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Scene Title Switcheroo
Synopsis Faith is busy, so Hope goes down to fill out the form for a crime that was never committed. Confused yet?
Date May 27, 2009

NYPD Headquarters

Three calls, three messages. It was annoying her that they weren't calling back. They needed her to come in and state what she had lost, for the record, and so that she could claim whatever was stolen. If it was stolen. She swore that the girl had said 200 and some dollars, but the guy had only had wallets and watches and no loose money in his pockets. There was still reports regardless to fill out and if one of those twins didn't haul ass down here soon enough… Well. Aude wasn't going to loose any sleep over it. Nope, not her. No way.

With Faith out doing some photography for the paper, Hope agreed to go in her stead — meaning, literally her place. She's going to go into NYPD as Faith and fill out that claim. She even wore some of her sister's frumpy clothes. No sense in getting on the bad side of the police.

Hope, as Faith, steps into the police station where she spots that same officer that chased down that loser criminal. She steps up to her desk. "Pardon me, you wanted me to come down to fill out a report, officer.." she tries to see the woman's badge to get her name.
Aude looks up from the paperwork in front of her, squinting at Hope, who's pretending to be faith. "Officer Castalides.. and you are?"

"Faith Kelly. I had some money stolen from me when I was out walking with my sister." The woman explains.

Oh. Right. "Well then Ms. Kelly, if you'll take a seat i'll go get your file and …" She leans, rolling her chair behind her and to the left, snatching open a file cabinet so she can grab a series of forms out for 'Faith'. "If you'll just show me some ID, so I can photocopy it, and fill out these forms, i'll be good to get you started"

Flipping open her purse, she sets Faith's driver's license on the desk, then begins to fill out the forms. Hm. What was missing? $275 dollars, Starbucks card — they went over this before she left, obviously — typical name/address/phone line and a brief summary. Hope finishes the form and slides it over. "You didn't happen to recover our money from that hoodlum, did you?" Hope tilts her head a curious expression on her face.

Aude had been off to fetch the file while this was all happening. Putting away what was in the desk that didn't relate to the woman in front of her. Aude may be young but she's not been green behind the ears for a few years. "Lemme have a look at what all they recovered" One page lifted, another, another, till she comes to the contents and shakes her head. "I'm afraid not. Nothing of the sort Ms. Kelly. I'm guess that he dropped yours maybe on the street while he was running away" Or the guy who was chasing him was his trade off partner. "But we can fill out another form, but the odds of the money being recovered…" Well, it's New York. Come on. No ones honest here.

Making a face, scrunching up and giving a cute little sigh. "Well, shoot." she stands. "It was part of our rent money." Hope gives a little shrug. "Well, I know you did your best, Officer Castalides. I'll have to go tell my sister Hope that the money wasn't recovered. Thank you or your time." says Hope, who is most decidedly not Faith. She reaches for her driver's license, and slips it back into her jeans pocket. "Did I need to fill anything else out?"

"I'm sorry Ms. kelly, you could walk around the stores near where the theif took your money and hope that someone turned it into a store. As for paperwork, nope, I think your good. Just sign here and here please" A gesture to the two places to do so. "Initial there and your set. See, not so painless" Even though she's looking over the forms to make sure that everything was filled out properly. "I hope though, that you manage to find it"

Hope offers a small smile, even if it looks a bit dejected. "Thanks, officer. I appreciate your help. Have a nice day." The twin slips from the building and chuckles, shaking her head. It wasn't very fruitful, but the girls do need to stay in practice. Maybe next time there'll be some sort of payoff.

Ade watches faith go, slipping the signed papers into the folder and shaking her head. Off to file file file file file.

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