets out a distracted little grunt of air when he makes his presence known, and she turns her head to peer at the door. Oh, hey. "Got cleaned up, did ya?" He looks so much better when he's not looking like a subway bum! "Got a bath too, smells like, soap and everything." Delilah jests at first, but it might be serious. He probably did rack up a bit of a scent. Manly scent, at least.

The redhead double checks the pile of stuff on her lap as she sits straighter and glances to the sleepers, then back to Brennan to nod him in if that is what he wanted.

"I still had baths, still do have baths. I admit though, it was nice to get some hot water running free instead of what we heated" Brennan moves in, a bag of cleared goodies for Delilah. Newspapers, magazines, books. Little comforts. "I came by to look in on you while I could" His cellphone was left in his car so he's not too worried about talking. "See if you had any messages for your friends"

Delilah's not going to get much in the way of an Easter basket, so this will have to do! She grins and murmurs a soft thank you to Brennan bringing it for her. Her hands fold on top of her knitting project, and her dark hued eyes consider him at length. "Just- did everyone that need to, make it somewhere else? I haven't heard of anything up here. They pretty much just pump us full of crap and let us sleep it off. I wanna know if everyone's safer. And- Samson, he went with the van?" At this, she does crackle a little, voicewise. Samson is her baby! Really! "As long as someone is taking care of him, and he's safe too. I can't save him from the pound again, if I'm here."

"I don't know. I've had other things to do and get in touch and be with my family. But Francois will be coming in. I hired him at my clinic, so he could have access to you and Else. I have to go keep up my part in some other things" She'll even find some Easter candy tucked in there to share with folks if she wants. "But I'll make sure to have Francois bring word of Samson" He offers, taking up a corner of her bed.

Delilah breathes in rather deeply, looking disconcerted for a good, long moment. "I get it, 's just you're the only one that I can ask so far." So she had to ask. It's done little to assure her of anything, though. Surely they would take him along with someone? He's like a whole other Ferryman, someone has to have Samson. Dee winces a little when she hitches her breath, sucking in some air and coughing deeply into her upper sleeve. When that is done, she breathes with a slight wheeze, trying to orient herself again so she can look at Brennan.

"Family comes first though. A lot's been asked of you lately- I may have been holed up, but I've got ears too." Delilah offers him a breezy little smile. "I know you need to square with your nest."

"They're not giving you some supplemental oxygen?" dark brows wrinkle and he reaches over to put a hand on her wrist and take her pulse. "I've had the vaccine. Week ago. I can't catch it" He'd not told anyone that. "Before you think to worry about me touching. I think it's about the only reason they let me in and let me off the island."

He satisfied, happy with what he feels though and the numbers presented. "They're squared away. I chased the girls around our postage stamp yard and found plastic eggs and had breakfast and now I'm here to finish off some other things then start the round about trip to catch up with Liette. I've still a road ahead of me"

Delilah can't help but try and sneak a small squeeze or at least a reciprocal touch to the doctor's hand. For the moment he has been all her contact to everything else. "I- keep taking it out when I'm awake." Stubborn, a little bit. Itchy! "It won't be too hard to catch up to her. We leave bread crumbs only where we know to look, and all that. She's that important, huh?"

"I know where she went. She's safe. And she is. I think she realizes this too and I think others do too. But, that's all I can speak on this subject" Brennan's tie is adjusted, a non-existent spot scratched at. "I think you're dog went in the van. I think Samson is fine. Worst is, he's with her, and she'll spoil him like crazy. She used to have animal telepathy. Probably knows how the beast thinks"

"Was having hallucinations- that he was talking to me and Francois. I'm not sure if that's actually how he thinks- but- he's a good dog. He'll stick like glue to whoever takes care of him. Put up his dukes if he has to." Like Samson needs spoiled any more. Delilah quells the urge to help him fix his tie- men, they always think they redo it straight! Never! Gah. "Well, good luck with her, I guess- with whatever needs done."

Brennan nods, knowing full well the look of a woman wanting to adjust something. Michelle had done it three times before he'd left the house. "You'll be fine Delilah. You'll recover from this. Be back doing everything they need" not that he really knew Delilah before his stint however brief in the Den. One day. But everyone there for the most part seemed to be Ferry or related/in contact with them. "Listen, I have to go, I wanted to check in on Else. Do you need anything for Francois to bring you?"

"No sir. Just the news of Samson. That's the only thing that has me awake." Delilah kneads her fingers at the blanket. That dog is a constant in her life! She is understandably worried. "Thanks for coming to check on me." Every little bit counts, even if they don't know each other too well. Friend is a friend is a friend, yadda yadda yadda.

Brennan uses one hand to push himself up from the bed, nudge the bag closer. "Take care Delilah. I'll keep an ear to the ground for you" He starts away then, hands in his pockets, shoulder straight and square, taking his leave of the sick room.

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